Thursday, April 30, 2009

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."-- Abraham Lincoln

1. Rosemary, is an entirely underrated herb I think. I love using Rosemary – it’s got a fine line between too much and not enough, but if you hit it just right – it’s spectacular. I use it in everything, so much so that I think in fact this season – I will add it to my garden herbs. I don’t generally plant it, but I use it so much that I definitely am going to this season. Cilantro is another underrated herb, in my opinon. It’s not just for guacamole or salsa – there are so many fabulous ways to use it – and that is an herb that is a constant in my garden.
2. Speaking of gardening….I don’t generally plant flowers. I’m a vegetable garden kind of girl. However, the kids picked out some morning glory seeds, and so we’ll be planting them on Saturday. I think I’m going to pick up a trellis so that we can train them up it. They’re pretty excited about it, and so am I actually. I wish I had the room to do a wildflower garden, but I barely have room as it is for my postage stamp garden, so… you take what you can get, right?
3. I really like the town that I live in. This morning, our police department sent a global message to the residents via telephone – informing us that a rash of car break ins had been resolved. This sort of gives you an idea of the amount of severe crime that happens where I live. I mean, there’s definitely some crime – everyplace has it; but as a city girl originally, I find our town to be exceptionally quiet. Of course, my Dad used to be a cop – and so living in the city and having a scanner in your house – you grew up knowing about everything that happened, and I assure you – it wasn’t always good. I can only imagine the calls on the scanner in my neck of the woods now… and I’m not about to mock them, because I think it’s a good thing.
4. As I was thinking about how much I like my town on my drive in to work... I noticed the high school has a crashed up car on it’s front lawn to remind kids about drinking and driving. Again, in the city – there was not much outreach to us as kids. Sure, we had police officers come in during elementary school, and once in high school to go over drugs with us -- but there was none of the real community involvement that I see where my kids are growing up. It’s not overwhelming or overbearing – and it’s not about drugs per se; it’s just an interaction with the kids in general, by all types of public officials. It’s real clear to me that this community cares about it’s youth, and I love that about it. Though I won’t be a “townie” – my kids will be, and I’m happy about that for them.
5. Thank God for muscle memory. I’m going to yoga tonight, and it will have been my third time this week. It’s amazing how quickly your body bounces back into shape – and in such short time, my arms look pretty decent again – considering I haven’t really lifted much. I’m starting to run on the outdoor track next week – which will be my first run in three weeks; I’m hoping the time I’ve given my knee to relax a bit, and build some quad strength with yoga will get me past that half mile mark. Running on a springy outdoor track is far better than on the treadmill, so here’s hoping….

Besides, I've got a wedding coming up the third weekend in May - and I'm wearing a hot little number to it, so.... there's inspiration for me to push through the pain if need be.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's thoughts are brought to you by the letter "G", and the letter "A"

"We don't wish for the easy stuff. We wish for big things. Things that are ambitious, out of reach. We wish because we're scared, and we know we may be asking too much. We still wish, though...because sometimes they come true." - Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

Our financial package is almost ready to go to the Underwriter. This morning, G had to explain an item on the W2 from last year -- and though I knew we'd have a question or two to answer -- it still sent my heart into panic mode. And I don't go into panic mode often, so it's sort of got me a bit unsettled at the moment.

Taking a deep breath, I will take a yoga class today which will alleviate the jitters that I had earlier -- as well as stretch the knee out. A girl like me who's the Queen of Multi-tasking loves when pursuits are dual purposed!

Best part of winding down today, will be picking my daughter up from her PreK class. We are going to have a "girls night"...a little shopping, maybe our toesies painted, and then at her request -- sushi and octupus for dinner. Completely after my own heart, is my Princess Petunia. Well....some days she is, anyway.

"Giving birth may be all intense and magical and stuff, but the act itself: it's not exactly pleasant. But it's also a beginning... of something incredible. Something new. Something unpredictable. Something true. Something worth loving. Something worth missing. Something that will change your life... forever." - Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

A beautiful day indeed.

I keep hoping that this warmth we’re experiencing is not temporary – and that since we had a long, hard winter, we’re going to be reciprocated in kind by summer. I like that idea, and I refuse to believe the weather reports calling for 60 degrees tomorrow. Fingers in my ears, and I’m saying “la la la la la…I can’t hear you!”.

