Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer's Swan Song...

So today marks the official beginning, of the end of the summer season.
Well, don't let the calendar fool you - because it sure feels like summer will be here for a bit longer.
And even if it cools down some, it always warms up again in September. And then again in October. And sometimes even November.

I have no big plans for this holiday weekend. It's relatively fluid and low key, which is actually going to be quite relaxing I think. Tonight is my TGIF yoga, and then one of my girlfriends is coming over for some Chinese…though I think I'll be doing sushi! I'm dying for some…almost obsessed with it at the moment.

Tomorrow, I believe I’m taking the kids to the animal shelter to see if we can't find a little kitten. Last weekend at the birthday party we saw a 5 week old kitten and that gave my kids the bug for another kitten. Well, really it was my daughter who stated that she wants a kitten that she can name "Twinkle", as in "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". How can a Mom say no to that? Especially after this weeks trauma of realizing she can't go to first grade.

Sunday's a birthday party, which is really going to be very low key and a barbecue which is always fun.

Monday - really nothing going either. Which is nice! Play it by ear and just sort of relax. I'm good with that!

I've been craving to make spaghetti and meatballs lately. That's my typical Sunday dinner during the fall. So I'm almost hoping that it's a little "crisp" on Monday. It would be a great excuse to make some! Although if it's warmer, I’m thinking that Peach picking might have to be in order.

If Twinkle Twinkle does end up making an entrance in the household, clearly pictures will be posted to celebrate her arrival.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

There'll be sad songs, to make you cry....

Last night as I was driving home, I heard Eliot Yamin's song "I will wait for you".
I really like this song, because I like the melody and the runs in his voice. But for some reason last night, it was like I heard the lyrics for the first time. And the thought struck me, "this is so not true". I actually think I might've said it aloud.

Listen, we've all had our hearts broken at one time or another. And, most of us have broken hearts of others somewhere along the line - inadvertantly of course. And we all pledge our undying love…and we all swear we'll "wait forever".

But, we never really do.
And certainly no one waits forever for us.

Because we all learn, that time does really heal - and that we do find another one to make us smile once again. Pining doesn't go on for all eternity. And while maybe there is that one special someone that we look back on and think "what might have been", it doesn't ruin us for all others.

And yet, one of the most popular topics that songwriters write about, is unrequited love. Something that we all have experienced - yet have moved on from.

I'm ready to hear a song about someone who's glad that they didn't stay with that person. Being thankful for maybe finding out that they were the "wrong" person rather than the right person all along. Not with remorse or regret - but with real gratitude and passion for finding the right person after all.

Which of course, makes you wonder - is there really a "right" person. Or is it just someone who's right, for right now. Because we all grow and change…we're living breathing creatures, and so clearly relationships don't stay the same. Is there truly one person that is for "forever"? Or are we meant to be with varying people at varying stages of our lives?

That in of itself, certainly sounds like a topic of a song to me!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My new favorite place...

I can not believe that I've lived roughly one hour from here my whole life, and have never been.
The Wrentham Outlets.

It was like the heavens opened up and choirs of angels sang as I walked through there yesterday.

Forget Kittery.  Kittery Schmittery.
It pales in comparison.

Here's an example.
My favorite perfume, Hanae Mori.  Costs $80.00 at Sephora, Macy's, and everyplace else not online.  I can't wait for online - because you know, I'm a "gotta have now" kinda girl.
At Perfumania, it's $54.00 for their everyday price; with a VIP coupon (um, yes - I did join the VIP club naturally) - $46.00.
That alone was well worth the trip, never mind all the other shops.
The Gap Outlets?  Best ever.
Ann Taylor?  Biggest clearance section I've seen yet.  The regular prices aren't too bad either.  I cleaned up quite nicely there as well.
I didn't even get the chance to stop at Aldo's.  Next trip.  Ahhh, the boots I'm sure I'll score.....!
And it was clean.  Everything is together in one major complex so there is no driving from location to location which is awesome.
And there are really great restaurants everywhere.
I think I'm in love..... !

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's the first day of school...

First grade already.
Amazing how quickly time flies.

