Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And now, for today's mish mash of thoughts...

1. Love my new Oral B toothbrush. It’s like giving my teeth and gums a massage! And no surprise here -- I’m an aggressive tooth brusher; my toothbrush has to be hard bristled and I have to replace them frequently because I ruin them. One would think I should lighten up on my teeth – but hey, when you’re an aggressive person in other areas of your life, I guess it makes sense to be aggressive whilst brushing your teeth to get them their whitest, right? There are worse things I could do.....

2. I feel badly because fellow Blogger SulDog has inquired about people being guest bloggers and of course I jumped right up and said “choose me, choose me!” Typical Rebecca – wanting to do it all and over committing. I have yet to write my post...

3. I’ve come to the conclusion that yoga is an addiction now. I figure I can go roughly about 36 hours before I’m “jonesing” for the feeling I get after class. Obviously I’m not truly suffering from an real addiction, but it is definitely something I’m enjoying tremendously. I can’t say enough about it....

4. Saturday I’m taking the kids with my aunt, and my sister and her kids - over to my cousin’s house for Chinese food. We’re getting Su Chang’s in Peabody, which supposedly has crab rangoons “to die for”. I hope so – this is the longest I’ve gone without having Chinese food. I think it’s been what, three weeks?? Clearly I’m in withdrawl.

5. My latest muscial indulgences are: Tina Dico, Catie Curtis, and the latest Norah Jones. Sort of a Lillith Fair type mode it seems. But I've always been drawn towards folky, artsy songwriters anyway. On the "boys" side of the house it would be Ray Lamontagne, Josh Kelly and this other guy who's name is escaping me at the moment but he does an amazing version of U2's "Sort of Homecoming" that is played all the time on Siruis "Coffeehouse" channel.

6. Can you say “Play Ball!”? Manny wants to retire with the Sox.....Dice-K (ugh, still hate that name) debuts on American television Friday night....Big Papi is smiling and having a great training camp.... I’ll get to see Jason in HD on a regular basis once again..... It’s the little things in life that make a girl happy.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wine is good for the heart... and friends are good for the soul

So yes, I’m pretty tired today.

I haven’t drunk any wine on a “school night” in a while. Not for any reason other than since I started running a awhile back, I just haven’t really felt like drinking it much unless I’m out for dinner. And even then, I often opt for champagne or a martini. I used to drink at home pretty regularly, typically every to every other night. No – not alcoholic type drinking, but just getting my palate educated for when I do wine parties, or make recommendations for people. It’s difficult to recommend product if you either a.) haven’t tasted the inventory you’ve got, or 2) don’t have a good understanding of different wine styles.

The restaurant food was delicious although petite portions. I am a big portion type of person. I know that food is supposed to be “pretty pretty” and all of that, but I really would prefer good food in larger portions. I may not eat all of it, but psychologically it just makes me feel better. One of my little quirks I guess! Out of the four wines they paired with the meal, I preferred the first one. It was an Australian Roussanne – which to me, tasted almost exactly like an Australian Chard/Sav Blanc blend. It was really, really nice. The other ones sort of left me as just “okay”. The second one was an Austrian red wine, I forget the grape – but it tasted exactly like a Beaujolais with the body of a Pinot Noir. Okay, but nothing spectacular. The third was a Chilean “Merlot” (36% Merlot, 34% Cab and 30% Carmenere) which to me tasted nothing like a Merlot, but exactly like a “too young to drink” Cabernet. Not my taste. The fourth one was a Ruby Port – and I hate Port of any kind. Blech. It tasted like stewed raisins. Not my cup of tea....

The only downside to the night was that we girls didn’t get to do much “girl chat”. It can be such a small it turns out, we were sharing a table with someone who is a new hire at my shop – who I hadn’t met in person prior to last night. He's a very nice man – and he was there with his wife and a friend – but they sort of monopolized all of our conversations last night. So it went from my being able to have fun with my girlfriend and her friend that I had never met before – to my having to wear my wine shop “hat” and talking “shop” all night.

I think we’ll do this again though – at least I hope so! I think we’ll try a different restaurant though, maybe with a bigger separation between us and the other people – so that we can truly have a little girl time!

Monday, February 26, 2007

"Come Monday, it'll be alright..."

So it’s Monday morning, and I’m feeling a bit giddy.

The girls and I just scored tickets to Jimmy Buffett for September 8th at Gillette Stadium and I can not wait! It’s going to be so much fun. We have nosebleed seats, but who cares because it’s all about the party really! Now that’s a way to start the week....!

The weekend was nice....the kids had a birthday party to go to on Saturday, which was a gymnastics party and really a lot of fun for us “Mom’s” because it was one of the girls’ in our circle who’s son who was turning three, so it gave some of us who haven’t seen each other in a bit some time to catch up.

