Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Oscars, and other burning questions and thoughts.

Dear Jennifer Aniston:  You know I love everything about you, right?  But what did you do to your face girlfriend?  I don't know if it's Restalyne or if you modified your lip surgically but - you have this sort of puffy Heather Locklear-ish look to your pretty little self right now and I'm not digging it.  Congrats on the engagement, by the way - and your dress was gorg - but please, leave your face alone! 

Dear Pre-Show Media:  I'm not sure what all the hype was about Jessica Chastain's dress.  I thought it was okay; her hair - not the greatest.  I wasn't loving Halle Berry's dress either, maybe it's the super HD on my tv but I thought it looked heavy - and made her look portly. Well, as portly as Halle Berry can be.  Wouldn't have been my first choice - but hey, I'm not the Fashion Police - right?  I did like Jennifer Lawrence's dress, Charlize Theron's dress and to go with the non-traditional Oscar dress, I'd say that Anne Hathaway's dress was in a word - stunning.  (For the record, I could've done with alot less Kristin Chenowith (please cut her some bangs!) and Kelly Rowland was a bit disappointing as well.  Better hosts next year, please!)

Dear Seth McFarlane:  I hope they ask you back.  Sure the William Shatner thing was overdone, but otherwise you did okay.  For what its worth, I freaking LOVED the sock puppet skit.  Loved it!

Dear Ben Affleck:  Congrats on Argo.  Truth be told, it was the only nominated movie I saw.  Another truth to be told - while I thought it was a good movie, a really good movie - I didn't think it was Oscar material. But who am I, really.   I think that while it wasn't the epic time piece Lincoln was, nor the gritty and dark DJango Rules - it was a piece that everyone could relate to on some level and honestly, you don't need an Oscar nomination for Direction in order to validate your skills.  You're a far better director than you are actor, and we see that time and time again. 

Dear Oscars Producers:  Less music, more awards - less time.  While I loved seeing Barbra, and Norah and Adele - it was a bit much this year.  About 45 minutes could've been reduced and we could've just cut to the chase of what we all were looking for - the awards.

So these were just some of my thoughts, post show.  I love the Oscars - it will forever be the pinnacle that I once aspired to dream towards; and the funny thing is, sometimes deep down inside I watch and think "I can so do that...."  Give me 5 years, and I guarantee I will do it.  Ah, the words are easy to has moved past me, and I've ventured in other directions.  Opportunities that are available today were not so readily available at the time when I was.   But the dream still lives inside, and will always be very much alive. 

Maybe in another lifetime....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

As much as I dont love Kevin Bacon....

I DO love "The Following".
It's a pretty twisted show, for network television.

I have to keep getting past the fact that everytime they show Kevin Bacon's face I find myself saying "hmm. I really wish they'd cast someone else in this role....", but other than that it's a really unique concept.  It's going to really be interesting to see how they make it go longer than a season, because once the main plot is wrapped up - I'm not exactly sure how they can have it go on and still maintain the element of surprise.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feeling like I'm going to cry...

Sorry blogosphere.
This girl has been flat out with pneumonia since Tuesday, and at the rate this is going--I can't imagine being better in the immediate.

Partly because the antibiotic the doctor prescribed is killing me with side effects; so I begged him to switch me to something else.

Fingers crossed that it works. I wouldn't wish this on anyone...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lovin' every minute of it....

Did we have a fabulous time in NYC?
You betcha.
Here's the skinny on it....

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Central Park, which was really quite nice.  The location was rocking, but I have to say if I was to compare apples to apples, from amenities to room sizes - I think I prefer the Four Seasons.  I did love the lobby lounge though, and the service was excellent.  We're going back twice in April - once with the kiddies, once without - and when we travel without, I think we may stay at the Park Plaza next.  We're thinking we're going to try all the uber fancy hotels just for funsies until we finally give in and just buy a condo.  Truth be told, my all time favorite is The Warwick.  Sure, it's not swanky with amenities, but they're huge rooms with gorgeous views at a price that is outstanding and it's perfectly located.  I think that's where we're going to stay with the kids, actually.  But it sure is fun to try them all!

So of course, the whole NE was expecting the biggest storm of the century - G and I took a 6am flight to beat the snow and were happily checked into the hotel and roaming the streets of NYC by 8:30 a.m.  Let me tell you, there is something so amazing about Manhattan.  At home, when it's sleeting and raining - you want to stay home.  In New York, you can't wait to get out there and just walk and walk and walk.  We did so much window shopping this weekend, and a little bit of real shopping as well.  I almost came home with a pair of Jimmy Choos nude peekaboo pumps; if G had his way, I'd have had those and probably a pair of boots!  But I managed to get him out of the store before the wallet came out.  Sounds silly, I know- but the practical side of this girl just couldn't let him do it.  I mean, sure - they're practical shoes - but at this time I don't go many places to wear them so...we'll save it for another time.  Thankfully, I didn't make him go into Christian Laboutin because I may have had a very difficult time saying no twice.....

