Friday, December 30, 2011

Please, celebrate me home....

Yes, I've been most remiss in posting - I apologize.

It has been insanely busy in this girl's life the past month.
I can't wait for New Year's Day because I'm just cooking all day - but in a way that's different than Christmas; it's a "lay around in pajamas and don't do anything else" kind of day.  I haven't had a day where I didn't need to go anywhere at all, since early November.  I've earned New Year's Day , God damn it.

Last night I took Princess Petunia to The Nutcracker.  It was a total surprise and she loved it - and in a time and place when maybe kids can be a bit overindulged, to see her happy and excited made me feel so good.  Not only that I was able to surprise her- but that she was so gracious and appreciative of it.  It sounds silly to say that she wouldn't be, but truth be told - today's kids get so much more than we did growing up, it's almost difficult to get kids to be excited about anything. So truly, last night was gratifying on so many levels.

Christmas dinner was wonderful; I love, love, love my new kitchen.  The functionality and flow is perfect.  And while it doesn't have a double wall oven - I did get from my father a rotisserie oven which has officially won the "my favorite gift of the year" award.  We roasted the Chateaubriand and it came out unbelievable.  And allowed for the ham to be in the oven, so that everything was timed perfectly.  I had 15 for dinner and truly, you never would've known it because the kitchen is set in such a way that I can cook, clean and put things away, without anyone even noticing.  Sounds crazy, right?  I know! 

Tomorrow is New Years Eve - and what is to be the end of the chaos for this girl.  Had we not moved, it wouldn't have been quite so stressful; truthfully, this holiday season ran incredibly smoothly at the store.  Everything went just right, I ordered enough without over ordering -and even stocking the inventory, I managed to come up with a system that made finding our back stock quick, easy and convenient.

I have to say, this was a great holiday season overall - both personally and professionally.

Tomorrow, will be the toast to the New Year....and a farewell to this one.
And a quiet night on the horizon.....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

And the most tiring one for this girl.

Can't wait for this weekend!
Truthfully I am so behind the eight ball.

Tomorrow night, it's Christmas shopping for G and food shopping for the holiday dinner.
Last minute gifts for company coming....

So little to do.  So much time.
Wait, scratch that --- reverse it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's mistletoe and falling snow...

Well, maybe not falling snow.
It's "Christmas in California" here in Boston, and this girl really just doesn't mind it.  Not one bit.

So, I took a tub in the jacuzzi in my MBR tonight for the first time.
Dear God - I love it. 

While I'd prefer more jets in the tub - preferably on my back - it's a keeper for now.

Did I mention that we have a hot tub in our backyard?
That's running at the moment?

We do.'s just a tad too cold for me to take a chance on using it just yet. 
Maybe if I can convince G to use it with me.

We shall see.... !

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tastefully simple....simply tasteful.

It was a really nice weekend.....

Saturday, my son spent the day with one of his friends - and the rest of us went to a huge craft show in New Hampshire where we bought a beautiful vintage sleigh that's decorated and has lights - as well as a coordinating ice skate to hang from it.  It looks so pretty on my front door - I've wanted one for so long, it was pretty darn exciting for me to get it.  And we had fun in general, just admiring the artisan gifts - and of course, we couldn't help but purchasing some.

Then after, we picked up my son and had dinner at our latest favorite Asian fusian restaurant where we indulged in a little Thai, Japanese and Korean - all in one meal.

Today, we had a basketball game in Gloucester early in the morning and it was such a fun way to start the day!  My son is newer to the sport - and most of his teammates are 3 years into it - and they're so supportive of him.  He really started to come out and feel confident today; he even shot twice, and though he missed, he was pretty darn proud of himself.  They're undefeated so far this season, and let me tell you - this is a really good team.  Even better is that he boys are such good kids, they cheer him on and have really good comraderie.  It's awesome to see.

Then we came home, got ready for some football....I put a pork roast w/ sausage stuffing in the oven, got some pickies together - and then Princess Petunia and I decided to play makeovers.  I put makeup on her and did her hair....and she did mine.  Oh, but were we fabulous!   It was so much fun... truly.

Then, we had company for dinner....and some hard core Monopoly competitions.....and now that we're home alone, it's Christmas special time before bedtime for the kiddies.

Just a good weekend.... I'm really sorry to see it end.
Hopefully just one of many more to come.

Friday, December 09, 2011

'Tis the season to be jolly....

How can it be that Christmas is so close?
Two and a half weeks?  Say it isn't so....

And me without my menu planned.

One of the things I've discovered is that my new wall oven is much smaller than my previous traditional gas oven.  Which will definitely pose a dilemma while cooking. 
I barely can fit a ham!  And I know this, because I made one this past weekend.

Truthfully, I don't even know who's coming for dinner this year.  No clue as to how many people may grace our table.  I know at minimum I definitely have 11, but not sure if we will have more.

I'm thinking I'm going to keep it simple.

Typical shrimp appetizers...for a soup, I may do lobster bisque or a potato leek vichyssoise (which I may choose to serve cold as it's intended, rather than warm.  I have to think on that one....), lobster raviolis in a vodka cream sauce, and then ham & tenderloin with asparagus and roasted potatoes.

I think if I cook the ham and roast a bit early, then while they're resting I can finish the side dishes and that should all work.  I'm even going to simplify it more by not making my own ham; the one I made last year was horrible.  It tasted disgusting - I don't know what was wrong with it.  But even though the one I made this past weekend was fantastic, I think I'm going to do a Honey of a Ham.  They are flawlessly delicious.  (Not to be confused with magically delicious, which honestly it's such a perfect piece of meat one could think there may be some magic involved.  But I digress....)

I still feel like it's all coming so quickly.....

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lyrically speaking....

Mr. Bring Me Down
Well ya like to bring me down, don't ya
But I ain't laying down
Baby I ain't going down
Can't nobody tell me how it's gonna be
Nobody's gonna make a fool out of me
Baby, you should know that I lead --  not follow

Saturday, December 03, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

It's funny - you don't notice the imperfections on the Christmas tree quite so much as when you see it in a photograph. 

But that's okay.  This year, a long time tradition was a first time in the new house.

My typical ornaments aren't on; and we have some beautiful new ornaments that were shared with us from my Aunt, and so we have some new ornaments to look at and admire this year.

Decorating the tree is always fun because not only is it a fun thing to do -- but it gives us the opportunity to think of our friends and family while we do it - because most of our ornaments are either from friends and family, or they're ornaments we picked out together as a family.

This year was a little more chaotic than usual; my son had a friend over and even though it was a different time than usual it still was a fun night, hopefully for all.

It's the kickoff to the holiday season here in the I'm Just a Girl household.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right. ~Mark Twain

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.
It can be difficult to not let things get under your skin - but it's always best to just let it roll.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel

I am thankful for so much in my life....

My beautiful family.
My businesses that seem to be doing well - thankfully, because we certainly work very hard!
My friends who are my extended family.
My extended family - who are also my friends.

The different people I meet each day, who all have a story - and many who have touched my lives though they truly have no idea that they did.

My upcoming move which is almost ready to take place.

I am beyond thankful that my husband is amazing in areas that I lack in.

I am thankful that my children are healthy - and I hope that they are additionally happy.

And I am thankful to be alive.
I like my life....and I am blessed and thankful every day for all that I have.  If not for those around me, I would have nothing, and I never lose sight of that.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lights out....

Tonight I took my Dad to see the new house.
It was darker than I'd hoped it would be at 5:00 - and let me tell you, I learned a little somethin' somethin' about this new area as a result.

My street has no streetlights.

And let me tell's a dark street.  Looks like we're going to have to invest in lots of outdoor lighting.  I've never seen a street without lights before?!? 

But you know what was amazing about it?

As I pulled up to the house, what came running out of my new yard and up my new driveway?
Three baby deer!!

The yard we have is really big and split into two sections; the grassy part of the yard goes right into the forest...we're surrounded by forest behind us, and actually on some parts of the street which is kind of interesting to see how there's this neighborhood carved into it.

The kids are excited because when I told them that, they realized that their bedroom windows overlook both the back and front of the house (T's room is over the grassy yard, Princess Petunia is over the front yard) and so at night, they stand a real chance of seeing little creatures when they look out their window.  How fun is that??

Seven days from today... just seven more days.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Only that in you which is me, can hear what I'm saying.

I am a part of all that I have met.

Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth.

There are some remedies worse than the disease.

Tomorrow always comes, and today is never yesterday..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chippin' around - kick my brains around the floor, These are the days it never rains but it pours

Under pressure.

I had a dream last night that it was Thanksgiving Eve, and no one was in the store.  No one was in or shopping.  Anxiety dream?  Ya think?! . 

In 11 days, we'll have passed papers on our new house.

I think I'll feel better about the store, after this weekend when everyone who's taking furniture from us - comes and actually takes it from the house.  Then I'll feel more accomplished in the packing.  It might sound silly, to link work with my move -  but it goes hand in hand.  I am shopping at the store for one of our biggest nights of the year, and I am moving 4 days later.