Sunday, we took the kids to an indoor “carnival/petting zoo” type thing with a section of my in-laws. The reason why I say a “section” is because my husband’s family is divorced; so there’s the mother in law’s side – and the father in law’s side. We went with the father in law’s side. We don’t see them all that often so it was good to have them come with us even if only for a short time. Then, they left – my husband took the kids shopping for an hour or so – while I snuck in a yoga class. Normally I go on Monday nights, but.....

Tonight some of my girlfriend’s and I are going to a wine dinner in Boston. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve hosted a few, but haven’t been an attendee at one – and it’s at a restaurant in town that’s supposed to be pretty decent. So since I hardly ever go out – let alone on a “school night”, this is going to be a fun little indulgence that I’m looking forward to.

Dinner with some of my girlfriends – that in of itself is worth it, never mind the wine tasting aspect of it.

For a Monday, it’s not so bad today. I’m hoping this is an indicator of how the rest of the week is going to play out.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Babel? How about Babble!

Little recommendation for you. Don't rent this if at all possible. While it was interesting at times to think of how the movie was was such a disappointment overall. What does Babel mean? Why were Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett angry with each other? What did the Japanese girl really have to do with anything? And why did it end at the point before it started? These are just some of the issues I had. If anyone has seen it and really liked it - please feel free to enlighten me because clearly I missed the point on this one.

True to my new "tradition", if I'm posting on Saturday -- it's a survey. Blantantly taken from Chesney Girl who posted earlier this week, here's 69 more silly little "whatever's" you probably didn't really need to know about me!

1. Are your parents married or divorced? Married
2. Are you a vegetarian? You couldn't pay me to be one! No offense, but I can't live without red meat!
3. Do you believe in Heaven? Yes
4. Have you ever come close to dying? Not that I know of.
5. What jewelry do you wear 24/7? I don't wear any jewelery 24/7 because I work out.
6. Favorite time of day? Any time of day is a good day for me!
7. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? I love broccoli. Stems, trees, you name it!
8. Do you wear makeup? As little as I can get away with!
9. Ever have plastic surgery? No....though I'm more open to the concept of it now than I used to be!
10. If you did have plastic surgery, what would you do? I'd probably like a boob "lift". I wouldn't do anything to my face though.
11. What do you wear to bed? Pajamas or sweats
12. Have you ever done anything illegal? Not that I can think of?
13. Can you roll your tongue? Yup
14. Do you tweeze your eyebrows? I just started this year.
15. What kind of sneakers? New Balance
16. Do you believe in abortions? Pro Choice
17. What is your hair color?Dirty Blonde I think is the best description
18. Future child’s name? If I was to have would depend. I've always like Tristan for a boy.
19. Do you snore? No
20. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? So many places to choose from! I'd love to go to France and Italy, Maui....the list goes on.
21. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? No
22. If you won the lottery, what would you do first?I hope I find out this weekend! I wouldn't tell anyone until I had my attorney and accountant lined up with a solid plan of how to invest. Then I'd change my phone number, but tell immediate family. I'd still go to work though, until I found the perfect place for me to open something I'd love to do.
23. Gold or silver? Silver
24. Hamburger or hot dog? Hot Dog
25. Only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Wow, tough one. Toss up between Chinese food or Mexican food.
26. City, beach or country? Depends on my mood.
27. What was the last thing you touched? The keyboard?? hahaha. Silly question.
28. Where did you eat last? At home...dinner.
29. When’s the last time you cried? Why is this question always here? I don't cry.
30. Do you read blogs? I try to read them daily but don't always get to.
31. Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? hahaha, and why would I want to do that?
32. Ever been involved with the police?Explain involved. Sure! I've even been surrounded by the SWAT Team before.
33. What’s your favorite shampoo conditioner and soap? Biolage Hydrating Shampoo and Detangler/ Dove Soap
34. Do you talk in your sleep? Yes
35. Ocean or pool? Depends. I like the clean feeling of a pool though...
36. Sauna or whirlpool? Whirlpool
37. Starbucks or Krispy Kreme: How can you compare the two? I'm a Dunkin's girl. Starbucks is second. I don't like Krispy Kreme.
38. Window seat or aisle?Window
39. Ever met anyone famous? I've met lots of famous people. The one that I was most awestruck with was Stevie Wonder. I adore him.
40. Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life? I guess it depends on what you measure success with. I think that I've done well thus far...but so long as you're healthy and have those around you that you love - how can you ask for more than that? Everything else is gravy, don't you think?
41. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl
42. Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey? Neither. I don't like talk show hosts, even Oprah who I think is a bit full of herself at times.
43. Basketball or Football? Football
44. How long do your showers last? 10-15 minutes
45. Automatic or do you drive a stick? Automatic. I've never driven a standard, but I bet I could do it.
46. Cake or ice cream? Hmmm. Depends on the cake!
47. Are you self-conscious? Sure, isn't everyone at times?
48. Have you ever drank so much you threw up? A few times when I was younger.
49. Have you ever given money to a beggar? Yes. I figure they need it more than I do.
50. Have you been in love? Yes
51. Where do you wish you were? Right now? I'm good with where I'm at this moment. I love being with the kids on Saturdays. If I could have a "me" weekend? Then, I'd rather be skiing in VT....or on Newbury St having lunch....or maybe just at a yoga class.
52. Are you wearing socks? Believe it or not - I'm not right now! hahaha, I always have socks on!!!
53. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? You know what - I never have!
54. Can you tango? No - but I've always wanted to learn.
55. Last gift you received? A bag of Reese's peanut butter cups
56. Last sport you played? Hmmm. I haven't played a team sport in years. But I hit the mits with other people for boxing - does that count?
57. Things you spend a lot of money on? I guess it would be clothes.
58. Where do you live? Massachusetts
59. Where were you born? Massachusetts
60. Last wedding attended? My girlfriend Danielle's - almost two years ago now I think it was!
61. Favorite position? Um.....I think we need to clarify this one.
62. Favorite word? I don't have just one. Love. Calm. Grace. Thanks. Welcome.
63. Most hated food(s)? Liver, Peas, Beets, Creamed Corn, most types of Olives
64. Most hated soda pop? What's "soda pop"? I don't drink tonic.
65. Can you sing? hahaha, at times I can carry a tune
66. Last person you instant messaged? Jess at work
67. Last place you went on holiday? "On holiday"? Well isn't that just very British sounding! I don't believe I've been on holiday in years!!!!
68. Favorite regular drink? Spring Water or Good Ol' Fashioned Dunkin Donuts Coffee!
69. Current Song? Leave the Pieces, The Wreckers & I still love "SOS" by Rhianna

