Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scents and smells...warm, cozy, soft, fuzzy

This is such a fun time of year, scentwise.
This is what I'm crushing on for making my home smelling cozy, homey and warm.
(I am only going to be able to smell them for a few hours longer...this cold that has crept upon me is taking over my sinuses  VERY quickly!)


What scents do you like to make you feel merry & bright?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Silly, quirky, fun little quizzes....

You Are Grateful and Forgiving
You're good at bringing people together. You are a connector.
You often help others with their problems. You offer practical and workable solutions.

You believe that each day is precious, and you spend your times as best as you can.
It hurts your heart to hold grudges. You rather forgive, forget, and move on.

You Are Logical
You've got a lot of flair and creativity, but you temper it with organization.
You have an eye for innovation, and you're always inventing totally new ways of doing things.

You see the big picture, and while you delight in details, you don't get hung up on them.
You get bored by routine easily. You need to be around similarly open minded people in order to thrive.

Your Green Eyes Say You're Creative and Unique
You are seen as artistic and perceptive. People are delighted by your original ideas.
You don't let other people see all the hard work you do to be creative. You make it seem effortless.

You are very ambitious and at times ruthless. You are determined to get what you want.
You will step over someone to get to the top, but you're so charming that no one will notice!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Joy...Sudden Sadness...Brightness and Light.

Dinner for 27 went off with minimal hitches.

The dining room looked gorgeous....I'd show photos except my IPhone for some reason refuses to send me my photos from my phone any longer and I can't quite figure out why.

The meal was delicious; the turkey's white meat was a tad dry which disappointed me, but I think it's because there was quite a lag between the time it was done to the time we ate.  Not a huge deal - but I had some help in the kitchen and I think it just got a little too...distracted.  No worries though, it was a good time with good food, family and lots of laughs.  A lot of cleanup afterwards, I won't lie - it sure felt great to lay in bed at the end of the night!

The rest of the weekend was a little traumatic.  One of my two cats, Twinkle (remember earlier posts from a few years back "Twinkle little cat"...) had to be put to sleep.  I did not see it coming.  She'd been to the vet over the last month for what they thought was an issue with a UTI - turns out the poor thing was in kidney failure, either due to genetic disease or kidney cancer.  I brought her to the vet on Saturday morning because she was no where near herself - and we got the awful news that evening at 5pm.  (This photo I took of her, ironically enough - the Tuesday prior to her passing. She was fine - I no way so this coming.  SO very sad..)  I've never had to put a pet down before, the ones I've always had, died on their own.  So this was so very new to me - and to prepare my children was gutwrenching.  They were devastated and so was I, but I was so very proud of them and they way they handled the situation overall.  We were with her when she was set free, and we will have her ashes in a few days.   My poor little Twinkle toes.....

Later that day, G went out to buy our new faux Christmas tree.  I requested a 7.5 one - at the largest, 9.5ft.  Mmkay, he came home with a 12ft tree!
I took this picture I put the ribbon around it in a beautiful peacock blue.  The best part about the tree - is that decorating it put smiles on the kids faces once again.  They were really, so very sad that they didn't even want to do the tree.  Fortunately that changed once they saw the monstrosity of it! (Again, I'd show you a photo but the silly IPhone is not cooperating with me today.)

And then we had our outside decorated as well, so last night we were looking very shiny and bright.

All in all, the weekend was exhausting and exciting, emotional and nothing short of busy. 
I wouldn't want it any other way.
(Well, minus the sadness of course...!)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

"This is our last dance..this is ourselves..under perssure."

This is what I keep telling myself.

So while this holiday isn't nearly as stressful as last Thanksgiving (I was moving last year..this year, fortunately, I am not.), it still is quite anxiety ridden from a business perspective.   And, I am hosting for 25 this year. 

While we all know I love to entertain, it's been a little stressful getting to this point because as I'd mentioned previously we did a little home re-design; it came out gorgeous.  I hope to post pictures at some point but truthfully, right now I think the photos don't do nearly the justice of showing just how beautiful it looks.  I really am quite pleased with the feel of the room.  My den that was formerly my dining room is very warm and cozy now too, but definitely needs curtains.  I will order those before posting photos for sure.

So, Thanksgiving is my least favorite food holiday.  It's just well, so...typical.  To me, holidays should be about special things that you don't often get to indulge in, that evoke fantastic memories for years to come.  Who doesn't love turkey dinners on rainy Sundays watching football?? But, turkey it must be.