Stocking the store up.  Breaking my house down.

"This is our last dance.
This is ourselves.
Under pressure."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stewie: For the love of God, shake me! Shake me like a British nanny!

You know what?
I am beyond sick and tired of the news these days.

I've had it with hearing about pedophiles raping little boys - and those who did nothing to prevent it from happening. 

Enough with the Republican Presidential candidate who has sexual harrassment charges.

I'm all set with the lazy protestors who are taking their 1st Amendment right to protest, and making a complete and total mockery of their cause (or multiple causes, as it seems to have morphed into) by abusing it right to a hair below anarchy.

Done with the mother who drank too much and "blacked" out while her baby is now missing.

Make it stop...!
lalalalalalalalalalalala (she says, sticking her fingers in her ears....)

You know what I want to hear about, for once?

The woman or man who beat a Stage 4 Cancer - and their spouse who lovingly stood by their side through it all.

The child who went out of their way to help a neighbor who's elderly or sick.  Or maybe, helped another child.

The couple that celebrated their 40th or 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Or how about the people who aren't celebrities, who donate their time and effort to local charities, day in and day out.

I know that these stories are out there.  And yes, I know that they are "boring"....but my God, haven't we had enough horror to last us for a little while?  Wouldn't it be nice to turn on the news and have them say that there's nothing really going on to report? 

Or rather, they choose to take a night off from the bad things and maybe share some of the good things at the leadoff story in the broadcast, rather than the last 30 second segment on the 11:00 news?

Color me crazy, color me optomistic - color me bored.  I'm tired of the tragedy and disgrace that surrounds us, and I'm longing for silver lining in the dark clouds.  I want to hear the good in humanity, because we already are far too well aware of the bad.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Run to the for your life....

One of my SIL's asked if I'd be interested in doing a Spartan Race with her.  I wasn't sure what it was, but when she showed me the site, I said "absolutely!".

A sales rep of mine did Tough Mudder this past summer -and when I saw what that was, I thought I'd like to try it at some point. Put it on my bucket list, and think about it at some point down the road.  But, it seems that Spartan Races are similar, but in shorter increments; so this is a 3 mile course, as opposed to the 10 mile one - and there are far less life threatening obstacles (translated to "no running wet between live electrical lines") - but crazy physically challenging none the less.

I'm so excited!  She actually wants to do the 8 mile one at Killington -but that's in September so I think the shorter one in Amesbury in August would be a good precursor to that.  Sort of walking before running, or at least jogging towards a run.

I am such a goal oriented person and truly haven't had anything to work towards physically in so long.  The training for this is going to be crazy, but I figure between yoga and running - as well as maybe some weights, I should be okay. 

Good times...good times.

I'm sure I'll keep everyone posted on the training, once I start. 
Post holiday season, but of course.
Listen, I'm crazy...but I'm not that crazy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

“ Laughter relaxes. And relaxation is spiritual.”

Triple Peppermint soap.  Almond Biscotti candles.  Icy cold sushi.  My yoga mat.  A strong backrub.  Anything by Ray Lamontagne.  Laughter.  Hugs & Kisses that aren't asked for.  Vanilla & Bergamot exfoliator.  A silky, big red wine.  Warm down comforters and cool sateen sheets. Peppermint Water. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Tonight was the Holiday Shopping Extravaganza at the store.
Considering it was pouring out - we had a fabulous turnout!

Had it not been raining - I think it might have been overwhelming, so it's all good.  It was a good precursor to the holiday.  And we had some delicious wine, as well as some equally delicious new food items that everyone seemed to love, so that makes me feel good to see how happy everyone was.

I love that the store is a destination...the type of place that people like to come to and spend time in.

Beaming with pride.... without doubt.
And now...without further adieu - I'm going to crash for the night.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

All parts of the human body get tired eventually - except the tongue.

I am supposed to be packing tonight.
Truthfully, I'm too tired to do it.

I wish there were people that could pack for you.
I mean, there are - they're called movers.  But my God they charge a fortune.
And I don't have a fortune to spend.

My problem is - time.
If I still had my desk job, then I could take a day or two off and get it done. 
But now...
Not so much.

It's one of the busiest times of the year at the store - and we are moving during it.
Did I mention that we had a meeting today to discuss our potential third store?
Clearly, I like have 30 million balls up in the air at once.

Listen, some of us thrive under pressure.
It's a pressure I place upon myself so obviously I know I can handle it.

I just hope my body can!
Well, at a minimum -- I'll be sleeping like a baby most nights for a long time to come....

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Blinded by the light...

I have to ask this question....

What is up with all of the headlights in cars these days that are insanely bright?  It's like everyone is driving with their high beams on.  And they're not just regular headlights, oh no....they almost are a blue, so much so that I sometimes feel like there's a police officer behind me.  Are they LED?  Because I have a new car, (well, relatively new - it's a 2010) and my lights don't look like that.

Some of them aren't blue though - they're almost pink.
What is up with that?!?!

Someone, anyone....clue me in as to what the need is to be so bright and shiny?  I mean come on - they're lights for God's sake.  They weren't exactly dark to begin with.....

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Living Vicariously....

Hi, My name is Rebecca - and I think I've become an official HGTV addict.
Well, as much as one can be given what little time I have to actually watch television.

Selling LA and Selling New York - are my MUST DVR shows.  I am blown away by the homes that are hidden in NYC - and the ones that are in abundance in LA.  I'm fascinated by what the dollar value buys you in different areas of the country.

Same to be said about House Hunters; I watch them all from the US episodes, to International - to the Dream Home.  The only one I don't love are the Vacation Home episdodes where a family picks their fantasy house.  I prefer the real life decision episodes when a person is making a serious investment financially.  G and I have been talking lately about how we should stay in this house we're buying "forever" (code for at least 15 years) but buy condos in different parts of the world we love like NYC, LA, and possibly even internationally - so we have investment properties and vacation places. So these shows are amazing for seeing how the dollar does or doesn't stretch.

My latest guilty pleasure:  Donna Decorates Dallas.  I love, love, love her design style.  At least on the episodes I've seen thus far.  I do think she tries a bit too hard to look young - she's a very well put together woman, who really does make ordinary spaces very....beautiful.   It's funny how on one hand she has these extravagant clients who clearly have no budget so she can just do whatever it takes to make the space come to life; but yet she shows how inexpensively things can be done when she's helping her daughter do her own space.   In some ways, she reminds me of my MIL - who also is a designer, and will show me the extravagant things a client needs or wants - and then show me less expensive ways to achieve a similar look.

What are your television "must sees"?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Crying, over you...

Okay, I'm either hormonal -- or just plain getting old.
I never cry...
But I got choked up like three different times watching "A Dolphin Tale" yesterday.


What a great movie - definitely a "feel good" kind of story, and even if you don't have kids to watch it with -  it's worth going to see it. 

Not an Academy Award winning plot clearly, but trust me when I tell you that you will walk out of the theatre feeling like it was money well spent; rather than walking out of a movie like "Black Swan", feeling disappointed and irritated.

Who doesn't love to feel happy?!?!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

If a picture paints a thousand words.....

Today I started packing.  I'd been taking some of my things down and putting them away but today I took all my knick knacks, wall hangings and decorations and packed them away.  All of my pictures are down and packed too - and truly, that's what makes my house look so empty.

We're completely full on furniture, and yet...without the photographs of us, with our friends and family, the house is eerily empty now.

I always find it odd when I would go into a house that was staged and find no remnants of family life there.  Even the house that we're buying had no personal family shots anywhere and I find that so offputting almost. 

Isn't part of what makes a house feel like a home, the memories that are made within it?
I think they are anyway.

To me there is nothing better than going into a home and seeing loving faces and happy times proudly displayed in every corner.

And I can't wait to start hanging our old memories - and I look forward to adding new ones.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walking on Sunshine....

Today, I visited my Happy Place, even though it was for just a short time.
And I am thrilled - there is one in the town I'm moving to!!
Whole Foods...oh, how I have missed you.

Just the smell of the store makes me feel good.
Market Basket 4 miles away in one direction -- Whole Foods 3 miles away in the other.
Does it get any better than that?!?!

And, of course I meandered over to the Cheese Department.
I was blown away at how much of the same things we sell!
Which, blew me away because for one - my store is less expensive than theirs, which is shocking considering they buy in huge bulk; and two, I was pretty darn impressed with myself and how I do really have a great selection.  I mean, when people say that I often wonder if they're just being nice - but now, I can see it.

Is it a bad thing that something as simple as a grocery store can make me happy?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

She's baaacck....

Today I finally made my way back to my yoga mat.
After a year's absence.
Yes, I will sleep like a baby tonight.

Typically, I'll practice all year and then stop Oct - January because the holiday season is just too busy for me; but I'm so sore and tired, and I've been doing nothing in the way of exercise that I figured I'd try the reverse to get myself in shape for the holiday season!  So I'm going to work through it... Tuesdays, Thursdays and possibly Fridays. 