Friday, February 23, 2007

I've got Friday on my mind...

I’m really glad today is Friday. I’m in a great mood, for no particular reason – which is how I prefer it to be anyway. Why be motivated to be happy? Be happy in general, and things will sort of fall into place has always been the mindset I’ve subscribed to. Life hands you lemons – make lemonade. There’s nothing that can’t have something great come out of it.

I’m having a Margaritaville morning. I’m working to get some tickets for Jimmy Buffett for my girlfriends and I to go see him this September at Foxboro Stadium (yes, the home of the NE Patriots!). If we can get a large enough group, it would be worth renting a minicoach with a restroom. Here’s my thought process on this one:

Jimmy Buffet Tickets: $48-$100/pp
Food & Drink for the day: Maybe $20/pp - if that.
Cheesy Parrots & Lei's & Beads: $10.00

Having your own bathroom after a gazillion drinks: PRICELESS!

And if not – then no big deal. I love to drive....and with Sirius Radio and the Margaritaville station – we’ll be good to go!

I have a hair appointment this afternoon, just a trim – but I need it badly. I trimmed my bangs last week and it’s just not working. Clearly, I should’ve booked an appointment then – but I’m rather impulsive when it comes to my hair so often I suffer the consequences. Then after my appointment, I think a yoga class might be calling my name.....! I’m still not 100% from earlier this week, and I tried running last night but just wasn’t feeling it. I think a nice 90 minute session of hot yoga is just what the doctor has prescribed to put a perfect ending to this week.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Be calm in your heart...

Fall in love or fall in hate.
Get inspired or be depressed.
Ace a test or flunk a class.
Make babies or make art.
Speak the truth or lie and cheat.
Dance on tables or sit in the corner.
Life is divine chaos. Embrace it.
Forgive yourself. Breathe.
And enjoy the ride.....


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Let the games begin...

It now seems that the media and the candidates are starting their frenzy for the Presidential Race. It's been simmering in the background over the past few months, but I've really noticed it starting to move forward over the past week or so.

My vote is up for grabs. I vote by conscience - not by party. Issues matter to me - not partisan politics. I want to be motivated to vote. I want to identify with a candidate. I want to be excited about the change that can be forthcoming.

I saw a sneak preview of the Mitt Romney commercial that is going to be airing shortly. I've got to tell you -- it was the best political commercial I've ever seen. Now, does that mean he'd have my vote? Of course not. But with regards to campaign commercials this one was really good. Nothing flashy, no schmaltzy video montages. He just had a good point and drove it home.

Hilary, looked fresh and recently coiffed (possibly facelifted) in her video clip from this morning. It's going to be an interesting campaign season....very interesting.

You Are 96% Massachusetts

Wicked pissa!

Now go down to Dunkies and celebrate!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

She was still just a girl...

So, I'm home sick today - got probably one of the worst cases of food poisoning I've ever had. I had a great night last night, went to yoga - came home and ate my dinner. A little steak and chicken over salad w. white vinegar dressing. (Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick just thinking about it!!) Anyhow - nothing really for one to get sick over. But, I've been violently ill since about midnight. No drama here....truly violently ill. I tried to get myself into the shower earlier to think about coming in late - and there was no way. I'm too weak, too nauseous, too sick.