My two favorite shops were probably Donna Karan and Roberto Cavalli.  I mean, we went into every place but I think as far as styles that are being shown right now, those two were my favorites.  Donna Karan has always been my preference.  Everything is timeless, classic and my God her choice of materials are just insanely perfect.  But enough gushing about shopping, let's talk food....

As always, we did not hit a bad meal.  Whether it was snacking from a little Pret a Manger, to brunch at Sarabeths, or dinner at our new favorite pizza joint in town: Don Antonio Pizza on 309 W 50th.  Incredibly fresh, creative and best of all - minimalistic in seasoning so you weren't killed with garlic all night long - it was delicious.  You must must must get the Montanara Starita - fried dough pizza.  To die for...

We also went to The Dutch in Soho on Sullivan St. for dinner which was really quite good.  Simple menu, not a lot to choose from but really creative flavor pairings.  When the portions came out I thought "hmm, I"m going to be hungry afterwards..." but really - not at all.  Just rich enough, just porportioned enough, and really well put together.  I loved the decor, sort of shabby chic pub-meets-industrial and the atmosphere was just loud enough.  Granted, we went early on Saturday night (pre-play) and we sat upstairs - so I'm sure it gets pretty amped in there as the night progresses.

Off we went to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  Unbelievable seats, 2d row center.  It was a good show; Scarlett Johanssen looked beautiful, she's in fantastic shape and has quite the exhausting part in the play.  I think she did a good job all in all, as did the whole cast.  Was it as good as "Fences"?  No. There were some vocal issues I think, some blocking issues - but it was solid.  It was definitely a good show to see and I'm looking forward to our next theatre outing.  As I said, we're going back in April - one week to take the kids to the museums, etc. - and then to see the rescheduled boxing match, so....

The best part of the weekend is that we get to have quality dating time, G and I.  We're always Mom and Dad or Business Partners - so that we don't often have the time to just be G & Rebecca, hanging out and having mindless conversation about things in a store, or what kinds of things we like, or anything that isn't related to our children of businesses.  And so truly, to have nothing but a few hours of time on our side without a tight schedule to just sort of be -- was the best part of it all.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

See, touch, feel, smell, taste

Chocolate pudding.  Cool, crisp, icy blue tones.  Peppermint anything.  Lemongrass oil.  Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal.  Over the knee black leather boots.  A soft, fuzzy scarf.  Hot and spicy pickles.  Vanilla candles burning with Nag champa incense.  French inspired decor.  A warm hug.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Oh mama mia, mama mia...

What in the world is going on with Mother's these days?

I'll admit it, I've become quite the reality show fan - and Dance Moms is most definitely a guilty pleasure.  I watch it for the talent of the girls, and while at first it was funny to watch the Moms bicker, at this point - or rather, this season - I find it so disturbing how disrespectful. self righteous and rude these women are not only to each other, but to their children's teacher and most importantly - they have no filter and fight in front of these young girls!  What's even more unsettling is that this season more than ever, their teacher (whom I do like and think well of, despite her often harsh tactics) is being relatively unkind to these really little girls out of frustration towards their misbehaving mothers.

What kind of message are we sending young girls today?
We're telling them that it's okay to be catty and for lack of a better term - bitchy - to one another.  That it's okay to buck up against authority.  There's no shame in being disrespectful.
I'm sorry, but I don't agree with that at all.

Women need to stick together, to be on each other's team and to support one another.
Competition can be healthy, but it's unhealthy to feed upon one another in a sporting environment.

Disrespect is unattractive, disgraceful and less than kind.  These are not traits we should be raising young women to have.

Sometimes, we can't get our own way....we can't always win....we won't always get picked....and we will often be told "no".

And as a mother of a young girl who I'm trying tirelessly to teach the importance of respect and kindness to (in a world where respect is almost a dying art)  - I can't understand how the women who are on this show can watch it back and think to themselves "yes, I look good out there....".

It's very, very disappointing.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Ah, ah, ah, ah...choo!

After what has probably been the worst cold & flu season in Boston history for quite some time - my house has been relatively unscathed.  But I have come down with a teensy, weensie cold.   I feel okay actually; I felt worse earlier this week before the symptoms actually reared their ugly head.  So while I'm not achy or sore anymore, now it's just the annoying congestion and cough.

The only upside is that it should be gone baby gone - by the time we leave for the Big Apple.

So, in a slight surprise twist - G got us front row tickets to "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" featuring the lovely Ms. Scarlet Johannassen.  (Isn't she married now?  Doesn't she have a different name?  I can't keep up with the Hollywood gossip, I'll have to Google it and see.) 

Now to hope that he doesn't come down with the cold...