I ordered my turkey fresh, and I will be picking it up tomorrow.  I'll brine it, and then I stuff it the night before with oranges, apples, garlic & onions.  I season it up, and then cover it with bacon.  The fruit just adds a little citrus to the gravy and helps keep the bird moist; the bacon, well that needs no explanation right?  Delicious goodness to the gravy and completely yummy to eat off the top half way through cooking.  And the smell....seriously, who doesn't love bacon? 

I'm making Squash soup, Mashed potatoes, Homemade String Bean Casserole (we're not talking cream of mushroom soup, I mean fresh beans and home made cream sauce.  To die for...) Corn and Asparagus.  My mother in law is making gnocchi's and meatballs and her awesome sausage stuffing -and I'll make a salad.   Everyone else brings dessert because this girl will not have time.  I do have a fresh apple pie that I froze but other than that - forget about it.

Did I mention I'm working from 8am to 10pm the night previous?  Um, yes...Tuesday night I'll be cooking up a storm before bed so that I don't have to think about anything until Thursday morning.  Fortunately, my mother in law graciously insisted on setting my tables so I'm happy to take her up on it.

So the dinner isn't stressing me out.  It's the feeling that I'm not going to have all that a person could ever want or need for Thanksgiving when they walk through my doors.

And then worrying that they won't come....and oh my, the bills....
It's all good.  It's all good.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's like "baby, baby,, baby, baby, oh...."

I think I may have won the Cool Mom of the Year Award this weekend.
I'd post lots of videos but my Iphone for some reason is not sending them out properly, so you'll just have to visualize.

I surprised Princess Petunia with tickets to see Justin Bieber.  It was a game time decision, I bought tickets that day, and got 20th row floor.  I'd have loved to have gotten her closer but they were all gone.  Technically the tickets said 13th row floor, but with the section in front of us being 8 rows deep - well, there you go.  I'd have paid for the 3rd row in front of the stage but they were gone before I got the chance to type in my American Express digits.  

So, I told my daughter that we had tickets to a very fancy restaurant that you need reservations to get into.  She insisted on wearing a dress, even though I insisted that leggings and boots would be fine; as we were driving up to the Garden, people were coming up to the car trying to sell Tshirts and she says to me "Mom, you should buy a shirt from that homeless man...." and so I laugh and say no.  As we pull into the parking lot and walk into the Garden she says "Oh, I've been here for WWE and Princesses on Ice" and I say "of course!  Well, they opened a new restaurant here..."  Naturally there are girls everywhere wearing Justin Bieber shirts, carrying signs, etc...and I'm thinking she's got to know now.   So I said, "hmm. I wonder why everyone's all Justin Biebered out?" and she shrugs and says "that's weird isnt' it?".  So I say, "Maybe it's a Justin Bieber themed restaurant?" to which she smiles.  And then I whisper "..or maybe I'm bringing you to the Justin Bieber concert..?"  and then it all clicked for her.  Excited??  To say the least!

We had so much fun, I have cute videos of her dancing and singing - and truth be told, it was a great show.  It's hard not to have Bieber Fever or be a "Belieber" when you see him perform.  He's a crazy talented kid...

Thursday, November 08, 2012

I miss them, and they're not even gone....

I'll tell you, this being a Mom business is not easy.

My son, now 11 (really, 11 1/2 if we're being technical) is growing up so quickly.  He's just so "cool".  He still holds my hand when we're walking which is still fun for me, and he's immature in many ways, don't get me wrong; but he's just so grown up in the respect that I'm slowly no longer staying the sun in his sky.

The days of running out to see me when he hears me come home...gone.  There's no real lilt in his voice when I call his name and he's more of a casual "oh, hi" kind of tone.  I miss the days of chocolate chip kisses and big hugs and smiles when I walk in a room.  The infectious giggle when I said something silly...

While he still loves to hang out with me, he sulks and mopes at times now - which he never used to do.  I sometimes feel the need to remind him that he's 11 not 17 and that he can't have all the freedoms that he would like.  Besides, responsibility has to show a bit more before I can even think about allowing him certain freedoms he might enjoy.

Tonight after he ate dinner he went upstairs to his room to watch his IPad and I grabbed him and asked for a hug, which of course he obliged - but when I told him I missed him, he laughed.  He said "I'm right here.." and I told him that he doesn't see how he's growing up because he's in it - but that I miss him being happy to see me and the smile in his voice when he realized I was home..