I'm not really even up for watching television, I've been drifting in and out of sleep; this moment here as I type is probably the most energy I've had. And the inspiration for my getting my sick butt out of bed to post on my little blog, is the chaos that I've been listening to called the "Anna Nicole Smith Burial Trial". What a fiasco! The judge is an absolute idiot, and I've never seen such disregard for respect and restraint in a courtroom, nor seen it encouraged by the presiding judge.

I don't care how messed up this girl was. I don't care who she slept with or didn't sleep with. I don't care who the father of her child is. What's most important is that this poor girl who's life was troubled when she was alive - is put to rest. Where she wanted to be placed, next to her son. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that was what she wanted. For any of the other parties who think they're involved to be involved, including her mother -is absurd. Take away the celebrity, the drama and the chaos - and she was just a plain old girl, stumbling her way through life. Not making the best or right decisions always - if ever. But that doesn't entitle people to try to "own" her life now that she's gone.

Who cares if Howard K Stern isn't the baby's father? He's clearly the only one in the bunch that loved Anna no matter how big she was, how messed up she was or wasn't - and is clearly the only one who would have the wherewithall and want to raise a child who's clearly going to have a difficult time ahead of her. And he should be the one who's looked to as the sole communication of what Anna Nicole Smith would or wouldn't want.

And now if you excuse me - I think I'm going to go throw up.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Toe Pick!

Yesterday, we took the kids ice skating to Frog's Pond at Boston Common. I'd have loved to have had photographs to share, but it's really next to impossible to take photos as you're taking kids around the ice. I'm the queen of multi-tasking, but even I have some limitations!

It was the first time that either of the kids have ice skated before. Amazing the differences between first born and second born = Fear, vs. No Fear. My son, is a thinker. He's not impulsive, and he is cautious in his approach to things. His big concern was falling and getting hurt. So it took a bit of time to get him to feel comfortable holding onto my hands while I pulled him around the ice. But he wasn't afraid necessarily, he just was uncertain. My daughter on the other hand is a bit more free spirited, and from the minute I had her on the ice - we did laps together. She just held on and let me take her whereever. If she slipped, she laughed. Where as my son laughed, but was concerned that he wasn't doing it "right". I just kept telling him, that the worst that would happen is that he would fall and that it's okay - everyone falls. That's the only way to learn.

It was my first time ever skating on the Frog Pond in the Common as well. It was so much fun! I can't believe I've lived in right outside of Boston my whole life and yet I've never gone skating there. I always went to indoor rinks, or as I've mentioned before, did pond/lake skating where I lived. I love ice skating....and I haven't done it in years.

It felt good to be on the ice again...and the kids loved it as well. My son asked if we can go again next weekend, so I'm thinking - maybe it's time to get him his own pair of hockey skates so he doesn't have to learn on the rental ones. Maybe even some for my daughter too....

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A little somethin' somethin' for Saturday...

Today is going to be a "Summertime Saturday" for the kiddies and I. We're going to one of the farms we like out in Concord to get fresh fruit - and then come home and make smoothies. Pretend it's summer when it's not. It's like our own little "Margaritaville", minus the Margarita! Well, for them anyway.....

So, true to my thoughts from last week - if I'm posting on a Saturday, it's more than likely going to be a survey. If you use it - let me know!

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times!
What is your favorite..
gum:Anything really minty and fresh!
restaurant:That's a tough one. I don't have one favorite really.
drink:Spring Water/Champagne martini
type of weather:I really love the smell of the rain in summer
thing to do on a half day:spend time with friends
late-night activity:ha, can't remember my last "late night". It used to be going to a 24 hour coffee shop with friends
city:loved, loved, loved LA. Boston's a close 2nd.
store:Ann Taylor and/or Sephora. Depends on the mood.
When was the last time you..
cried:I can't remember the last time. I'm not a big crier.
played a sport:Does karate count? If not, it was a little one on one basketball a few years ago.
laughed:When aren't I laughing?
hugged someone:My kids are hugged constantly.
kissed someone:My kids are kissed constantly.
felt depressed:I don't get depressed.
felt elated:This past week
felt overworked:Two months ago
faked sick:I can't remember the last time I said I was sick when I wasn't.
lied:Define "lie"...
What was the last..
word you said:please
thing you ate:a small piece of orange flavored chocolate
song you listened to:"Where I want to be", Dave Matthews
thing you drank:Coffee, naturally
place you went to:Yoga, last early evening
movie you saw:At the movie theatre? Chronicles of Narnia, I's been awhile!
movie you rented:The Departed
concert you attended:Diana Krall, I think that's who it was.
Who was the last person you..
hugged:My daughter
cried over:My daughter's birth....
kissed:My son
danced with:Kim
shared a secret with:Karla
had a sleepover with:My girlfriend Jessica, she stayed over after we went out a few months ago.
called:My parents
went to a movie with:The family
saw:Last person? When? Today? I'm still seeing them!
were angry with:My husband
couldn't take your eyes off of:C'mon. A girl can't reveal everything!
obsessed over:Jason Varitek! :)
Have you ever..
danced in the rain:No, but always thought it would be romantic
kissed someone:I'm not a big "first move" kind of person. I prefer to "be kissed".
done drugs:I smoked pot for a short time the summer I graduated. I'm a control freak - it didn't last long.
drank alcohol:Yes, clearly
slept around:Um, no.
partied 'til the sun came up:Sure!
had a movie marathon:No, but it sounds like something I'd love
gone too far on a dare:No. I always picked truth.....
spun until you were immensely dizzy:Sure, when I was like 5!
taken a survey quite like this before:C'mon - I'm Survey Queen! :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Music is what feelings sound like....