Despite the fact that I’m not capitalizing on this outstanding weather, I’m having a really lovely day. I had lunch with two of my girlfriends, (formerly and lovingly known as “the Trifecta”) at Fresh City and then proceeded to have some good laughs at my expense trying on sunglasses at the shop located next door. See, my face is very small – and so nothing fits me. This has been an issue for me, throughout my life which is why I never wear sunglasses. Everything looks huge on my face – and it doesn’t matter the shape. Round, Rectangular, Square, Oval, Squoval….none of it works. (Seriously, I don’t know how Nicole Ritchie pulls it off because nothing looks good on me. Not that the bug look works for her either, but I digress…) The best is that when I glance over at one of my friends after I put it on – she can’t even pretend, it’s just all out roaring laughter. See, that is a true friend – someone who’s not afraid to laugh with you, or at you – because she doesn’t want you to look foolish. Friends don’t let friends look bad. Friends don’t let friends have stuff in their teeth. Friends won’t let you buy the outfit that fits you all wrong. Friends let you think that your fantasy crush loves you back. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk… the list goes on and on, you get the picture.

It’s a waiting game at the moment regarding the business venture. We did get a call today from the local paper asking some information regarding why we chose to open there, etc. which is really quite exciting. All of our paperwork is with the bank and they seem excited and opportunistic about the opportunity for them as well, so it’s really fingers crossed. It’s not so much the amount of money that’s required as it is the fact that banks are hesitant to loan for startups in this economy. (Hence some of my frustrated posts over the past few weeks or so regarding the economy.) So, this girl is remaining on the side of cautious optimism for now.

But I assure you, if it’s good news….you’ll be able to hear me down in Atlanta, Georgia – or Los Angeles, CA – I’ll be cheering that loudly.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Positive thinking yields positive results....

The entrepreneur is our visionary, the creator in each of us. We're born with that quality and it defines our lives as we respond to what we see, hear, feel, and experience. It is developed, nurtured, and given space to flourish or is squelched, thwarted, without air or stimulation, and dies.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Most new jobs won’t come from our biggest employers. They will come from our smallest. We’ve got to do everything we can to make entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Smile when it hurts most.

What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.

The entrepreneur in us sees opportunities everywhere we look, but many people see only problems everywhere they look. The entrepreneur in us is more concerned with discriminating between opportunities than he or she is with failing to see the opportunities.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Alls well that ends well....

So, today I went out for lunch with a girlfriend from my office – and actually had a glass of wine with my meal. Can I just tell you – it’s been years since I had a glass with lunch during work. Back in the day – it was very acceptable to do, but then somewhere along the line, it became unacceptable. But it seems that the group I work with, having a drink of wine with lunch is perfectly acceptable. And I felt like such a “grown up”! It was so funny; and good to know – because now there’s at least one thing (outside of my co-worker) that I have to look forward to while I'm here.

She’s looking to try new wine, so I had her try Dr. Loosen Riesling – which is really very good. A little sweet for my taste, but excellent when paired with seafood – which we both had salmon (hers baked with roasted veggies, mine grilled over salad). I ordered an Australian Unoaked Chardonnay which I was convinced the bartender gave me a Californian Sauvignon Blanc instead because trust me when I tell you – if I was blindfolded and someone asked me to name the wine, I would insist that’s what it was. I even asked the waiter if there was any possibility that the bartender could’ve poured the wrong wine – and he insisted he saw it being poured and that’s what it was. Even the color was off – it was straw like, rather than the vibrant yellow that a Chardonnay tends to have. It was herbaceous and acidic – all things consistent with Sauvignon Blanc and not at all the robust fruitiness that an Australian Chardonnay would bring. However, I drank it anyway and because I have no issues with Sauvignon Blanc – and, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Busy weekend on tap for this girl. I’ve got a sleepover at my house with my nephew tonight…tomorrow, we’ve got soccer games all day – and then the Sox game Saturday night. I’m not attending, but I will be in full attendance and attention via HD. Sunday, I think we’re packing up early and heading to Rockport for a day of walking the beach, browsing the stores and enjoying the salt air.

And I’ve got lots of excitement for next week….back to yoga, out door track running, all sorts of business venture “stuff” to discuss, so stay tuned…..
Have a fabulous Friday, and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What do you do when it's falling apart, and you knew it was gone from the very start....

I am trying really hard to be patient at the job I’m in.
It’s becoming more, and more difficult to do.

I’ve gotten over the fact that I’m entirely and utterly underutilized. I’ve come to peace with the fact that the politics here are some of the worst I’ve ever seen, anywhere. I get that it’s going to be painfully difficult to get anyone here to fully understand the breadth of my capabilities because no one really wants to let me do anything even remotely resembling the job that I was lured here to do.