My God I've missed it.
It's amazing how the body doesn't forget how to form the poses -- though the muscles do forget how long they have to hold them for.  It's going to take some time to get used to the burn and work through it once again.

But this soreness, well....that's the high I'm always chasing anyway.
And I'm glad it's back.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Enough is enough...

Occupy Boston -- I call Bull$hit.

It sounds to me like this is just a way for people who have nothing better to do with their lives are abusing the right to protest and using it as a shield to basically do whatever they want.

Graffiti on buildings.  Drug dealing.  Hacking into police computer systems.  Violating the privilege of being given the ability to publicly protest and have it supported with our tax dollars -- and abusing it by spreading into an area that isn't supported or "protected" for their "safety".

I say stop talking about this cause.  Don't publicize it.  And most of all - stop funding it with our tax dollars.

You have an issue -- a real issue, then voice it.
Enough with this stupid Occupy Boston.

How's this....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sufferin' Succotash...

With the death of Momar Khadafi - I'm faced with an emotional dilemma of sorts.

I'm pro death penalty.  I'm all for an eye for an eye - and I believe that sometimes, vigilantism is the best way to go because after all - the justice system doesn't always work.


Seeing the photographs that were first released of his body, when he was just barely alive - bothered me.  Not because they were graphic...but because he's still a human being.  And to be beaten by the masses - while deserved - I sort of surprised myself, because I found it inhumane.  Again, it's not that he deserves the humanity because he clearly didn't always provide it towards others; but aren't we supposed to rise above?  Haven't we progressed from the days of mob frenzying and stoning?

It was unsettling for me.

Equally unsettling is the mere fact that it even bothers me; he deserves a death by the very people he oppressed.  And yet - seeing his face in his last few moments in that photograph, I thought that it would have been better to have him beaten, survived it - and then properly executed.  I say properly, not by definition "dignified" per se; I mean properly, more in a manner that means that the people aren't the savages - but the rules and laws of the government impose the penalty of death.  And if it's  by firing squad, or hanging, or electric chair - then so be it.  But to see the savage, animalistic and frenzied masses complete the task, different are they from him after all?

How does everyone else feel about this?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lions, and tigers and bears - oh my!

I'm sorry - but did they have to kill all of those animals that were let loose in Ohio?
They couldn't tranquilize them and have neighboring zoos and veterinarians assist them?
Of course they could've.

I can't see the benefit of killing camels, zebras, giraffes....
Even the lions and tigers could've been sedated.

I think that their deaths were unfortunate and unnecessary.
But clearly, others saw it differently.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sorry I'm not home right now I'm walking into leave a message and I'll call you back...

We've had no internet connectivity for over a week, hence my lack of blogging.
That's only partially true; we had no wireless connectivity which made blogging less available because truly, I just don't take the time to sit on my desktop so much unless I'm working on a project.  I use my laptop moreso for the every day browsing, including journaling my thoughts here.

So little to much time.
Scratch that.  Reverse it.
Moving on.

1.  House "stuff".  We are almost cleared and ready to close!  I believe we've met all of our closing contingencies, so November 28th truly can't get here soon enough.  Though I'm dreading the packing.  We actually don't have very many things - and it would probably only take me a few days of dedicated time to get it all in boxes - but honestly, with kids it's challenging because they're so emotionally attached to everything and they get a little put off when pictures come down and things get sorted.  It's funny, we're moving for them - it's for all of us but truly it's their best interests we have at heart and yet....they don't always get that.  Whereas when we were kids and had to move, we weren't factored into it even remotely.  Not a bad thing or a flaw on our parent's behalf - it's just the way it was.

2.  I watched "The Real Housewives" for the first time last night.  I chose Beverly Hills because really - they're the only ones that I'm even remotely interested in. I was curious to see how different the insanely wealthy live.  And funny, the only thing I really walked away with was the fact that I will never consider plastic surgery.  Not that I ever did anyway - but wow, did this solidify it for me.  Not only did these women look older than they probably really were - but they looked silly.  I mean, really - no one believes you're 25, so why try to look it?  You've been there, done that - just embrace who you are and the beautiful within.  It's amazing how some women have it all - and yet, are still unhappy on the inside.   That's the only place that true beauty radiates from anyway....

3.  The debaucle known as the Red Sox.  Truly, I almost have no words for this.  I'm so very disappointed that this group of professional athletes have thrown their goodwill with their organization - and their fan base - away.  Their behavior off and on the field is shameful - and the comments made from the no longer so tender ace pitcher in the past 24 hours are words that I think he will eventually regret.  I don't know how to fix this group of overpaid divas (with the exception of a few solid dirt dogs), but management better figure it out quickly.  They are their overpaid toys and now, they're going to have to play with them....

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Home is where your heart is...

So we're counting down the days before the big move.  Because we're acquiring alot of the furniture that was in the house (the people we're purchasing from have relocated a while ago and have brand new furniture in the house that they've since replaced with even newer furniture in their new home, so....we were fortunate that we had similar tastes in some areas! ) it has helped the amount of actual physical movement of furniture between houses, which is one way that hopefully this move will be less stressful than most.

What I can't wait for the most - and this is going to sound crazy, I know.... but I can't wait for the house to smell like home.

You know what I mean?

The house now, doesn't smell bad -- it just doesn't smell lived in.  Not in a sterile, pristine way - but in a rather, just blah sort of way.

I can't wait for my Lavendar & Vanilla room warmers, Pumpkin Pie & Cranberry Chutney candles, the smokiness from a fireplace, laundry detergent and fabric softener wafting from the laundry room - and the smell of spaghetti and meatballs to help make the house seem more like home. 

Like our home.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where are you.....?

Two thumbs up movie recommendation for Family Movie Night:
Disney's African Cats.

Yes, it got my Princess Petunia quite teary eyed at times - but such is the cycle of life.  Even my son got misty at some parts; you know how Disney is always good for the tear jerker animal movie. 

I still remember being 5, going to see Bambi with my Auntie Saralee and my cousins - and everyone having to leave the movie theatre with me hysterically crying - because Bambi's mom was killed.  (Do you know to this day, I have yet to see Bambi?  Bambi, Dumbo - and there's actually quite a list, I could go on; but that's a rant for another day... )

True to Disney's form - Moms are the glorified character in this movie - as they should be.  ("Holla" to Dan Brown of DaVinci Code fame for cracking that code for me.  He was so on the money....)

I highly recommend it for a feel good, quiet night in with the family - and it's visually beautiful as well.  What wouldn't be beautiful about a wildlife reserve in Kenya?
I hope you see it - and enjoy.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I picked an IPhone and I like it....

Fortunately - I did not kiss it, so I don't know if it tastes like Cherry Chapstick, but it is pink so...

Blackberry - Smackberry.
Never again.
I didn't bother to wait for the IPhone 5 release because truly, I use the phone like a phone, and not like a PC and won't be needing to Skype so - the differences between the two seem so minimal. 

Love it.
LOVE it.

And for the life of me - I don't know why I waited so long to make the change.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Sunday, Bloody Sunday...

(though truthfully, this story incident occured on Saturday....)

There are some great things about being a girl.  We get to wear pretty clothes, fun boots and shoes, get our hair done, pick out lip glosses - and so much more.

To the ying is the yang - and there are somethings that are not so fun while being a girl.

Let's take shaving for an example, shall we?

Shaving my legs in the shower Saturday, I cut my legs not once...not even twice.  Four times. Four!!
Granted, it was a newer razor - but c'mon, four times?

Two of them were so bad on my ankle, there was blood everywhere; it looked like a massacre took place in the shower!  And it hurt so much afterwards, that it still bothered me last night if you can believe it.

I would love for there to be a day when I wouldn't have to shave my legs again.
And I don't mean the day I die, either....

Dear Blogger....

If ain't broke, don't fix it.

I don't love the new dashboard.  Not even a little.  I'd actually already written a post for today, but because it didn't save, and for whatever reason disappeared on me -- I'm writing this little rant instead.

I wouldn't be using the new interface, except that I had to because I updated to IE9 and for whatever reason, the "publish" button on the old one - would no longer work. A "javascript" error.  Go figure.

Why is it that sites nowadays just don't leave good enough alone? 

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Memories....may be beautiful, and yet...

..whats too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget.
So it's the laughter, we'll remember...whenever we remember, the way we were....

Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodnight sweetheart,'s time to go....

Though I'm not happy about it - not one bit.
I'm really quite sad.
To quote Dustin Pedroia - "heartbroken" over the fact that the Skipper felt it's time to leave the Nation.

I wish that he could just take a few weeks off to cool down, rethink things and maybe change his mind; but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

He didn't want to leave the door open.

Maybe he's heartbroken - in a different way.

Like I said - the club has become more reminiscent of the Yankees team that I'd write about over the last few years. Little to no team - just a bunch of overpaid players who believe their own press clippings.

Are they all like that? Of course not.
But is there a group that are? Hell yeah - and they made it abunduntly clear over the past season. The heart and soul that has always been the Red Sox was just not there this year.