I love driving to work in the morning. It’s the only time of day outside of taking a shower, where I am completely alone and in my thoughts. Of course, this is the best time for me to listen to music without being otherwise distracted as well. I have music going constantly, whether it’s on my PC or cd player at work or in the background in the house. But I love listening most when I’m driving because it’s just me and the music. It’s like being with an old friend. Of course, many times I’ve talked about how music is a portal to the past; it opens the doors of my mind and transports me to other times in my life that are more often than not – happy times.

This morning’s commute brought me back to being 14 years old. I was in my girlfriend Karen’s bedroom, and she was lighting matches to melt her eyeliner so that she could put it on under her eyes. Corey Hart’s “Never Surrender” came on the radio, and she turned the volume up so it was really loud -- because she was of course obsessed with him. Every time I hear that song, without fail -- I’m back in her bedroom and can smell the sulphur from the match blowing out...I can see her using her curling iron to get her hair “just right”, because Karen was a perfectionist about her hair. It could take hours before she would leave her room feeling like it was a good hair day for her. Which is funny, because her and I couldn’t have been any more opposite about that kind of stuff. I always have been a minimalist with my hair and makeup.

“Never Surrender” this morning opened the door to a flood of related memories with music. The endless hours of watching MTV, especially when a “World Premiere Video” debuted. How many times can two girls watch “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue? Clearly, never enough – because we videotaped it so we could watch it over and over and over again. The fun of going to this little mall in Harvard Square where the store “Allston Beat” was (there was also one in Fenway), and admiring the “rock girl” type clothes that we were too young to wear. The excitement of buying the Tesla’s debut cassette, and listening to it over slices of pizza. Taking the train to Fenway, to listen to some of our favorite local bands either play or rehearse. Listening to bands like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith and The Doors over and over again, so we could write the lyrics down and analyze the meanings.

These were the ways that I spent my teenage years – engrossed in music. It was how I expressed my affections and my angst.

Funny how some things truly never change.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

If we had no winter, the spring would not nearly be so pleasant!

When I was younger, snow was a given every winter. And not just a little snow – lots of it. We wore boots to our knees not because it was fashionable; but out of necessity. Jackets weren’t pretty and trendy; they were big, and bulky. Actually, we were ski suits to school because more often than not, the snow would be upwards of our waists. Those were the days of stinging noses and toes....warming our socks and mittens on radiators and having hot chocolate with dollops of fluff on top before heading out to make yet another snow fort.

Walking to school was always fun because the snowbanks on the sidewalk would be so high – and it would’ve been so cold that the tops would be frozen, so the challenge was to see how far you could walk across before falling through. Snowball fights on the way home were the norm; you’d plan in advance who you were going to walk home with so you could “team up” – especially those of us who were girls and didn’t necessarily have as good of an arm as some of the boys that would chase us home on those days.

It’s disappointing to see the paltry little storms we get here now. If we get 6” in one snowfall, once a winter – it’s termed a “blizzard”. The highest snowbank isn’t from drifts, or actual snowfall – but from the plows picking one spot on the street to pile the excess snow at. It’s more of a chore for the kids to get dressed up to play in the snow when it’s only ankle deep – where’s the fun in that? Not enough snow to make a snow angel without seeing the grass poking through.... even the kids look outside and say “there’s not enough snow out there to really do anything!”.

It’s not that I want to be inundated all winter long with blizzards...but to have a nice, good ol’ fashioned snow storm every now and again so that we can go sledding or tubing would be great. Nowadays, you can’t even go ice skating on lakes because we don’t have real long and cold winters anymore. Rarely is the ice solid enough to take the chance. I used to love going ice skating on the lake in Wakefield all winter long....I have to tell you, I can’t tell you the last time I saw anyone ice skating out doors. It’s been years. And if I have seen them, I’ve always thought to myself “it’s not quite cold enough to be taking that chance!!!”

Winter is changing around here. And I don’t like it. Not one bit.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cupid, draw back your bow....

In honor of Valentine's Day - here's a few fun little "blogthing" for the day.
Here's to a little romance in everyone's hearts today!

Your Heart Is Pink

In relationships, you like to play innocent - even though you aren't.
Each time you fall in love, it's like falling for the first time.