The hardest part for me today, was not seeing this little guy go off...

But how to explain to my little one, that she can't go to school quite yet.

The tears that fell....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Consolidated email? You've got to be kidding me....

Okay. Whomever decided that consolidating the email where I work was an effective way to do things - truly needs to be removed from their position.
I was actually thinking that they should be shot. But, that is a bit harsh.

It has been a nightmare since it was implemented. Literally.

And here's the thing that bothers me the most about this. Email is supposed to be an enhanced way of us to be able to communicate with people in an almost instantaneous way if necessary. It's not just a replacement for the postal service; people use it today as an efficient way of doing their jobs. So riddle me this Batman: If you work for someone, say - the US Air Force, and you're located in Boston -- and you are communicating with co workers who are also working Boston; where does it make sense to have an email message go from being on a local exchange server - to web mail -- bouncing from Boston, to Alabama, back up to Boston? Or, Boston to Alabama to LA? Or Iraq? Wouldn’t it make sense to have it go direct to the location? Sort of like airline flying. Why would one take a connection if they have the opportunity to go non-stop?

Some say server consolidation saves money. In some cases, when you're dealing with a smaller entity than the military - it might make sense. But in this instance, I'd say there's a strong enough argument to prove that's not the case.

Emails disappear. People outside the base I sit at, don't receive my emails -- I certainly don't receive theirs.
I can send an email to someone sitting right next to me - and they wont' receive it for 15 minutes -- sometimes not even at all. I'm constantly double checking and asking people if they receive my messages. And what's so bizarre is that it's inconsistent. They'll get some, but not all of what I send. So there's really nothing I can pinpoint as to what might be preventing a certain message from going through.

Our internet connection, lovingly known as the NIPRNET is already clogged and congested. It's better now than it was in past years, but now - with the addition of hundreds of thousands of emails now floating through the internet connection, it's just making email communication near to impossible.

To me, consolidation of email servers is just another term for counterproductivity and inefficiency of job productivity.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hashbrowns..or home fries?

I love to cook.
One of the things that makes me happiest - aside from my kids -- is a full refrigerator and cabinets after food shopping.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow morning.  It's the girls' brunch that I'd been hoping to plan all summer.
I'm glad I'm feeling much better than I was earlier this week!

There's always something going on during the weekends that make it tough to plan these things, so I'm glad that I'm feeling better - and that tomorrow is almost here.

It's nothing big, in the respect of I didn't invite a large amount of people - because then I'd be too busy cooking to be able to just hang out. 

This is going to be a strictly "hang out and catch up" kind of day.  All day long…no need to rush out if no one has anything going - because I'm not going anywhere!

And god knows I'll have enough food.

Without further adieu, I present the brunch menu:

Mimosas - naturally.
Bagels/Cream Cheese
Shrimp Cocktail
Fresh Fruit
Scrambled Eggs
Spinach & Prosciutto quiche
Mushroom & Swiss quiche
Spiral Ham
Roasted Potatoes
Brown Rice & Tomato Salad
Fruit Tart
Coffee Cake
And of course… a box o' joe.

All of this cooking - and getting to be with family and friends…
…is medicine for my soul.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taking advantage of....

Listen, I believe in magic. I believe in miracles. I believe in hopes and dreams.
I believe that some have a gift, and are able to use more of their minds than I am capable of doing.

The woman we saw today in not one of them.
She's clearly someone who takes advantage of the tourism and the town.
And that's okay too. Just not what I was looking for.

Truthfully this was the worst "reading" I'd ever had done.
But that's okay -- again, this was just for fun. I'm not searching for anything, nor would I expect to take anything other than entertainment and a few "hmmm...I wonder"'s out of it.

But I didn't even get my lousy 15 minutes!
Too bad I couldnt' get my money back.
Wonder if she could read that from my mind?

But we had a really nice day anyway! And truly - that's all that really matters!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Feeling Groovy....

That's a great way to describe the sleepy, foggy, relaxed, "whatever" kind of mood I'm in today.
This expensive cough medicine is some "good stuff".
Not really, I don't like feeling this way - and won't be using it again from here on in. 

So, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  My girlfriend and I were going to go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - but I have to be home earlier than I had expected, so we're unfortunately cancelling that aspect of the day.  However….we are going to spend the day in Salem and I'm sure we'll have a good time there.  Who can't have fun shopping…relaxing and having lunch?  Exactly.

Truthfully, it will be even better medicine than the stuff I've already been taking.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Those sneaky.....

So. They blocked Blogger at work - again.
They recently "unblocked" some of Blogger -- at least the portion for me to be able to post. Viewing other people's blogs was difficult, because I could only see the cached views. Now - all of it's blocked once again. Jeesh. And after on Friday I had finally figured out how I could view my blog and the comments as well. I mean, at least I can email my posts in, but I loved having access to my dasboard. Clearly, I'm going to have to come up with another creative way to do this...

So I went into work for three hours today. And I am wiped.
Glad to be home.

I've got a fun day planned for Thursday...a girlfriend and I are taking the day to go to the Museum in Boston - and then to Salem to get our Tarot cards read. So that will be fun. And then Saturday, I'm having a "girls brunch" at my house. I'm really looking forward to that. I just have to get the energy together to go shopping for it....

It will come.
It always does.
C'mon...even the Energizer Bunny never stays down for long!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Not Pneumonia...again???

Ah, but yes it is. Despite the lovely weekend I tried to have....sick I am.
And is.
But first...

The tomato and corn festival was really very fun. The weather was a bit windier than I would've liked, considering I have about 2 feet of hair! So even in a pony I felt like I was eating it! But the food was excellent - and the corn and tomatoes - to die for. I bought some new varities of tomatoes that I never knew existed: "White Queen", "Yellow Peach", "Grandma's German Green", and "Prince Purple something or other". I think, the Prince Purple is my all time favorite. It just tastes like it belongs inside a super thick BLT. The kids, had a blast and were just a mess! Rolling in the grass...spilling food all over themselves - you get the picture. So anyway - as were making our way out - but not without a pony ride or petting the farm animals, of course -- I ran into Ms. Pink & Green: Erin! She had mentioned she might be able to swing by - and sure enough, as we were working our way out - they were working their way in! So we got to meet Mr. P and the Ladybug who is -- might I add -- the cutest little thing. She looked like such a little farm girl in overalls! And Erin, if you're reading this -- you have the greatest simply illuminates! I wasn't feeling all that great by the end of the day, and when I heard someone call my name - it didn't "click" right away who she was - and sure enough, when she smiled, I knew exactly who she was. Lovely little family, the Pink & Green crew are. I have to say, I wish I could've met them earlier in the day when the kids and I were all a little...cleaner! And, with me feeling a little better. But there's always another day....

Sunday, we did a little outlet shopping up at Kittery for school clothes. A little announcemnt for any one who is a Mom and you're reading this: Skip the Old Navy outlet. Prices on fall clothes werent' any different there than here at home. However....Children's Place and the Gap Outlet: AMAZING. Let me hear a big "SCORE!". I didn't even bother going into Gymboree because I cleaned up so well at the other two. The only thing the kids really need for now are pajamas, and sneakers. Other than that - we did quite well. I, on the other hand...wasn't doing quite so well by the time we left there yesterday.

So last night - I went to the ER, because my sister was on a shift - and I knew something wasn't right because I wasn't feeling better; I was feeling worse. And as of Saturday night - had absolutely no voice. Nothing but squeaks. And it wasn't from my throat - it was from my chest being congested. The diagnosis: Walking pneumonia. So, they gave me drugs, nebulizer, inhalers and prescription cough medicine that cost more than the outfit I had on. (Well, I was only wearing sweats, but still!) I have really good insurance, and even with that the cough syrup alone was $60. Gotta love those pharmaceutical companies...but I digress.

So, this girl is staying home and relaxing (sort of) today.
Come on. We all know I'm not a good "rest" kind of girl!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It smells like Autumn...

So TODAY is the tomato and corn festival we've been anxiously awaiting.
And what a day for it!