But what I cannot come to terms with is the complete and total divide between the “classes” in this organization. Never, in all my years here have I been made to feel as if I was not worthy of being in an organization until now. The divide between Government Civilian and Government Contractor in this particular organization is mind numbing. It’s a constant overtone in the office -- in conversations, as snide comments and jokes – and each time I hear it, it’s like a kick to the stomach for me. I’m one of the few in this office who actually worked in other organizations on base aside from this one, so it’s shocking to me; whereas others haven't, they know no different.

Working for the military has always been a wonderful and gratifying experience; the appreciation and respect that I’ve always been shown by the leadership and co workers in the program offices I’ve been in, has always made me feel proud to be employed and working for the Government. It’s the Government Civilians whom have always sort of had some disdain towards contractors – not the military; at the same time, the organizations I’ve worked within previously always had Civilians who didn’t play that “them/us” kind of game. We were one team – one fight; and some of my best and dear friends on base are part of the Civilian workforce.

But here, in this “new” office – it’s a completely different ball game. I am not looked at with respect, nor treated with any – truth be told. (The caveat to this is that I am treated respectfully on a personal level, it’s on a strictly professional one that I’m referencing here.) I have almost walked out of two meetings now, as a result of the snide comments made – because they aren’t funny. Nor, are they being directed towards me per se – it’s a general mindset towards us all here, and honestly – it sickens me.

At the same time, I understand that I need patience because truly – I’ve got one foot out the door anyway.

So if this business venture for the second store falls through, then I am going to be networking for a change.

Because I’ve definitely given this disappointing transition the old “college try”, and it’s just not working for this girl.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cause what I've got is because I took a chance…I don't wanna rule the world, just wanna run my life.

I am long overdue for a trip to Sephora. Beyond long overdue, actually.

Aside from the cheese counter at Whole Foods, Sephora is my “happy place”. I can go through, sample a few spritzes of perfume….see, touch, feel a few glimmer eyeshadows in shades that I’d never wear -- yet find gorgeous…sample a new lip plumper or two….and then walk out feeling like I can once again take on the world.

I am thinking that in light of the fabulous weather this week is about to offer, this girl needs a quicker-picker-upper of something pretty – or at least pretty smelling – to keep my spirits high.

I am out of my favorite Hanae Mori perfume….and I am dying to try Givenchy’s new Simply Irresistable Summer Sorbet. (I often wear the non-Summer version.) It sounds absolutely delicious. Or maybe, just maybe – I’ll find something else that tickles my fancy.

There is a lot going on this week; the liquor license application has been submitted to the town and so now we’re awaiting the next step; we’re meeting with a contractor this week to establish buildout costs in a more clear fashion…and I’m really excited because we’re potentially this close, and at the same time I’m trying not to get too excited because nothing is etched in stone just yet.

So I think that a visit to my happy place is not only in order, but a must. And at least there, I have the option to make decisions that I can control.

You know, like…. mascara or gloss.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No I don't listen to their wasted lines, got my eyes wide open and I see the signs...

I had a really great weekend, I have to say. The whole thing - top to bottom, beginning to end - was just good times. By now, the story of "Lucky the Hermit Crab" has already been read and that was Sunday's events, so I'm jumping out of order here -- bear with me.

Friday, I met some friends from high school for dinner - and that was really a good time. Some were upperclassmen, some younger, some the same - but either way, it's been years since I'd seen most of them. It was definitely a nice time, and I'm looking forward to doing it again hopefully soon!

Monday, was the annual Patriots Day Game & Marathon jaunt.
My girlfriend and I had great seats that were just past first base -- fabulous angle because I could really get a great perspective on the pitches that were being thrown and be able to get a feel for them. I generally sit between the plate and first -- and it's a great view but it's rather flat; this was just the right angle - I loved it. Field Box 11 definitely rocked. As did the game itself....

The gift of my camera from Santa Claus rocked as well. I got some fantastic shots, and I'll share my favorite of the day. It's a bit blurry because he was pretty far away and I guess my hands shook a bit from being cold but that's okay - it's good enough for me.

And on that note, my parting thought for the day is going to be the video for the song that my post title lyrics are from. This song has been stuck in my head all day....and so, if you too would like to have a cute little tune drive you crazy -- then check it out!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Surprise, surprise...

While I don't typically post on Sundays, this was just too good of a story to have to wait until Tuesday.

Today, we made a stop at the pet shop because my son's most recent Betta fish passed onto the big fishbowl in the sky on Saturday. So, he picks out a new one...and both he and his sister are begging to buy a shell to put in their tanks. (My daughter has a Betta in her room as well.) So, I said ok - and told them to each pick one out. Sofia picks out a painted black shell -- and Tyler picks out a painted green shell -- and they're both happy and can't wait to give them as "gifts" to their fish.