It's wonderful and sad and bittersweet all rolled up into one.

I think I'm going to have a tougher time with my little ones growing up than I had thought I would....

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

Today is a day to celebrate and embrace the basic right that Americans are born with - and others die for.  We may not all agree on what or who we think is best for this country - but we all have the basic right of freedom to choose born to us. Embrace it, celebrate it - and VOTE.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Things that make you go "hmmm?"

1.  This is 2012, not 1912.  How long has NYC and NJ been without electricity and gas?  8 days now? And without gasoline, which of course makes it impossible to run generators...I'm sorry, but I find this disgusting.  We are not talking rural areas that are tough to get to, nor are we talking about something that couldn't simply be handled with an executive order to allow companies from outside of each state to temporarily allow deliveries of gasoline across state lines.  I get that there are taxes and tarriffs involved -- but basically it all boils down to politics.  And this is not a time for that.  This is about humanity and kindess in a time of need. 
   1a.  I'm so all set with the election to be over.  I'm so sick and tired of the rheoteric and commercials and endless amounts of "I'm Elizabeth Warren" or "I'm Mitt Romney" or whoever the hell is or isn't running and they've "approved these messages".  It's been the ugliest political sparring that I've seen in a long time.  And truthfully - none of them really did anything to swing me - and I was a swing voter.  Do I stay with President Obama, who while a nice guy - has been rather ineffective and in someways fiscally irresponsible?  Or do I take a chance on Mitt "Flip flop" Romney, who did okay things in office here in MA but is a complete loose cannon at times because I don't really know what he truly stands for.  I think this girl is going to check the "Libertarian" section of the ballot.  Because staying with the devil you know versus the one you don't - may not be a choice I'm really sure on making truth be told.
   1b.  As a result of the fundraiser on television this weekend that heightend this girls's awareness of the depth of the tragedy, as local news was not sharing as much as they should've - I'm hosting a fundraiser at my store for the hurricane victims. Every little bit counts...

2.  Speaking of politics....hows Questions 2 & 3 on the local MA ballot striking anyone?  Do most people even know that they're on there?  Legal Euthanisia for dignified end of life....and Legal Medical Marijuana.   This girl is supporting legal euthanisia but sorry my recreational pot smoking friends - I can't support the marijuana bill, at least no the way it's worded.  Sure, I know it's inconvenient that it's illegal to buy a dime bag - but read the bill.  I just don't think, as a mother - I can support this option.  Before I had kids, I felt differently -and I am not a smoker.  But as a parent of 2 children, and children who may have a genetic predisposition to struggle with addiction because of family histories - I staunchly oppose making it legal.  Maybe this makes me prudish - maybe it makes me prudent.  Either way, I'm all set with that and I hope that people take the time to really read the bill as it's being presented. 

3.  If you aren't registered to vote - than you don't get an opinion.  I love all these people who voice their opinions and are very boisterous about them, and they aren't even registered to vote!  Shut up sit down and keep your thoughts to yourself, because you can't play if you don't pay.  Your opinion does not matter if you don't register it.  So please, don't waste this girls time.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

For no mere mortal can resist...the evil of the Thriller

The kids were so excited yesterday, they could barely stand it.  It took all they had to wait until I got home so I could help them get ready and all costumed up.

We trick or treat at my aunt's house, in the town we used to live in - because she lives in a neighborhood that is Halloween Central.  Thickly and densely settled, each neighbor tries to out do the other in decorations, so much so that one house had a large screen projection and a DJ!  Others had haunted houses set up, some had people dressed in costume like statues to slowly move and scare the kids, in a fun way of course.  It was the first time that we have spent Halloween in our new home (we're coming up on our one year anniversary after Thanksgiving this year!  My how time flies...) and so we were pleasantly surprised to see kids come and trick or treat at our house!  We've never had kids come by, so it was fun to see just how many kids are in the neighborhood between our street and the next two - that we never get to see! So we left the bowl of candy on our porch next to the jack-o-lanterns and off we went.

Princess Petunia was a Vampire Queen.....My son was Billy The Puppet from "Saw" fame.
I was Batgirl, and G was...well, tired husband.  He had a fabulous Frankenstein get up but he wasn't able to get out of his store early enough to get his costume and come with us, so he met us there.  Better late than not at all! 

Hope you all had a happy Halloween filled with candy, love and ghoulish laughter!