August in New England, while usually still warm - is traditionally the beginning of the autumn season. My windows are wide open with fresh, crisp - almost chilly air flowing through them. My newest favorite scent by Yankee Candle is burning, aptly called
"Good Morning". I'm sure the temperature will hit 80 today but the mornings are going to slowly but surely start off cooler and cooler. Funny thing is, by mid Sept and October, it will become summerlike once again. New England is a funny place, weather wise.

You Are Fall!


Friday, August 17, 2007

Seriously? Seriously...

Last night I watched the finale of Greys Anatomy. The "Greys Free Zone" has been officially removed from around my workstation.

I do have some thoughts on it.

1. Meredith, is McBitch. What's up with her being all back and forth. McDreamy is standing there pouring his heart out - and she, after being all "I'm being open and emotionally available" - shuts down. I have to say, I liked her better when she was pining and heartbroken because at least then - she had some substance to her.

2. OMG - did Burke's mother do that to Christina's eyebrows? WOW. That's definite "Monster in Law" material...

3. While I do really like Izzy - I'm sorry, she's got to leave George alone. I love, love, love George. And while I like Callie, I don't necessarily love "Callie & George". But Izzy's back and forth, push and pull - is starting to feel like Meredith's roller coaster. I get that she's confused and all that - but she wasn't as drunk as him that night. And either way, she knew he was married. Let's face it, guys are opportunists. Drunk or otherwise, they'll take what they can get, for the most part. (I know, I know - there are exceptions to the rule...) but she KNEW he was married. She made a conscious choice to be intimate with a man who is married to someone else. She should either have not done it -- or.... understood the consequences of it and just leave him alone. Be friends. And move on....

4. I'm thinking I'll be sad if Addison leaves the show entirely. While I did enjoy the spinoff for her new show - it's very Grey's like - I do love the chemistry she's got with the men on Grey's. And truthfully, the possibilities for her character could be endless... I'm hoping she's on both to be honest.

5. Lexi Grey. Hmmm. I have to say, before I knew she was Lexi Grey -I thought she was very "Meredith-ish" in her mannerisms and speech. To have McDreamy be interested in McSister, would be very McWeird. That's a golden rule that should never, ever have to be explained.

6. Christina's breakdown was so's this girl who stifled her emotions right up until it was too late. And even then, she stifled them. I really liked Burke - and I liked that he had the patience to get her to realize that she wanted the same things as he did, and that she was just too busy fighting her own vulnerabilities of being open - that she eventually realized she wanted the same things too. Too bad this one was just too late. But of course, given off screen controversies clearly this storyline really couldn't have gone any other way.

7. Ava's name was "Rebecca"? Why did they have to name the girl who leaves her perfect husband and her perfect life "Rebecca". Why couldn't they have named her Jane...or Mary, or Kristin? Why, "Rebecca"? I would like for once, the character named "Rebecca" to be the heroine, the one that every one loves and adores... or at least the one that everyone likes - as opposed to someone who doesn't seem to be a very nice person after all.

8. I'm glad the Chief is staying. I'm glad he chose Derek. What I don't understand, is that while I KNEW the baby was his (really, I couldn't see the storyline going any other way), there had been no previous mention in other episodes of he and Adele even speaking, let alone being intimate. That was a little, rushed for me. It almost seems as if that storyline had just been "thrown" together. But hey - what do I know?

So these are my thoughts on Season 3 and I'm can't flipping wait for Season 4 which is debuting on: Sept 27th!

No TGIF yoga tonight.. I'm still pretty sick, and most importantly - I don't have a sitter.
So I guess a good night of staying in, snuggling w. the kids - and maybe some sushi.
That is, if I can taste it!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A true blue spectacle, a miracle come true...

Funny turn of events this morning.
My aunt called me and said that my cousin had given her two tickets to see Barry Manilow at the "Gah-den", now known as the TD BankNorth Garden. In my family, Barry Manilow is like "god". We love him.

For me, hearing his music just evokes memories of my house on Porter Street when I was little, singing with my Mom; my Aunt and my Mom on Saturday afternoons; how we all used to just hang out and listen to music and sing. (Yes, we all were "singers", or thought we were anyway!) We'd pretend we were auditioning for "Community Auditions", although my Mom and my Aunt (her twin) really could sing nicely. Barry Manilow and his music, outside of being great - evokes even greater memories for us all. I even taught my son and daughter Barry Manilow songs, which they sing like champs, might I add.