And that is so very sad...on so many levels.
And it's trickling from the top down, with the departure of probably their best Manager in a long, long time.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another one bites the dust....

So I went to bed at the rain delay and we were up by 1.
I figured "eh, worse case scenario - it's a tie breaker tomorrow". I mean really now - the Yankees were up by 7.
Imagine my surprise when we awoke this morning to hear that the summer had ended for the Nation.

Well, it ended like it started.

Here's the issue as I see it. For one - we were paper tigers. That's not to say the talent wasn't there - because it was. But for the team to have been hailed as the second coming before the season even started was foolish. Between injuries and attitudes, one never knows what will happen to a team.

Secondly - there wasn't as much of a cohesion on this collection of players as there has been in the past. You could see it on the bench, you could hear it in the interviews - you could sense it in the lack of urgency in some of the players.

This year's Red Sox was the Yankees of a few years past.

But who's to blame?
This girl doesn't feel it's the Manager's fault. Not even a little. Sure - he's a player's advocate but he's got the job of dealing with the hand he was dealt: injured players, lack of back up, underachieving superstars and some serious personalities.

I think it falls square on the ownership and scouting management. This is just my humble opinion, but even I knew that they needed stronger pitching staff. At the end of last season we knew there was a need for starters because let's face it, Beckett has been hurt alot and Dice K is well, Dice K. And the best they could get us was Lackey? (I will not go on a rant about him because truly, 'tis not worth my time.... Buh, Bye.)

Why all the money on a left fielder, that's a question I'd like to know. I don't know who's "crush" Crawford was - but I do know that most of Theo's "crushes" are duds. Drew, DiceK, Renteiria - must I go on? And expensive ones at that. How's about that nice increase Crawford gets next year. It really doesn't matter that he didn't make that throw after all....

All day I was contemplating whether I thought anyone should "go" so to speak from the organization, players aside. Truthfully - the answer is no. I think it's a sin to look at Tito in a negative light, and not the right direction. And as far as Theo goes, well.... as someone else pointed out today -sure that might be the right person to point the finger to, but is there anyone better out there to replace him?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heard station surfing this morning....

On Oldies 103.3 (which, by the way - now it's quite sad that the songs they play are "oldies". This used to be the 50's and 60's station, the real oldies! Not late 70's and 80's!! But I digress...) "Love isn't always on time" - Toto

On Kiss 108 - "Mr Know it All". (Which I love, by the sounds very reminiscent of her third album, stylistically. Must buy this cd...)

On Country KLB 102.5 - "Take another little piece of my heart" - Faith Hill. ( Not my favorite version of this song, truth be told. I'm a Janis kinda gal...)

On Kiss 108 again - "Someone like you". (Needs no explanation. After hearing it, I had to turn to my CD player to play it not once, but twice afterwards.)

And of course, in between it all - WEEI sports talk which truthfully, I don't remember what they were discussing - I think it was a very confused phone caller.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Things that make me go "hmmm?"

1. If you can dish it out - you've got to be able to take it back in. That's something I never quite understand. If a person tends to be harsh on others, why do they get all sensitive when someone gives them an attitude in return? I mean come on - how much should a person take before defending themselves or getting pissy about it? Where exactly is the acceptable line for retaliation? Just a little something to think about.

2. Spitting is not an Olympic competition. Okay, so last week I went to a portfolio tasting at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, and let me tell you - there were some people there who clearly felt that they were either a.) superior wine samplers or b.) reliving their childhood days. They weren't merely sipping and spitting...oh, no no. They were sipping, swirling like mouthwash and then standing waaay back from the spitoon (ugh, what an ugly word) and hurling their disgusting swill from almost 6 inches away!! There was this one guy who unfortunately was always seemingly ahead of us at the first few tables and not only did he think he was "the man" (ugh, he almost looked proud afterwards..I think I'm nauseous just reliving it for the purpose of this post...) seriously, I had to ask him if he could stop for a minute so I could dump out my glass. (I don't spit, I don't care - it's not lady like. I dump the remainder...) Listen guys, maybe you miss being 12 when spitting was "cool" - but at a wine tasting, no one is impressed. Oh, and the dribble of red wine on your chin that you didn't notice -- priceless.

3. Facebook -- what the hell are you doing? Okay, I'm not a fan of the website as it is - but their latest changes are absolutely insane. Not only is there little to no ease of navigation, it's not incredibly intuituive - but really, I'm all set with seeing status updates of people I don't know via people I do know. And stop asking me if I want to be friends with different people because, no - I don't. I've been on this site for three years now, really - I'd like to dilute my list, not add to it! Truly if it wasn't for my family - I'd disable my account entirely. But I like the connectivity I have to my family out of state, and my cousins who I've reconnected with via the tool. I just wish it would stop trying to take over the world! No, I don't want you as my home page. No, I don't want you to constantly change my privacy settings - I don't want creepy people seeing my children and personal information. And no, I don't want you selling my data. I do want you to go back to what you were initially: a fun, website where family and friends can reconnect without any strings, security issues or privacy breaches. My personal page is locked down - if you don't know me - you can't see it. And I like it that way!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hey there, hi there, ho there -you're as welcome as can be...

Today the people who are buying our house have their home inspection.

It should go well - there's really nothing wrong with the house outside of it definitely needing a paint job this coming Spring. So hopefully, after 4pm today we can breathe easy and start focusing on November 28th which is our scheduled closing day.

Moving on......

So, not sure if anyone's noticed but I've been less than gaga over my boy Jason these days.
(Well, he still makes my heart pitter patter. I mean, you have eyes - just look at him.)


His fiance and I are acquaintances of sorts via social media - and truthfully - I think she's adorable. Though I do sometimes feel that she can be "out there" a bit - he loves her, and what's wrong with that? She's certainly beautiful, and does lots of charity work and seems to be very kind - and she does make me laugh. She's pretty funny.

So because I like her, it gave my gushing over him that sort of weird feeling -- as if I had a crush on a friend's husband and UGH - who would do that?!?!? Not this girl! That would just be wrong.

So now... the crush, sadly - is over.
I just don't feel the same about him anymore. (No, it's not's me.)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Behind these hazel eyes...

Tonight I watched the Biography on Brad Pitt.
My goodness, is he an amazingly beautiful looking person.
And a fabulous actor, might I add.
And while he tends to be consistent and true to himself, and I do really like him - I still have so much issue with how he ended his marriage to my girl Jennifer Aniston.

A brief sidenote about his current amour. Not only has he not done any films with a female co-star since "Mr & Mrs Smith" (he's hooked up with every female costar that he's had, is it any wonder why he hasn't done one since? Just sayin'...) but I don't care how much she donates, how many children she adopts, or how many "save the world" trips she goes on - she is not a good person inside. Such a sin, for someone so beautiful on the outside, to clearly have a streak of ugly running through her. Guess that "sensitivity chip" isn't lost on just dear Brad.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Okay, I'm excited.

We had our home inspection -- and we love the house even more now than we did before. There's just so much space, and functionality - more than we'd ever imagined. We were so very lucky to come upon this house, the timing was everything.

Today, I did some shopping for some of the decor things we're changing - little things that will make so much of a difference. I LOVE the light fixtures, and the new glass knobs for the kitchen cabinets (OMG, 65 knobs!) and the contrasting cups for the island. The fabulous pot rack to go over the island - and even the simplest of ceiling fans that will change the feel of each room. The dining room changelier is gorgeous - I love it. But we're changing the lampshades on it to something more...well, me. And the foyer chandelier is being changed as well to something again, much more my taste - more french country - and truly, better suited for the house as it is now, let alone once we're done decorating.

The bedrooms - so pretty. The biggest change we're making to the house is to the master bath; for some reason it's carpeted (ugh, seriously - whatever were they thinking?!?) so we're putting in new tile & a new vanity. But other than that - really, there's nothing to do but paint.

G is beyond excited with all the little projects we'll have in the spring, and how much we can really enjoy the living space. His favorite room is the family room, and when I share pictures, you'll totally understand why. He's easy, he doesn't care much about decor - all he wants is his large screen and his recliner. Not tough to accomodate - and truly, this is the happiest I've seen him be about any house we've ever seen. And trust me, we've seen alot...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to me.....

And as a special gift.....we got an offer on our house today.
With potentially another one coming in tomorrow morning.
And one - maybe two more showings tomorrow as well.

And now... I can fully enjoy that we're moving.

And maybe sooner than initially planned!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just breathe....

Well, I'd breathe if I could.

A cold has come on full force - and I swear to God few things irritate me more than not being able to breathe through my nose. Especially when I'm baking oatmeal butterscotch cookies or peanutbutter cookies for the kiddies.

It hit me out of the blue and yup, it's a good one.....

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's going on....hey, what's going on....

So, we put an offer on a house.....and it was accepted.

On, or before 30 November - we will be moving. And this is so much more of a house than we had ever imagined we'd be in.
Good things come to those who wait? I'd like to think so.