Before heading home, we stop for ice cream. As we're sitting on a picnic bench eating, Sofia hands the shell to me and says she thinks there's crab inside of hers. Of course, I insist there isn't...I shake it, I blow into it, I stick my fingernail in there -- and show her that there is no crab in that shell.

When we get home, my daughter (being the impatient one that she is) doesn't wait for me to put the shell in the tank for her....oh, no she drops the shell into the tank herself before I even get into the room. So it sinks to the bottom (the light should've gone off at that point....I must confess.), and she says "Mommy, the shell is moving". And I chide her and say "oh no, that's just the way it looks because you're looking at it from an angle". No sooner were the words out of my mouth when this crab literally jumps out of the shell!! And then....chaos ensues.

Sofia is crying because she's convinced the crab will eat her Princess Marshmellow. So she's screaming "get it out! get it out!" and I'm afraid the little guy is going to drown, so I grab him. Unflipping believable! I call the pet store - who was nice enough to stay open for me so I could come down and buy a hermit crab tank so this lucky little guy will have warm sand, fresh water and yummy food.

I brought him down to the store with me, and the clerks were amazed that they didn't know he was in there. He lived in that box with all the shells for three weeks in their store -- who knows how long before he got there. And, he's incredibly friendly! He loves to be held and handled, and if you talk to him - he comes right out of his shell; if you talk to him while he's in your hand, he looks right at you and climbs up to your face. Love him.

So, two pets for the price of one.
And "Lucky", the lucky hermit crab is probably going to be very spoiled now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Let the morningtime drop all it's petals on me…Life, I love you, all is groovy!

It’s really difficult not to be in a fantastic state of mind – it’s gorgeous outside. Though I have yet to venture into what is rumored to be a very mild and almost late Spring- like day - I plan on doing so at lunch today. I’m not exactly sure where I’ll venture to, but my stomach is rumbling and I’m thinking it would be a good idea to go and get myself a little somethin’ somethin’.

To make things even shinier and happier today – it’s a long weekend. Patriots Day is Marathon Monday – as well as Red Sox afternoon game day. One of my girlfriends and I have a tradition of going every year to Patriots Day games, and then walking along the marathon route to see the runners come in to the finish. This year though, instead of having breakfast at the Paramount (to die for breakfasts, might I add…) we’ll have breakfast right outside of the Park, complete with Bloody Mary’s (yummm!). Fabulous tickets for this game – I’m hoping anyway. Field Box seats, by first base. I just hope they’re not past first base, but it doesn’t appear that they are on the map. Yesterday, I’d found some Loge Seats directly in between home and first (best view of the game, in my opinion – I’ve sat all over the park, and that’s the area I prefer.) for a song, but they were sold today – which isn’t a huge surprise. So these seats were a little more expensive, but closer to the field – and on the first baseline. I’m not sure who will be pitching….I *think* it would’ve been Dice K’s scheduled game – but since he’s out, who knows. That’s the only downside to these games, typically it doesn’t fall in the pitching rotation where I get to see someone I’d like to see. (Okay, the "read between the lines" on that is.....will Jason be catching!?!)

Tonight, I’ve got dinner plans with some friends from high school that I haven’t seen in, oh – I don’t know, since they graduated – and they were ahead of me. So, I’m really excited about that – it will be like high school study in the cafeteria all over again, only with alcohol and better food. Even better, since I’m not feeling so hot – we’re meeting close to home, and so I don’t plan on a late night at all. But it’s supposed to be as I mentioned earlier – gorgeous out – so we’re hoping the patio of the restaurant is open so we can eat outside. It should be a good time, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, is total Soccer Mom day. We will be at the field from late morning until early afternoon. Afterwards, the kids and I are supposed to visit one of my girlfriends in her new condo with her new kitten. Which brings me to Sunday…..where, I don’t think we have any plans as of yet. And whatever they are, I hope they include a little lounging around in the morning with G. I think that's my favorite part of Sundays -- when we're just hanging, having coffee and reading the paper. I’m tired already, just from typing all of this. No rest for the weary – isn’t that the saying? Well, at least it’s all fun and enjoyable, quality time with both family and my friends.

Pictures will follow, I’m sure….of both tonight and the Sox game.
Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy – embrace life and the ones that you love.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I know what I like...and I like what I know

Today at lunch, I visited one of my “happy places” – the cheese counter at Whole Foods.