Your flirting style: Coy

Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park

Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant

What you bring to relationships: Romance

Strong Mind, Strong Heart, Strong Body....

Last night was my first night of yoga. I went in, not really knowing what to expect. My girlfriend Nancy came with me; she’s taken yoga before, so she had a decent idea of how what type of exercises we’d be doing. I was a little intimidated, because I wasn’t sure if it was going to be like when you go into a gym where everyone is very “clique-ey” and you can practically hear the “meows” of the cats from your first walk into the door. It wasn’t like that at was a smaller than usual class – there was only four of us. But I sort of got the feeling that it wouldn’t be that way even if there 15 people in the room. The yoga instructor was very friendly and encouraging which made it that much easier to relax and feel good about this first attempt.

Like it? That’s an understatement. I loved it. Love, love, loved it. We took an intermediate class as opposed to a beginner’s class – and I’m really glad we did. I’m the kind of person that would rather try a more challenging class and see where I need to improve than start at the beginning and work my way up. It’s that whole “sink or swim” mindset I’ve got. I was amazed at how much of a workout I got, and yet how relaxed I was at the same time. I’m a pretty flexible person, so it felt wonderful doing things like backbends – which I haven’t done in years. I was amazed at how some of the simplest moves, stances and stretches are isolating muscles and working your body in ways you didn’t know was possible.

I was so relaxed after the class, I almost felt like jelly. But yet I felt so strong. It almost reminded me of getting a really deep tissue sports massage – the kind that you’re sore afterwards from because your muscles are being worked on. I think it’s the perfect enhancement to my present exercise routine, and just the psychological aspect of being focused yet relaxed is something I really, really need. It’s like exercise and therapy all rolled into one!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

L'enquête de samedi...

(I hope Babelfish translated the title properly! "Saturday's Survey")

So I'm thinking that if I post on a Saturday - it should be reserved for surveys unless I really have something earth shattering to say. I'm such a sucker for them. Like there's really that much information that one would want to know about me?!? Well, superficially speaking anyway.

Appréciez et ayez l'amusement!
If you decide to use this - please let me know, because clearly - I'm just as curious about you!

45 of the most random things you probably never needed to know about someone

whats your name spelt backwards?:acceber
What did you do last night?:watched television
The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?:an upgrade to my media player
Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?:hahaha, yes! My dad used to tell me when I was little, that was how you could tell if there was still charge left!
Last time you swam in a pool?:Last summer
What are you wearing?:pink leopard pajama pants and a pink sweatshirt
How many cars have you owned?:7
Type of music you dislike most?:Hmmm. Anything by Devo. Does that even qualify as music?
Are you registered to vote?:Absolutely
Do you have cable?:Yup
What kind of computer do you use?:An awesome one. Truly.
Ever made a prank phone call?:hahaha, yup.
You like anyone right now?:I like everyone. You mean a crush? Didn't I post a list already. :)
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?:Been there on bungee jumping. Want to go sky diving...
Furthest place you ever traveled?:Hmmm. Grand Cayman, I think.
What's your favorite comic strip?:Dilbert. It's so my life!
Do u know all the words to the national anthem?:Of course
Shower, morning or night?:Both
Best movie you've seen in the past month?:I haven't seen anything really good in the last month. Lots of dissapointments.
Favorite pizza toppings?:Pepperoni
Chips or popcorn?:Chips!
What cell phone provider do you have?:Verizon. That's an odd question.
Have you ever smoked peanut shells?:hahaha, what?!?!
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?:So sorry to say, yes I have.
Orange Juice or apple?:Apple
Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?:I'm not in high school. I don't sit at lunch with people! :)
favorite chocolate bar? really satisfies.
Who is your longest friend and how long?:Robyn. Since Freshman year....oh, well, Suzanne and I still send Christmas cards - she's from 1st grade.
Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?:This summer, from my garden
Have you ever won a trophy?:Yes
Favorite arcade game?:I suck at arcade games. :)
Ever ordered from an infomercial?:No. But my Mom has!!!
Sprite or 7-UP?:Neither. Don't do tonic.
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?:No, not a parochial school girl. And none of my jobs required a uniform.
Last thing you bought at Walgreens?:Girly toys.
Ever thrown up in public?:Yes, but not from drinking.
Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?:I'd throw all the money in the world away for true love. Wouldn't you?
Do you believe in love at first sight?:I believe in attraction at first sight. I believe in love at first connection though....
SPONGEBOB OR JIMMY NEUTRON?:I don't let my kids watch either of them. Spongebob is fresh!!!
Did you have long hair as a young kid?:Yes.
What message is on your voicemail machine?:One with me talking!
Where would you like to go right now?:I'd like to be on my way to go get a massage. Unfortunately, it's not happening today.
Whats the name of your pet?:Brandy and Spike
What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it?:Um, I've never really been a "back pack" kinda girl.
What do you think about most?:A girl never reveals her secrets....!
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Friday, February 09, 2007

Spike: The Workout Kitty

Ive had cats my whole life. Love, love, love having them.
Cats are funny creatures. They’re either very standoffish and moody, usually picking one “person” to be their “favorite” despite how many people might live in a house (usually females!), or they’re really affectionate and just want to be around everyone all the time (males).