It's not in the town we live in...and surprisingly enough, the kids are not disappointed about moving to another town and school system. My son even volunteered to switch schools which to me - was a shock. I'd planned on keeping it very low key and commuting them, but will be much easier on all of us. And they are so excited too - they went to the open house with us, and they loved the house as well.

It's exactly 6.2 miles from my present house; the other house in the same town that we looked at on Friday night, interestingly enough - was 6.3 miles from my present house.

Funny how it's almost the same distance apart, which truly makes the move seem that much less significant, in terms of keeping in touch with the kids' existing friends.

Today we did a little shopping for furniture, and my head was spinning. I don't think we're going to have enough furniture to fill the place..... !

Friday, September 09, 2011

You just never know, and if you believe - there just may be angels watching over us....

So, it's been a relatively stressful week.

We found a house we love. I mean love.....
And just as we were ready to put an offer on it --- another house became available for possibility. A house that we'd been hoping to get into and see but for whatever reason, we weren't able to make happen.

And just as we were about to put an offer in on the house we love - the not so available one, well - became available.

But they didn't make it easy for us to actually just look at it. We had to jump through a few hoops - and hoops that were necessary anyway, if we were to put an offer on any house, truthfully. We just didn't know we'd need that quite so soon. But, it's all good.

We're hopeful that the house we love accepts our offer - even though it will be a big transition for the family since it will be in a different town.

But the good news is -- we now have a back up if they decline!

And I didn't see the week quite ending this way, since it definitely was rather stressful getting to this point.

Funny...when I was getting ready for work this morning, I was looking for a bracelet to match my outfit. I came across a Chakra bracelet my mother made for me a few years back. I haven't worn it, truthfully - since she passed away. I used to wear it for luck; when we competed for our liquor license, when she went for her PTScan diagnosis, her funeral, etc..

This morning, I decided to wear it. It's pretty, it's got 7 different colored crystals to represent each Chakra (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, & Crown), along with two little charms that read: Love & Believe.

Maybe...just maybe....that has something to do with why my week ended up the way it did. Maybe it was my Mother's connection to that bracelet that truly brought me "luck".

Or maybe it didn't.

But either way, I'm glad that if nothing else - I had a piece of her with me today - and that in that small connection, she may have felt my energy and shared in the course of emotions I had today.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

There's a chill in the air....

I'm sitting outside on my deck enjoying a cup of coffee - and I'll tell you, it's pretty darn cool outside. But funny enough, there isn't that crisp smell of fall in the air just yet. It's still got a summerish smell, and unless you're a New Englander - you just may not understand what I'm describing. But trust me, I'm not crazy.

It's Labor Day weekend, officially the end of summer as it would be - so the change of the morning feel isn't really that out of line anyway. When it happens in August, that's one thing - but it seems like the weather patterns are becoming more of what I remember from when I was a child: snowier winters, rainier springs, really warm summers that last right until the first week of school which used to be after Labor Day - though here in the 'burbs, they start in August.

I'd never really given much thought to what Labor Day was about. After doing a little Wikipedia research, it seems that there was a battle and some untimely deaths of laborers during a strike - and so to honor them, a federal holiday was declared in which we should honor those who labor for a living.

And yet ironically enough, the holiday has become one of such that the only people who continue to work on those days are -- laborers. Maybe not manual laborers, but people who aren't in office jobs. Retail staff, Wait Staff/Cooks, Hotel Staff, etc.

It's interesting how holidays have changed and become so far removed from what they were supposed to be about in the first place. But I digress.....

So the rack and stack of the weekend goes like this: Signing the kiddies up at the Y for swimming and basketball - and then off to peach picking we are going to go. Then tomorrow, we have a family BBQ and birthday parties; both my sister in law and my nephew are born on the same day so...celebrate we will do.

Good times. Good times....

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I've got a crush on you.....

I have a new polish crush.
Forget OPI.
And even forget Essie -- which I do love.

Hello Zoya.
The colors, are insane. Off the hook fabulous - even their sheers & pale colors have a vibrance to them that you just don't see anywhere.

I'm wearing the shade Rihana - and I'm rough on my hands. Really rough because think about it - I'm constantly opening boxes of wine & beer - stocking, cleaning, etc. I got my nails done on Monday and not even a chip or fade has taken place yet. Unheard of!!

Their colors are so fantastic, that I'm even drawn to wearing colors that I would never in a million years typically consider because you know - I'm a grown up, and a business woman to boot - so funky isn't exactly my cup of tea. But just for funsies, I'd love love love to try some of these on for size:

Phoebe Laney or Adina.

I may just have to live vicariously through Princess Petunia....

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Never satisfied....

So yesterday I made an emotional and somewhat irrational because it was impulsive decision.
I cut 14" off my hair.

That wasn't exactly my intention -- though I wasn't opposed to it happening either.

I just wanted a change. A better style. My hair was so long, and too long to wear down so I wanted to change. And knowing that I couldn't get into a stylist that I wanted to get to on such short notice, I went with a new stylist near the store. Great cut - but not what I asked for.

What I presented them with was this: If I was to keep my hair on the longer side and only take off a few inches - I wanted it all layered in the back - and layered around my face like I always do. If I was to go dramatically shorter - I wanted an above the shoulder bob cut, which would be something very fun and different.

What I got....was a shorter version of what I already had, just below my shoulder and all angled into my face. To say I don't love it - is probably an understatement. I mean, it's a nice cut - my angles are smoking, but the back is blunt and I feel like it's all disporpotioned. I almost feel like a Bichon Frise dog, with the round hair cut. I'm sure it's fine but the bottom line is that I didn't get what I was looking for.

I was every hair stylists dream yesterday: a blank canvas, just waiting to be created into a masterpiece. And it's a little disappointing that I walked out with just a very short version of what I walked in with.

It is, what it is. And it will grow -- rather quickly, actually.
And then....I can try again.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World...take two!

This afternoon Princess Petunia and I were playing "hair salon" with all of her Barbie dolls - and as I was restyling their already perfect hair, I found myself commenting on how beautiful their hair is - even when messy, and it triggered the memory of a post I wrote a few years back. Today is a perfectly apropos time to re-share it!

Without further adieu, here's the post and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

So, the other day I was playing with my daughter and all of her Barbies. She's only 3.5 yrs old - and already has about 12 Barbie dolls. It's interesting, when I was young I might have only had one or two real Barbie dolls; they were very expensive and so I more often than not had the generic versions. But who knew, right? They're all perfect little people and I was just as thrilled with them as I was with any other trademark brand. But I digress....

As I was saying, we were playing Barbies with her Barbie Dream House - that ugh, takes up 3/4 of her room might I add. Which got me thinking as to all the different reasons why it would be fun to be a Barbie. I thought I'd share a few…

The Barbie Dream House: Um, hello - have you seen that thing? So not the Dream House from when I was a little girl. It's a flipping town house, and about the size of a real life one! The door bell rings, the stove works, the toilet flushes -- there's a washer and dryer in the unit! Three levels, and I'm sorry -- food! Wine glasses, cakes, pizza - just to name a few. And she's got a bedroom that is more like a boudoir with those really fun tuille canopies that ties off on each side. If only she had a good sound system with a little jazz playing and high definition television and an inground pool with an outdoor grill and fireplace it would be perfect! Moving on...

Barbie's Vehicles: Where else can a girl have a Pink Corvette, and still look hot? Between the Corvette, the Horse Drawn Carriage (because what, Barbie doesn't feel like a Princess every now and again??), the Hot Tub Barbie Bus (where she and all the other hot dolls get to hang out), the Beach Jammer, the Jammin' Jeep -- she has got it all. Who wouldn't be envious of that?

Fashion Sense: Barbie is the only girl that can wear teensy tiny short skirts - and not fear anyone calling her a tramp or any other negative name. And let's be honest, she looks adorable no matter what she wears! Barbie has the best girly clothes, the best workout gear, and hello -- her shoes are nothing short of spectacular. Her boots - to die for. And, it all fits her perfectly. Have you seen her hamstrings? She clearly is the more athletic Barbie of the Millenium than the skinny minnie dolls I grew up with ; sure they had a great chest, but really were lacking in the leg area. And let's be honest, a good pair of gams make any skirt and high boots look amazing.

The best hair...ever. I finally figured out why Barbie looks good, no matter how ratty her hair gets after a child has gotten a hold of it. You can twist it, twirl it - cut it even - and she looks gorgeous. You know why? Barbie doesn't need bangs. Even when she has them - they're almost an accessory - she doesn’t need them. She's got a perfect little forehead which makes her hair look amazing no matter what funky hair style you give her. Which is quite a challenge for those of us who are, um....working with an eight-head instead of a forehead. Yes, I guess I am a little bitter about that one....