I sampled a cheese I’d have never thought to try, because well – I don’t typically look for cheddar type cheeses. However, in an effort to expand upon my cheese knowledge for my future venture, I tried this: English Cotswald Double Gloucester with Chives. It’s basically pub cheese except in solid form – and let me tell you, it was fantastic. I know I tend to go on and on about how great these cheeses I try are, but I assure you – there are plenty that I don’t like, or don’t think are that outstanding. I’m sure I’ll share those someday as well. (Like Brie…ugh. No matter how hard I try to like it, I am not a Brie person. Every time I eat it, I end up sick. I’ve even once almost enjoyed it, served warm with caramel sauce and ginger snaps – but then I don’t know if I ate too much of it or what – but, let’s just say I won’t be eating Brie again anytime soon….). So, this Gloucester with Chives would make an unbelievable quick macaroni and cheese. Melt it into your pasta, garnish a bit – and I’d even go on a limb and maybe dice some cherry tomatoes with it – oh yeah baby. Last week, I tried a Double Gloucester Stilton blend – it is a Gloucester layered with Stilton and oh, my… it’s definitely a must try.

Fortunately, the antibiotics are really kicking in and I’m starting to get my sense of smell back, so my happy place visit was a good one. You have to be able to smell the cheeses in order to appreciate them; I love the ones that are surprises – they smell one way, and then taste another. Anyway – so I’m starting to feel better, pneumonia should be clearing if not already cleared and so I get to enjoy the lingering dry cough for however long that takes to go away.

I didn’t buy myself any of that Gloucester with Chives, but I think I may this weekend. Last night I made a really delicious Spring Vegetable Soup (super easy, and ridiculously fat free and low calorie, yet tastes great!) and I think that this cheese would pair wonderfully with it.

Actually, I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do….
If anyone wants the soup recipe – let me know, I’ll gladly share.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tomorrow I will change and today won't mean a thing...

I’m a bitch.
I’m a lover.
I’m a child.
I’m a mother.
I’m a sinner.
I’m a saint.
I do not feel ashamed.

I’m your hell.
I’m your dream.
I’m nothin’ in between.
You know, you wouldn’t want it any other way....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Upside down, before, you turn me inside out – and round, round…

What is going on in the world of baseball?
It’s craziness – the starting pitchers are struggling everywhere.
Well, let me rephrase that – Boston & New York pitchers are struggling, at a minimum.
But the season is young… not a time to get discouraged just yet.

Oh, and note to whomever sent Dustin Pedroia death threats (can you imagine?!?) regarding his comments about his hometown – everyone loves their home town, good bad or otherwise. I lovingly refer to my hometown as “the ghetto”. It’s a joke and those of us who are from there all laugh and nod because well – it’s not the town we remember it being. That doesn’t mean it’s really a ghetto – nor would it be the end of the world if it really was. So, one – get over yourself, and two – the mere fact that you would do such a stupid and foolish thing only lends credibility and brings that kind of a statement to life. I’ve got one word for you – and it’s Denis Leary’s favorite, begins with an A and ends with a hole. You figure it out….

By the way – doctor’s diagnosis was sinus infection and pneumonia. I knew something wasn’t right… But now that I’ve got some antibiotics in me starting I’m hoping to feel amazing in the next 24-48 hours.

The sun is shining, it’s beautiful out – the forecast for the weekend is supposed to be fabulous – and I've got dinner plans on Friday that I'm looking forward to (and will elaborate on later in the week) and so while I feel lousy, I’m still in a great mood.

Now, if some of my happy vibes can rub off onto the pitching staff and so we can pull out a win….

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm sick and tired... of being sick and tired...

This has got to have been the worst cold and flu season on record, ever.
At least in this girl’s life.

I’m sick…again. Again?!?!
One would think, after the three hour yoga marathon on Saturday, in a 130 degree room – doing 108 Sun A & Sun B Salutations in addition to other vinyasas (do the math on how many pushups that constitutes, my triceps are alive!) – I would be as healthy as a horse! One would think…

It hit me like a brick wall yesterday after dinner. I’ve been fighting this since Friday, and around 4:30 in the afternoon – I lost the battle. (But not before eating a nice slice of the prettiest Easter cake I’ve seen….yum.)
Really, I’m sick of being sick.

So tonight, after my son’s soccer practice I am going to high tail it to the clinic around the corner from me and see the doctor who I’m sure is going to say I need an antibiotic of some sort. I’ve been going back and forth with this since the weekend I had my knee scoped. Nine weeks ago already. Um, hello… clearly, I’m not going to be able to fight this one off on my own, but I’ve given it one hell of a shot.