I prefer male cats for this very reason. So when we got a kitten, I was thrilled he was a male – but not thrilled he was only 10 weeks old. I was certain he’d be traumatized and hide being in a new house with kids and a dog. Not always a great mix for a tiny kitten. Spike was the exception to this rule. From the minute he came in the door – he owned the house, and everyone in it. I’ve never seen a cat want to be under foot so much as him. It’s really funny. Not quite so funny when he’s meowing at 3:30 in the morning because he wants to play....but we’re working on that!

He’s so funny....every night at 7pm, I go downstairs and run and do whatever other type of workout I’m in the mood for. He’s right there with me. He lays on the steps and watches me run, and then as soon as I’m done and I lay on the bench to do crunches, or ab work – guess who’s on my stomach? Spike. When I do pushups – he lays underneath me and plays with the strings on my pants. If I’m lifting with dumbbells – he’s on the bench brushing up against them. He totally cracks me up!

He is my work out partner. Too bad he can’t come to Yoga on Monday nights!

It just won’t be the same without him....

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pleasantly surprised.....

Okay. So, I love American Idol – but I don’t always buy the albums from all of the artists that really “make it” from the show. Kelly Clarkson is by far my favorite, and I will always buy her cd’s. To me, she’s like Christina Aguilera in the respect that she’s so vocally talented – she can morph into any genre that she wants to. And that, is staying power.

As much as I really like Carrie Underwood, I didn’t really feel motivated as if I “had” to have her cd. Same with Clay Aiken – I love him, but I don’t know about a whole cd of him. The others, such as Reuben or Fantasia – I never really cared much for anyway so I wouldn’t really think to buy their cd.

However, I did happen to get Chris Daughtry’s cd – and I am pleasantly surprised. Sure, his lead off single “It’s Over” sounds like Nickelback (or Fuel, or Creed, or’s hard to tell everyone apart these days!) It's really a nicely mastered piece, slickly tailored for maximum commercialism - but good none the less.

I didn’t think I’d be inclined to get this, partly because I think he made a poor choice in not fronting for a band as opposed to being a solo artist. But as we all know – he can sing really well – and these songs are so fitting in today’s musical society, even hard core “manly men” who would think an American Idol solo artist would only be for “chicks” will enjoy this cd as well.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Never a dull moment....

Working on a military base – we’re always doing drills and preparations for either real world events – or inspections by Air Force inspection agencies. We usually know about these well in advance and we know that if there’s really bad weather, chances are they won’t force us to go through an evacuation. So most of us non-military types watch the weather report and really hope that it’s either biting cold or rainy/snowy during the winter time drills. Summer time – well, that’s a different story. We love being evacuated in the summer!

However – when there’s a real time emergency, the weather has no bearing on the situation. And today – we had a real situation. One of the lights in my group’s front office had a ballast blow, which can trigger a fire. And it seems it was the fire department was called and we were all evacuated.

Good thing I wore my jacket today, huh?Sounds like a silly statement, since we’ve been in the single digits and teens for the past few days; but I park so close to my office building – and I hate wearing a jacket while I’m driving – so I often don’t wear one at all. I’m far more sensitive to cold air indoors than I am outdoors. I mean, if I was to be out for a prolonged period of time, sure I’d be freezing. But to walk from my car to the building? C’mon – I’m a New Englander!

So while I’m always in work with my cube heater on and blanket on the back of my chair, available for wrapping up in at any given time – I’m often seen walking to and from my car or going to get coffee with no coat on – even in the dead of winter.

Weird, I know. But this is who I am......!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"...He's Her Lobster!"

I miss “Friends”.
It was by far one of my favorite television shows when it was on. And while I have the first 7 seasons on DVD, it’s still not the same as catching your favorite episode by chance on television as your flipping through the channels.

Last night, I saw “The One Where Ross Finds Out”, which is of course – the episode where Ross and Rachel finally admit their feelings for one another, and finally kiss. Sigh.............

There are so many ensemble shows that are out there, but there was really something magical about “Friends”. I think it was because they could’ve been anyone. We either related and identified with one of them personally – or at a minimum, knew someone who could’ve easily been one of those characters. And they were so natural – it really just felt like we were peeking into their quirky daily lives.

The later episodes, especially the last season weren’t quite as good as the earlier ones. To me, the characters became caricatures of themselves. Especially Monica – who I used to relate to so well (Type A control freak!) became really just “out there”. She went from being grounded, softer spoken and usually a voice of reason – to being very loud and crazy. I found myself relating to Rachel more so towards the end. She just seemed more normal in comparison.