Ken who? Ken, schmen. Who needs 'em. Barbie is clearly entirely self sufficient, maintaining several positions as either a ballet teacher or dog walker - maybe even an early education teacher playing with Elmo. Which leaves her plenty of money and time to hang out with her friends -- go shopping, take yoga - do whatever. Without having to answer to anyone about anything! I bet you that at some point, Barbie is going to come out with her own line of adopted children! Angelina Jolie has been the pioneer in the world of adoption with out a Daddy - I can so see Barbie jumping on that bandwagon! She's high speed, low drag. When you're a girl that looks like Barbie, and has the attitude that Barbie has -- men just bring you down.

And on that note…this very "un-Barbie" like real girl, is going to put some lip gloss on and prepare to go get herself a smoothie for lunch.

Ahhh but it's fun to dream….!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are you kidding me...?

All day long people were in the store telling me how they were seeing other people in the bank all day withdrawing money from their account "in case" we get the hurricane.

Already some supermarkets have been emptied of water.


Because a hurricane only lasts a few hours anyway....not days. And I get that devastation left behind can be horrible, I'm certainly not downplaying the damage Mother Nature can cause.

Don't get me wrong, if we lived further south then it would be a different story. But up here in the North, storms fall apart long before they get to us.

We're New Englanders -- we're hearty stock.
What is up with all the hysteria?!?!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Retail therapy does a girl some good....

Today, finally - after two long years - I made it back to Wrentham.
And yes, the angels sang as I turned off the exit.

I was on a mission - this wasn't a frivolous shopping excursion. I had definitive goals: shoes, sneakers, sweats & clothes for school. The kiddies go back on Tuesday - which is right around the corner, and so I wanted to be sure that they had a good base to go back with.

Once they were done, I did pick G up a few shirts at Eddie Bauer.
And yes, Momma got a brand new bag.

I went to Ann Taylor and browsed, and browsed....I actually had a few hundred dollars in gift cards on me, and as much as I wanted that money to burn a hole in my pocket - I just couldn't! See, when I worked at an office I had to dress up all the time and so I had a need for new pretty clothes. But now..... well, the need for me to dress up is few and far between. It's more occasion driven now. I wear sweats and yoga clothes for my day to day at the store. I could wear nice jeans and shirts but not on days that I'm getting deliveries, which is 3-4 days a week typically; plus I can't wear heels any more unless they're wedges because I'm on my feet all day lifting cases and boxes, so....the days of my getting to look like a girl are fewer and further between. Well, a girly girl anyway.

So, out I walked and yes, I was sad that I couldn't bring myself to spend money on things I didn't need. Isn't that what frivolous shopping is all about? This is what happens when you're just not a frivolous shopper. Who am I kidding - I'm not frivoulous about anything, I'm serious. Moving on...

Coach was having this great sale; I went in just to browse but as I walked in, the sales girl shoved a "30% off" sale ticket in my hand. So as I'm looking - I wandered into the clearance section. I knew I needed a new wallet anyway, but imagine my surprise when I found a wallet that was on clearance AND I really liked it. Then even better, I found a purse that was also 50% off - and with the additional 30% - I ended up spending more than half of what typically one purse would cost! I tried finding a picture to link to but there are so many online and none of them seem to be exactly what I got. It's a brown signature cross body bag, with a poppy fabric strap and a poppy stripe on the bottom quarter. It's pretty....and though pink isn't usually my choice of color, there was something about it I liked. And the wallet is great, it's white and silver leather - no logo - which is nice because it's small and can go in any pocketbook without being "matchey matchey". I don't necessarily like that when it comes to purses and bags - I prefer classic versatility.

In any event, I felt great when I left because I got something for everyone - and I didn't spend all my money -- and yet I got alot. I can't wait to put everything into the kids closets and get them all resorted and organized.

Since we're having a hurricane this weekend- or so the rumor goes -- I think that is going to be my task at hand on Sunday. A nice cozy day in pajamas and getting the kids clothes all set and ready to start a new school year.

It makes me smile just thinking about it....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday's Musings....

1. Who gets mosquito the face?!?!? Um, yeah...that'd be me. Seriously! I have three huge welts on my face right now. We were at a friend's house for a Tastefully Simple party tonight - and we were doing a little wine tasting in their fabulous backyard - when clearly, the mosquitos in the area decided to be more like vampires than bugs. I feel like I'm a True Blood character, but I didn't get the opportunity to choose between good vampire or bad vampire...

2. New York was amazing. Truly. We must've walked about 20 miles within 24 hours, between where we stayed in Carnegie Hill to all of Central Park, from the East Village and Chelsea to 5th Ave - we saw so much more than we expected to. We walked the High Line which is a MUST see if you are ever there. This visit was definitely an education in greenspace in the concrete jungle and I loved it. I do think that I'd like for us to see about buying a small condo sometime so we always have a place to go and stay....
2. Momofuku Noodle Bar rocks. Kudos to the staff for their very creative menu, attentive staff and talented chefs that we had the pleasure of sitting in front of. By the way - the buns are amazing. I haven't quite figured out the whole genre of the menu - it's almost Asian meets Indian meets Korean fusion; the person sitting next to me was eating this unbelievable Kimchee dish that someone had them custom create; I think the dish I had might have had Korean sausage actually -- I'm not sure. But whatever it was - it was fabulous, and a flavor profile that I haven't had before. I love creative and exciting cuisine and for what it was - this didn't disappoint. Actually - my expectations of a noodle bar were rather low, having not been before - so this was really a pleasant surprise.

3. I can't believe school starts next week! And yet I'm stil so behind. I have to take the kids to get their school supplies and backpacks this week - which isn't that big of a deal really. I'm going to Wrentham this week (fingers crossed!) to finish up their school clothes shopping and I can't wait. It's been a long, long, long time since the angels have sung to me as hit the city limit - and even though I'm not going shopping for me - I'm just going to be happy to be there. I love buying the kiddies clothes. It just makes me feel so happy.......they look cute and adorable, and I guess that just makes me feel good. Who knows what makes us Moms tick....

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'ma up at Brooklyn, now I'm down in Tribeca...

Some folks like to get away
Take a holiday from the neighbourhood
Hop a flight to Miami Beach
Or to Hollywood
But I'm taking a Greyhound
On the Hudson River Line
I'm in a New York state of mind

I've seen all the movie stars
In their fancy cars and their limousines
Been high in the Rockies under the evergreens
But I know what I'm needing
And I don't want to waste more time
I'm in a New York state of mind

It was so easy living day by day
Out of touch with the rhythm and blues
But now I need a little give and take
The New York Times, The Daily News

It comes down to reality
And it's fine with me 'cause I've let it slide
Don't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside
I don't have any reasons
I've left them all behind
I'm in a New York state of mind

It was so easy living day by day
Out of touch with the rhythm and blues
But now I need a little give and take
The New York Times, The Daily News

It comes down to reality
And it's fine with me 'cause I've let it slide
Don't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside
I don't have any reasons
I've left them all behind
I'm in a New York state of mind

I'm just taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line
'Cause I'm in a New York state of mind

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You're not the boss of me now...

n., pl., -lies. , v. -ing

1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.

2.a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

3. Bullying is abusive treatment, the use of force or coercion to affect others,[2] particularly when habitual and involving an imbalance of power.

Monday, August 15, 2011

In my daughter's eyes...

Some people have a gift for art.
A knack for creativity.
Princess Petunia -- she has it.
Now while tonight's events aren't artistically driven - they are pretty darn well thought out and creative for a 7 year old.

She announced tonight that she has come up with a week's worth of activities for us, and it started this evening with "Glow in the Dark Dance Party". She found all these toys that light up and glow - right down to sneakers that glow that she can use as tamborines - and we danced to the latest hits on Kiss 108. She made a snack mix for us all - and brought us appropriate drinks should we get thirsty. Cute, right?

(Let's back up a bit. Before she announced what the event was, she changed her outfit - put on a black glove with cut off fingers, and had me curl her hair - but ONLY specific pieces. She then put on her most favorite hat and then said she "felt like a pretty girl". I'm so loving my tomboy turning girly girl. Back to the story....)

Tomorrow night is Game Night. Pictionary is on tap for apres dinner.

The following is Pajama Movie Night - complete with bowls of ice cream.

And I don't know what the following night is but I'm sure she's got it covered.

So I asked Miss Petunia what made her decide to come up with this fun little week long event and she said "I just wanted quality family time". Did I want to bite her cheeks right there and then?? Yes I did. Loved the answer. Loved it! I never in a million years would've expected her to say that.

Not that we don't try to instill that into the kids, but because -well, they typically don't regurgitate our words so much at this stage any more.

I can't wait for tomorrow.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday night lights....

dusky sky. fresh basil. citronella. laughter in the background. crisp, cold water. beginning of crickets chirping. wet cold puppy dog nose. red wine with hints of vanilla. turquoise & yellow accessories. tomato plants blooming with fruit. contentment and quiet.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things that make you go "hmmm...?"

Okay, I'm not going to lie - I feel like I'm getting old.

See, in the a.m., I might have a fabulous idea on what to do a blog post on...and then by night time when I actually stop to write it, I can't for the life of me remember what it might have been.
So I'm just going to rant today on a variety of topics, but mostly the same ol' same ol'.