I’m almost glad the Sox are in Oakland playing a night game. I don’t have it in me today to stay up and try to watch them; and truthfully, it might be some additional good medicine to wake up in the morning and learn of a victory needed in the Nation.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to you....

Umm.... oh. my.
I hadn't seen this picture before.

As I was looking to find a really great shot that I liked for today's birthday wish, I stumbled across this little piece. Seems that "Cosmopolitan" (which I don't buy, because ugh -- too many perfume ads and the like with not enough content) is running a feature on "10 Reasons to watch Baseball". And it seems that this photo was part of their feature. (Note to April's issue of Cosmo.)

Not that there really needs to be a reason to watch baseball. I don't anyway -- it just doesn't hurt any when you have affection for one of the players on the team.

Happy birthday to you Jason.
What I wouldn't give to share a piece of cake with you today.

(Sigh. Even I crack myself up with this crush...)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Let's hear it for the boy...

Okay, all of you out there who bashed the Captain during the offseason……
How do you like him now?

While I am a bit biased about the person himself, I do believe that I can be objective in my assessment of #33’s performance – and I think that his at bats have been a tremendous improvement over last year’s efforts. I’m not talking merely about the end results – but his form, the swings, and his stances.

Is it too soon to tell for sure? Absolutely.
But is it an encouraging sign of things to come – absolutely.

Was he underpaid in this year’s negotiations, all said and done –yes, I think he was. He is all heart and soul, and most importantly – he is talent. There is more to a career than one season. There’s more to a player than one season – especially a player who’s proven valueable in a multitude of areas to a team, over a period of time.

So, for those of you who were so quick to say we should’ve cut him loose, not resigned him and that there was no way that he could ever come back from one lack luster season – don’t go jumping on the bandwagon now.

Because this girl isn’t making any room for you on there.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get....

(Unless you intentionally go for the squared pieces. Those are caramels -- my fave. Just sayin...')

Jon Lester’s performance last night is exactly why I don’t believe in pre-season predictions.
One never knows…..

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve had a headache; my last acupuncture visit was in January, about 3 weeks before my surgery – and the last headache up to that point I’d had was in early December. I can’t rave enough about acupuncture. It has literally worked wonders and changed my life. That being said, the down side to it (unfortunately, every upside has a downside…ying and yang) is that when I do get a head ache – wow. They hurt. I almost forgot what they feel like. The last one I had, was small -- playing “peekaboo” with me for a day. This one I’ve got now well, it’s a bit stronger. It came on last night, and it’s just hanging on to me today. I’m going to go on a limb and guess that it’s weather related, given the sudden drop and then sudden lift in temperature over the past 36 hours or so. Seasonal or not, it’s definitely time to schedule another appointment.

Last night I made a valiant effort to complete a mile run. I’m still sitting at a half mile – but I’m being so cautious and smart about it all. (Shameless pat on the back.) I know myself well enough to acknowledge I tend to push myself, and I certainly do not want to do any damage to my knee, so I will continue to run every other day and stop when my knee starts to alert me that it’s “had enough”. Besides, what am I thinking – it’s only been 9 weeks since my surgery, running is a big deal on the knee. Look at Mike Lowell – he still can’t run well and his surgery was well before mine. Granted, it was hip surgery - and not the same thing at all, but it’s still surgery and structural and impacting none the less.

Saturday is my annual effort at the 108 Sun Salutations for the Jimmy Fund. I’m really looking forward to it. Three hours of a seriously intense workout – and for a fantastic cause. And then, Sunday – I get to enjoy Easter dinner guilt free, right? I am not hosting this year --I will be a guest and I’m looking forward to it. I am not sure what I’ll be bringing yet….

Lingering in the back of my mind is the business venture…..we’re at a point with financing and it’s weighing heavy on my mind given the state of the economy. Banks don’t want to lend to businesses, despite the fact that the SBA is backing 90% of the loans; the banks just aren’t underwriting them. Our present business is almost owned outright – and the balance of the loan is so small. Adding the costs of the new business to the existing loan is the only route we can go on because no one wants to lend to a “startup” – and the business can clearly sustain the new loan balance. But again – banks don’t want to underwrite loans these days, period. So, fingers crossed….I should have more information on that relatively soon.

And then there’s the Sox game this afternoon. I’m almost glad that I can’t see it – since Dice K is pitching and he is so frustrating to watch; but I’m thankful for the radio at my desk. It’s been years since I’ve sat in a building that got reception and being able to listen to the game puts a whole new light on being stuck in the office.

Speaking of which – this girl is off to get a spring in her step with some fresh air and a run to Whole Foods.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I try to keep my cool, thus, that's what I try to do's so hard dealing with people like you...