But that’s usually how you know that it’s time to say good bye to a show. When there are struggles to make the storylines interesting, or realistic. As in life, I suppose we all have to say good bye to our “twenty something” mindset at some point and grow up and join the rest of the world. And I guess that’s what happened to my “Friends” show too.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Finally...the Superbowl is a thing of the past

Outside of the 1st quarter – the best part of the game was the Half Time show. It was probably the best one I’ve seen yet. It just reminded me of how much I really enjoy Prince and that it’s been far too long since I’ve listened to his music. I think I need to break out my old cassettes – or better yet, pluck some off of ITunes to add to my collection. “(I said) life is just a game, were all just the same...dont ya wanna play? ...Controversy”

Is it just me – or were the commercials this year really nothing special? Even the Budweiser commercials which often can make you either laugh your butt off – or tear you up, were just okay. I don’t know if it’s just that we’re expecting too much or what – but I can’t think of one commercial that either made me laugh, or even stayed with me. Well, that’s not true. The “Snickers” commercial with the two guys who kissed and then said “hurry, do something manly” was awful. Ripping off their chest hair was all they could think of?!?! Seems to me that these advertising execs need to step their game up a bit. Because really – they all were a little flat.

I would love to have a job where I had to think of funny stuff for commercials. How fun would that be?

So here’s a question for the masses:
If you could write a Superbowl commercial for one company – what company would you choose?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Overheard at the coffee shop.....

I usually stop at a Dunkin Donuts on my way to work that could be considered “rough” by some standards. Given it’s location and proximity to the highway, and the history of the location in general – there’s usually some “interesting” clientele that I get to see on my daily excursions.

There’s often a table of older gentleman who clearly get together regularly and hang out and shoot the breeze. Today, they weren’t there – but there was one older gentleman, and two children. I don’t think that they knew him before this morning; their mother was standing in line at the time and kids will often just hang back and gravitate to a certain area that seems “safe”. Given the fact that he was on older gentleman and alone – they probably figured this was a good option. They were I’m guessing 7 & 9, or maybe 8 & 10 – either way, clearly young enough to be able to still have impressionable and open minds. As I noticed them, I also noticed a police officer walk by me whistling some random tune that must’ve been stuck in his head from whenever.

The line was unusually long today – I normally prefer this rougher shop because it’s well worth the efficiency of the staff that work there. But today, the line was back towards the table where the gentleman and the two children were; and I was able to overhear a conversation that transpired between them. The police officer walked by, and the older of the two kids said “Hey, did you see that cop?”. The older gentleman sternly corrected him and said “That’s a police officer. And you should always think of him as your friend, he can help you if you need him – if someone is bothering you or does something wrong”. The younger child said “but everyone calls them cops, that’s what they are, isn’t it?” to which the gentleman replied “that’s not a very respectable thing to call them. Do you know why they were called ‘cops’ or ‘copper”? Because back when I was a kid, the policemen wore big copper buttons on their uniforms. They were big and shiny and you could see them coming a mile away with the sun shining on them as they would walk down the street”. The younger child asked “Do they still wear copper buttons?” to which the gentleman replied “No, I’m pretty sure they don’t but either way it doesn’t matter. It’s just not nice”. He wasn’t harsh to them – he just said it like it was. But the look on their faces was one of just taking in everything he said as if it was gospel. Funny thing is, he sort of struck me as the kind of man who probably had been chased a time or two in his life by the police. Purely a superficial judgment, of course.

It’s not often you get to see moments of kindness and conversation between the generations today. Especially in strangers. Our lives are so fast paced, so quick moving – often the older generations are overlooked. And society’s view towards family and adults in general is so faded now....there is no “respect to our elders” that is preached let alone practiced. So many children today lack the basic respect of listening to “their elders”, even at such young ages as these kids I saw today. So many children today have a lack of respect for themselves – let alone others.

I hope the conversation that transpired between that gentleman and those kids will have a positive impact on them – no matter how slight it may be.
It sure made me smile.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Why has my template changed, you might ask? ("What happened Rebecca? Your site was so pink, and cute, and well...prettier than what I'm seeing now?!")
Great question! Thanks for asking.....

Clearly, it seems that I must be using too much bandwidth from my wine shop website server which is where I’ve hosted my blog template for the past 15 months or so that I’ve ventured into this blogosphere. And so now, it seems that they are preventing my blog from having a cozy, warm home on their server. Can't necessarily say that I blame them if I'm bringing everyone else down.

So, this is a sign of two things. One being – my site must be rather heavily visited because it really has never been an issue previously – and this feels like a good thing. (“You like me. You really, really like me!” paraphrasing the ever adorable Miss Sally Field.)

The other being that now, I need to find a very pretty, fun and very “me” blog template to replace the “gah-bage” that I’ve just revamped my site with.
(UGH. It’s horrible, isn’t it?) As well as find a server to host the template and my profile picture on. My profile photo – well, I used to use Picassa and I just never really loved it.

Any suggstions, my fellow bloggers?