1. Hate that I haven't been working out. At all. Not even a little. HATE IT.
2. Irritated that the people we're dealing with on trying to hammer out a lease negotiation on a new store in Boston are just drama filled and ridiculous. It's causing so much tension and friction. Completely unnecessarily, might I add.
3. Very excited... to be visiting NYC in the immediate future.
4. Saw the "Smurfs" movie with Princess Petunia, which was probably the last kid's movie I'd ever want to see; I didn't like them when I was a kid - but I have to tell you, it wasn't all that bad. Even I was singing their "la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaaaaa" by the night's end.
5. I made a Lime & Cilantro Corn Chowder tonight...and I'm not going to lie - it was rock the house good.
6.Beyond irritated that we haven't sold our house - but even more irritated that now the house that we really wanted previously and then fell apart - G wants again. I can't keep up sometimes.
7. I think I've become a Nag Champa addict. Truth that.
8. Not only do I need to work out to get back into shape - I really need to find center again. There's a certain clarity that yoga provides, that if you never practiced- you won't understand. It's amazing how things won't irritate you as much and perspective is better held. I definitely feel as if I need to find ME again. I'm feeling a little, underwhelmed with myself these days.
9. Music is not finding me these days. I don't know why? I think because I used to love to go to Newbury Comics at lunch and find myself a hidden gem acoustic artist; and now, I don't leave the store so much -- I don't have that need to "escape" really, and it sort of bums me out that I'm not jazzed on any one special. Adele was my latest/greatest - but I need to find someone else to feel my soul with. Suggestions on who to try - lay them on me, I'm all ears.
10. Despite all my grumblings is but a dream - and if you don't have any, you won't aspire to anything. Keep reaching, aiming and soaring. If life hands you lemons - you have to make lemonade. Sure it sounds kitchy, but it's true. And I'm living proof.... if you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.

Friday, August 05, 2011

It's cheap Chinese & Chardonnay....

So how are you celebrating the beginning of the weekend?

This girl is having cheap chinese food & a not overly impressive Chardonnay. It was going to be an expensive Chardonnay but I ended up going with one that's less expensive - but unfortunately, entirely unimpressive. Disappointing is truly a better descriptor. Note to self -- do not bring this one in to sell.

Moving on.

So we have another family party tomorrow, which is always a fun thing to have. It's so much fun to get together and have a good time, and it definitely makes for a fun weekend. Sometimes. it's lousy when you have something every single weekend - but this summer it doesn't feel like much of a pressure cooker, it's just fun.

I can't believe school is now less than a month away! This weekend I've got to take the kiddies to get their new backpacks and school supplies before the mad rush is on with all the stores. Last year I waited until the big sales and trust me - it was so not worth it! So if I have to pay a little more now to avoid mayhem later, it will be worth it.

And that's all this girl has got for today.... I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and whatever you do - I hope it's filled with laughter, and love.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sometimes it just takes somethings that are fresh - to make you feel good.

Tonight was one of those nights that I just loved what I made for dinner. It was simple actually - breakfast, of sorts - but sometimes that's the best dinner to be had!

I made a fritatta with farm fresh eggs I got at the Farmer's Market today, and I added red peppers, mushrooms, chicken & apple sausage, onions & cheese. I made a simple salad with butter lettuce and cherry tomatoes, and I drizzled this really delicious Honey & Lavendar vinagrette that I also got at the market today. I made bacon and a small steak - and paired it all with a light white blend - and voila.

It was light, and simple and really very summery. Perfect for a night like this...

And as I sit outside listening to my neighbor's dog bark incessantly because no one is home and he wants so badly to get in - and despite the fact that my company at dinner was less than enjoyable tonight -- it's a pretty good night, and it all started with a super fresh dinner.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I get a little sicker each time.....

There has been such a rash of parents absolutely abusing their children.

A woman in Boston, was arrested for hitting her 1 year old child so hard he bled from his mouth. Prior to hitting him, she actually called him a racial slur! Are you kidding me?!?!

Poor little Celina Cass...who you know passed at the hands of her stepfather. Clearly the state is being quiet about their information so that they don't jeopardize the case. Trust me - the story will come out on that one.

Or the father in Malden who slammed with brute force his 7 week old infant onto the ground.

Or the father in Boston who also slammed his 3 week old infant to the ground.

Where is the justice system when we need it...???

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I heard them ringing the bells in heaven and hell...

Lyrics | Patty Griffin lyrics - Forgiveness lyrics

Wide open spaces....

So, recently I've complained about not having an outdoor space to enjoy because I don't have much of a yard to speak of; I do have a deck, however we have never, ever utilized it.

Until now.

I am writing this as I sit on my deck, enjoying the view from my screened gazebo.
Wow, what a difference an iron structure and some mosquito netting makes!

My father helped me put it up on Sunday -- and thankfully he was here to help me because it took the two of us 2 hours; it would've taken me an endless amount of time I'm sure. And then I went to Lowes and bought some plants, a table & chairs, flowers for my deck planters - and voila! Instant outdoor seating area that I can enjoy.

It's funny how suddenly the yard doesn't seem quite so small. I don't know if it's because we're not just sitting outside exposed on a deck and more enclosed so it gives a feeling of being in a room - and overlooking the yard rather than being within it. I can't really explain it, but whatever it is - it works.

Even crazier is that I think it gives a better appeal to the back area when showing the house. Yes, we're still selling - and still looking. But in the meantime, while I'm here, I'm going to enjoy my new outdoor space.....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lyrically speaking, of course....

Made a wrong turn, Once or twice
Dug my way out, Blood and fire
Bad decisions, That's alright
Welcome to my silly life

Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
Miss "no way, it's all good", It didn't slow me down
Mistaken, Always second guessing
Under estimated,
Look, I'm still around.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Music keeps me snapping my fingers, music keeps me tapping my toes....

So the latest song that makes me sing out loud -- really loudly -- when I'm driving, is Lada Gaga's "Edge of Glory". How this song doesn't just make everyone want to get up and belt it out - is beyond me.

I find it really interesting that a columnist from the Boston Herald said that when Amy Winehouse died, we lost "one of the greatest voices of this generation".

I mean, don't get me wrong - I enjoyed Amy Winehouse. Stylistically, she was great - and she was talented. I think what the person should've printed was that when she died, we lost one of the most promising artists, or one with great potential. But seriously....

Has this person not heard of Adele, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson. Literally, amazingly talented voices of this generation. If it was the figurative sense of the word, then please - we don't need a heroin addicted and defiant voice for anyone's generation. Really.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorry I'm not home right now I'm walking into spiderwebs....

I know, I know - it's been a long time since I've posted.
But it's summer, and I've been busy.

So here's a little catch up on what's been roaming around this girl's thoughts.

1. Namaste. I'm beyond excited that my local yoga studio has added more classes so I can take yoga Monday through Friday now. I'm starting on Monday - and I have to say, I've taken this whole summer vacation thing really seriously - though not with doing anything per se. I've been eating like there's no tomorrow and doing zero in the exercise aspect. No yoga, no running, nada. I can't take it after work so it has to be in the morning and now that there's classes 5 days a week - it allows for me to have no excuse if I miss a class -- I won't have to wait three days before the next one comes around. I've got to get into form because at the end of August is the Annual 108 Suns for the Jimmy Fund that I participate in each year and I want to be sure that I'm rip roaring and ready to go....

2. I'm trying something new: Natural Nails. So, I've had acrylic nails for years now. But after being so frustrated because the nail tech I go to makes them look good - they break constantly. Constantly. And that shouldn't really be happening. So, I took them off and now I'm trying to grow my own nails. It sure feels good, but I'm not loving the look truthfully. I guess in a few weeks I can do a French Manicure once again.

3. Are you ready for some football? So, I'm psyched that the lockout is over. But truthfully, given the things they agreed on - it almost seems like this was all just a big waste of time. Really picky une things and not a whole heck of a lot changed. Wasted time....

4. Nothing new on the house front. So frustrating. We've raised our price point but there's nothing available where we live right now. And there are some beautiful homes in other communities but we're not looking at them actively right now because we don't want the kids to change school systems after the school year starts. If nothing comes up this season, we'll wait until Spring. Such a bummer though.... such a bummer.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sure it might be a heatwave....

But I'm still burning my Pumpkin candles and using Cinnamon & Sugar Febreze.
Because those are the smells of home to me.

That's just how I roll....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess Petunia....

Seven years ago today, my Princess Petunia brightened my world.

She's fiesty, and fiery.

Sassy & Sensitive.

Artistic & Creative.

Witty,Thoughtful & Bright.

She is my constant growth - as she is always challenging me to be a better parent. (Code for she is totally giving me a run for my money!) She is going to go far in life -- she's strong willed, comfortable in her own skin and doesn't put up with anyone's crap. (Being the only granddaughter out of 8, she didn't have much choice. She'd have no one to play with otherwise!)

She is the one & only Princess Petunia Mini Marshmellow.

And I'm so very glad that she's mine.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I had the time of my life.....