I’m an event driven personality.
I don’t “wake up in a bad mood”. I wake up the same every day, and generally in a good mood (though quiet at first) until something happens to alter my reality. Not very much generally happens, so it’s suffice to say I’m quite often in pleasant spirits most of the time.

Others, are mood driven personalities.
They tend to “wake up on the wrong side of the bed”, or are snippy because they’re irritated about something. If there’s something going on in their life that isn’t quite right, they just don’t know how to filter their attitude when dealing with other people.

It’s the mood driven personality types that sometimes create situations that make this girl not so happy. (Or want to reach out and shake them. Yell a little bit. Just sayin'...)

I try really hard not to let those days affect my own perspective and outlook on the day, and more often than not -- I’m relatively successful at that.
Today, I’m struggling with it.

I’m not mad. I’m not sad.
I’m irritated.

I think I need to indulge in a little bit of Reeses….it's my quicker picker upper!
And it's been far too long since I've had any.

(Watching replay after replay of Jason’s at bats from last night might help a bit too…!)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Thoughts for Tuesday....

1. Swing…batter, batter, batter, swing! Who’s excited to watch the Sox today? I am! Oh, and I’m sorry…..did the Yankee’s CC Sabathia not do well in their season opener? Hmmm….. I think I made a little prediction about that a few months back, no? Yes, I’m pretty sure I did. Now, I am not a fan of season predictions because there is just far too much baseball to be played – I don’t think it’s possible to make them with any accuracy as there are far too many intangibles and unforeseen possibilities; that being said, I won’t be too terribly disappointed if my very pre-season prediction comes to fruition. I’m not going to regurgitate it here for fear of jinxing the Sox (it’s all about karma, baby) – if you choose to see it, feel free to search the baseball posts.

2. So, I have to say I laughed aloud when I read the story about the Canadian woman who chose to support jihadists all over the world… and ventured to Afghanistan to support “the cause”, only to be kidnapped by those she chose to support – and then plead to her native government (whom she’s so eloquently trashed) and beg to pay the ransom money to release her so she’s not beheaded. "I need somebody to help me," she pleaded on the most recent video. "My government — the Canadian government, the Pakistan government — I want to go home." Hmmm. Yeah, I’m thinking she can take one for the team. I never thought I wouldn’t be compassionate but you know, 9/11 changed everything for me. Sorry, but like I said – it’s all about karma, baby. They were your toys – you wound them up – now, you can play with them.

3. There is a reason why I don’t read the news. Sandra Cantu’s body was discovered inside of a suitcase in a pond. Haleigh Cummings is still missing. Caylee Anthony’s mother is a monster. A psychopath lunatic in Gardener MA stabs her 2 year old 100 times and then tries to strangle her. I find that I can’t even get to the business section without having gruesome tales of abuse on young children being thrown in my face. It’s horrifying, disturbing and saddening. What is this world coming to? And then people wonder why good parents are so over protective of their children these days……

4. I can run like the wind blows….well, that would be Forrest Gump, not me. However, I did have a successful run last night. I made it to a half mile before I felt a tweak in my knee – and I was smart, rather than run through it, I stopped. Yesterday’s half mile, may be tomorrow’s mile. I’m sensing a comeback …..

5. And finally… that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If it doesn’t happen – it wasn’t meant to be. Laugh a lot, and loudly. Love boldly. You are your greatest strength – don’t be your own worst enemy. Smile and let someone know you’re thinking of them…. Allow yourself to dream.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Rain delay.....

So, all in all - though I’m disappointed that today’s season opener has been cancelled – I’m glad that was the decision that was made.

While I did remember to bring in my radio – I did forget to set the DVR.
Highlights of the ceremonies and festivities, just aren’t the same as watching it in all of it's glory.
At least tomorrow, I’ll get to watch it real time.

…and I got to enjoy being dressed in my Red Sox outfit today at work.
That, at a minimum – makes a rainy, dreary Monday just a little bit more tolerable.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Blame it on the Rain....

So did I mention that I'm not really an "early spring" kind of girl?
Everything is so dreary, and cold. Rainy and muddy. Truly not my cup of tea.

Don't get me wrong, I love sitting at home and snuggling in my cozy clothes as much as the next girl -- but the truth is, I'd much rather be smelling the aroma of flowers wafting through the air, rather than being huddled up under an umbrella dreading the walk to my car and the insane commute home. We all know how no one in New England seems to know how to drive in the rain or snow. Fortunately though, it's Friday - and that far outweighs everything else.