So while the vacation I was just on was not was definitely relaxing. I can't remember the last time I ever wasn't on a schedule - and that in of itself was priceless.

G actually relaxed which was something I don't think I've seen in years....we had no concept of what time of day it was outside of watching the sun in the sky. Great company, good food, fabulous weather, and a perfect seascape.

Ironically, the photo in my previous post actually shows the house we stayed in! Who knew?? It was a random photo of the beach we were at, and yet in retrospect, two of the three houses we were in is in it. How were we in multiple houses you ask? Well, it was a group vacation. Three families, three houses - one beach.

Good times....good times.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

So very sad...

So, I'm hoping that this will be my last post on Casey Anthony for this week.

I was happy to see that she wasn't able to leave jail today; it was a tiny battle victory in a war that has been lost. I know that a week from now she will be free, but it still was a good thing to see her reaction when she realized she wasn't going anywhere today. It was just a tiny pop in her balloon.

I'm very sad about the way people are villianizing her family; first of all - show me a family that isn't "dysfunctional" and I'll show you a group of mannequins. Every family has their dynamics and histories and behaviours that aren't perfect, and to tear this family apart because they're under scrutiny in the worst of situations - I think is just horrible. To hear stories that her parents might have not been very kind to her after Caylee was born - well, wouldn't most parents be irritated with their child who doesn't work and relies on them to take care of her and a baby? I'm thinking there might be some resentment there.... not so "dysfunctional" - at least no more so than a family thinking that it's perfectly okay to just coast through life. Or thinking it's okay to steal hundreds of checks and thousands of dollars from family members and friends. All this time I was thinking that they were too nice to her, and in reality maybe they were trying tough love - and that's what made her spiteful and take Caylee away. I don't mean killing her - I mean taking her from the house which is what triggered all of this anyway. Doesn't anyone remember that Casey left the house a month previously with Caylee and refused to let her mother see her? Does anyone remember that Cindy begged her to leave Caylee with her so she could go do her own thing when she wanted to? I wish the Prosecution focused more on the dynamic between Casey & Cindy in the parenting aspect -rather than just physical evidence - and maybe it would've painted a more rounded picture of the volatile personality that the jurors were dealing with. It was more than just Casey's relationship with Caylee; it was Casey's relationship with everyone - and how she manipulated, controlled and lied. That is the underlying path in this poor girl's death - accidental or otherwise.

I find it so sad that post verdict jurors have come out and said they know she's guilty but didn't feel that without knowing "how" she died, they could convict her. I'm sorry but you can't play Monday morning quarterback now. Listen, I've said it before - and I'll say it again. Does it matter if they're shot, stabbed or suffocated? Bottom line is a person is dead that clearly isn't natural causes with evidence to support it. How can that be ignored? I've never heard of so many people discussing Double Jeopardy as much as they are with this case. So many people feel that this wasn't the right decision.

I guess the bottom line is that I'm just so sad about this in general. I'm not irate; I'm not irrational about it. I just find it so sad that a jury completely disregarded physical evidence seconded by corroborating circumstantial evidence - and went with a theory that had zero evidence, admittedly. And yet, their decision will stand because that is our justice system. Even if her death was initially accidental, no matter what the means - the actions that followed were anything but accidental, and aggravated manslaughter should've been the verdict. And ask yourself this jurors: Why wasn't 911 called?? Because it wasn't an accident.... at least not the accident you'd like to think it was. It was accidental overdose by chloroform which she knew she would have to explain.... the duct tape and what not - I'm sure that was initially to make it look like a kidnapping. Truly, Casey's not that tough to figure out...

Just my humble opinion.....

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The aftermath....

So, of course it's almost impossible to have the television on and not hear about Caylee Anthony.

What disturbs me most is that the jury completely disregarded all the evidence and clearly had their minds made up prior to deliberation. One alternate juror even came out and said that he knows something happened to Caylee and that they chose not to convict because "the family is dysfunctional and knows more than they're letting on.".

1. What family isn't dysfunctional at some level?
and 2. Of course they KNEW Casey did it....we ALL know it -- its just none of us can know exactly what happened. Of course her parents knew - they did all that they could to get it out of her. They cried, they begged, they bribed, they threatened. But they didn't cover it up for her -and for the jury to NOT convict based strictly on the fact that they feel the family is involved when there is zero evidence to point to that - is a complete and total miscarriage of justice. That is not bravery from the jury -- it's laziness.

There will be no justice for Caylee, I don't see how. And it's absolutely gutwrenching.

A friend of mine sent the following to me. She saw it on Facebook today and doesn't know if the person wrote it themselves or copied & pasted it. But either way - it's worth sharing.

"Dear Mommy,
I see you smile down there below, why are those tears of joy you show? I'm glad you're happy, although you lied, I'd still love to be smiling right by your side. Tell my grandparents I send my love. It's beautiful here, that's all I can say. I'm happy your life will go on without me in your way. I'm glad you get to walk free. Just remember sooner or later, there will be justice for me.
Love Caylee ♥♥♥ "

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Disgusted. Disturbed. Disheartened. Disbelief....

It is an incredible travesty of justice that Casey Anthony was acquitted today on all charges related to the disappearance and obvious murder of her daughter Caylee.

I watched this trial and I'm sorry - reasonable doubt was not presented; irrational, unexplained and desperate doubts were presented. But reasonable? No, I think not.

This was not a jury of MY peers that acquitted this girl; and if it was a jury of HER peers, then I pity the state of Florida and those who live within it. It speaks volumes about what you can and can not do regarding your children, or other people for that matter.

While I did not believe a Murder One, Death Penalty award was going to be given - I believed for sure that a lesser charge would. And yet this girl has been cleared on everything except for lying to police.

So, clearly in the state of Florida it's okay to have a dead body in your car for weeks on end and then deny that it was ever there - even with DNA evidence. I don't care if there is no cause of death proved because when it comes two a 2 year old child - there doesn't need to be cause because the mere fact that she's dead shows that there is some semblence of unnatural occurance that happened. If it's an accident - then you don't lie about it; and you also don't drag everyone else into it either. If it's an accident - then you state that, and that scenario only. You don't come up with various possibilities. Two year olds don't die of natural causes; so whether it's shooting, neckbreaking, or chloroform poisioning - is irrelevant. The fact you have a dead body that no one other than the Mother has access to - speaks volumes. And with DNA in the car, multiple lies and basically NO information other than misinformation with intent to mislead -- who else do you look to.

This is a very sad day in the justice system; a very sad day for the Anthony family who I think is disgusted that Caylee has received no justice -- and a very sad day for this girl, who was so emotionally invested into this case. I don't know how the State of Florida couldn't have slammed this case shut -- but I'm so very dissapointed that they weren't able to make any of the charges on the table stick. There was NO justice for this beautiful little girl.

It's shocking, and sad. And it's going to take quite a long time for me to get over this case....

Monday, July 04, 2011

Oh say can you see....

Oh say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave.....

O'er the land of the free....and the home of the brave.

Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Saturday Survey: Revisited

It's the 4th of July holiday weekend, and I am really excited to enjoy this nice weather we're finally having. This is the first long weekend that we've actually got the opportunity to have a few plans going; typically I don't know what we're going to do and we end up winging it. Today, the kiddies and I are going to our town's Family Day - complete with carnivals & fireworks. Tonight my son is having a friend sleepover - and then tomorrow we're going to a family BBQ. Tomorrow night - more fireworks, and then on the 4th - another family BBQ and more fireworks. Nothing is more fun on a hot summer night, then a good round of fireworks!

So in an effort to stay true to my Saturday posting of surveys - here is today's random things that you may or may not already know - or wanted to know - about me.

Coke or Pepsi? - Neither. I don't like tonic.
Regular pool or heated pool? - I'd take either. I just want a flipping pool.
Hot tea or ice tea? - Hot tea.
Sunflower or daisy? - Sunflower. Especially the bright red ones....
Red rose or pink rose? - Pink Rose.
Salt or pepper? - Salt. Preferably sea salt.
Red or Green Apple? - Green Apple, but of course...
Red or Blue? - Blue.
Christmas or Thanksgiving? - Christmas. No better time of year...
Pink or Green? - Green
Hamburger or Hotdogs? - Hot dog.
Music or Movies? - Music... words and music, words and music.....
Heaven or hell? - Heaven. That's a stupid question.
Comedy or horror? - I hate horror movies.
aol or aim? - I don't use either.
ipod or mp3? - MP3 all the way.
Purse or backpack? - Purse.
Parision or Sears? - Don't know what Parision is, but I've seen the softer side of Sears - and liked it.
Paris or France? - Hello, but isn't Paris in France...? I'd say all of France
Milky Way or Sneakers? - Um, I think they meant "Snickers." Milky way
Vanilla or Chocoloate? - The person who created this survey can't spell, clearly. Vanilla...
Phone or Internet? - Nothing beats a good phone conversation....
Steak or Shrimp? - That's a tough one. Depends on my mood.
School or Work? - My school days are over kiddies.... it's all about work.