It's been a relatively decent day today. Work is "ho-hum" - but I took a break from the regular cube time lunch and broke bread with Susan at the Lemon Tree in Burlington. (Well, I didn't exactly "break bread" - we had Japanese, not bread on the table. Just felt the need to clarify...) Excellently priced sushi lunch, I have to say. And I loved the inside - I felt like I was sitting in a home which was just a great setting for this aforementioned inclement day.

On the way back, I stopped and got myself some Bumble & Bumble "Straight" which I think is just the product I need to get my wavy hair to not fight so much with me and stay straight. I'm really looking forward to trying it out. I'm not loving my hair these days; ever since having someone else cut it back in October, it's just not been the same. My bangs were cut far too wide (again!) and so now I'm stuck growing out those pieces. When will I ever learn?

Yoga last night kicked my butt. It was a great class; not the typical teacher I usually have - and I didn't love her Vinyasa style, however -- she worked us out like I hadn't felt in a long time. Best of all, my knee feels amazing today.
A-mazing. I'm looking forward to once again doing the 108 Sun Salutations Fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund, on April 11th. (Which happens to be my boyfriend Jason's birthday, by the way. Yes I'll be using him as my motivation if I start to feel tired during the three hour marathon.)

Unfortunately, my son's opening game for the Soccer season was slated for tomorrow and has been cancelled due to the early spring mushiness. Fingers crossed however, it will all be gone by Monday in time for Opening Day at Fenway. While I won't be there, my radio will be with me at work to listen in on all the excitement, and of course the DVR will be set. I am beyond excited that baseball season is upon us once again.

So a rainy weekend is ahead of me. No big plans now that the weather has interfered. So I will have to come up with a backup plan. This is what Mothers do best, right?

I can't wait to get home and get into those cozy clothes.....

Thursday, April 02, 2009

We interrupt today's previously scheduled blog post to announce the following...

The application process for beer/wine retail licenses in the community in which I'm planning a new business venture has just been opened - and we are hot on the mission.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me this weekend.
Two business proposals to complete - one for the bank, the other for the community.
Lots of budgeting to finalize; buildout costs, refrigeration, racking.
Time to think about inventory!

Very, very exciting.....
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This time, the joke isn't on me...

Happy April Fool's Day -- for those who embrace the silliness of today.
I don't have anything up my sleeve in honor of the day -- not that I wouldn't want to -- but only because I don't have anyone whom I can play a joke on, or who might appreciate it.

Moving on.
I'm a gadget girl. I'm not ashamed to admit it either. I love things that make life easier or more enjoyable. I'm a huge fan of cooking gadgets, kitchen accessories -- and fun little tools for the garden or home that really make sense and work. Of course, it doesn't help when you have two little kids who want Mom to buy everything they see on informercial. While I'm skeptical as to how good some products work, I'm selective on what I buy. But some things are really just worth having.
A friend at work happened to mention to me that she bought an automatic personal shopping list organizer from Brookstone. She thought that I would like it - and so she brought in a sample of one of her shopping lists so I could take a look. Simply press a button and speak into the list - and it captures your item. Not only does it keep a running list (Or two, or three. Perfect for seperating regular food shopping from party or holiday lists) - it categorizes and organizes them by department. Like it? I loved it. Had to have it. My inner type A was glowing with anticipation of the possiblities because finally, it didn't matter if I wrote the list out of order -- it automatically organizes and structures it in a functional manner for me! So, online to Brookstone I went with the intent of buying it -- and at $69.00 for all the convenience it had to offer, how could I not purchase it immediately?

Just for giggles --- I went to Amazon, and searched for the same thing; sometimes Amazon resells from stores such as Brookstone, and I wanted to see user reviews. Sure enough, the very same product pops up, but not from Brookstone -- factory direct from the manufacturer. For the low, low price of.....$29.95! I couldn't hit "add to basket" fast enough.

I got it in the mail yesterday and popped in the batteries -- and I'm sorry, but I'm obsessed with it now. It's my new toy. It has thousands of items preloaded in the directory; you can add new ones, or personalize existing ones (e.g. Mustard, to Grey Poupon Mustard). You can determine the amounts you want to purchase, and the system remembers what your regular items are, so if you say "Mustard" - it will give you your Grey Poupon option first. (which is a nice feature, what if you wanted French's for the kids?). Some brands are preloaded -- but clearly, not all can be -- which is truly irrelevant if either a.) your not brand fussy, or b.) you know what brands you buy anyway so it truly doesn't matter.

I sort of get that whole "angels singing" effect when I walk by the machine, similar to what I get when entering Wrentham outlets. Try it yourself and see -- for $29.95 -- you might too!