So, when my Aunt called today to tell me about the show, she had exciting news - my Mom is flying in to go to the show with her. Then she said "I wish you could come with us". So I said I would see what I could do, but truthfully - one extra ticket would have me sitting seperately. What fun would it be for me to sing "Copa Cabana" with some random stranger next to me? I think not. So, then we thought maybe my sister and I both could go. So, I went to Ticketmaster and searched for the best available seats - and I came up with seats that were (get this) - 3 seats over from her. What are the chances, right? So, I said I would buy them.

But...I had to release them, because I had some difficulty logging into my Ticketmaster account (damn passwords!), and then of course deciding how I was going to pay for the two tickets...and then I went to re-find my seats. Funny how life works, because imagine my surprise when the seat query came back with two seats I ended up purchasing. Same row, same section -- right next to my Aunt and my Mother! They're in Section E, Row 3, seats 10-13. They had 10&11 - I bought 12 &13.

Truly! What are the chances????
Now that, to me -- given my questions from the other day -- is quite possibly a genuine coincidence.

But I think I prefer to think of it as destiny.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Excuse me while I whine for just a moment...

So, I'm sick.
For the first time since what, January -- I've got a cold.
Truthfully, the cold itself isn't that bad. It's the accompanying symptoms that got me feeling so lousy.

The fever.
The soreness in my neck because my glands are swollen.
The pain in my lower back that feels like I've been beaten with a bat.

I ran out to Fresh City to get a smoothie, with an extra shot of echinacea in it, to give me a little "oomph".
It's not working.

I need a hug.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When you believe in things that you don't understand...

I used to think I believed in coincidences.
I do believe in Fate. Serendipity. Karma. What "goes around, comes back around". Ying and Yang.
And other things of the sort.

But does coincidence fall into that category? I mean, is it subjective to what we deem as being "random" events?

I would, under normal circumstances think that if two incidences occurred, and seem to be connected -- that they happened randomly -- as coincidence. But what happens when a string of events happen, say 5 or 6 of them occur --that appear to be connected? Is that also coincidence? Or could it be orchestrated…? At what point do you stop saying "what are the chances" surprisingly... and start thinking "hmmm. What are the chances" with a more suspicious tone.

Which led me to search out the definitions for coincidence. And funny enough, buried amongst all of the mathematically statistical theories of randomness, and the extra sensory perception and heightened awareness theories -- I found the following: "an event that might have been arranged, although it was really accidental".
Which brings me back to thinking whether I believe in coincidences or not. I do believe in irony, and poetic justice - both things that can be tied to "coincidence".

Maybe it's just that my level of thinking as to how many seemingly random events that are connected have to occur before I no longer perceive it as being mere coincidence.

Coincidence... or carefully constructed.
That is the question.

Now to just figure out the answer...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The weekend review...

Okay, so I'm a loser. Not in the true sense of the word, but wow did I feel like one when we showed up to the long awaited, much anticipated Tomato and Corn festival -- only to's next weekend. They must've changed the date! I saw the dates online shortly after they posted the event at the beginning of the summer, and so we'd been planning around it. Never bothered to re-check it. Never even entered my mind! (Hi, I'm Rebecca, and I'm a blonde....). So, next weekend we'll have to miss out on a barbecue that we were scheduled to attend, because nothing can get in the way of our attending this shin dig. Nothing.

Anyway, Friday night's TGIF Yoga and shopping night was fun. I bought a fun shirt from Lululemon. Love, love, love it. It's white, and it's so fun. Great for yoga... and equally great for going out with a skirt or fun pants on. If they weren't so expensive, I'd have bought more, but truly my budget this month just doesn't allow for $80-$100 pants. Or, anymore $50 shirts. Following the shopping, myself and two of my friends went to the aforementioned Martini Bar that has gone downhill horribly since being renovated. The martini's are much smaller; the service was horrible. And the clientele left something to be desired. Not sure I'll be going there all that frequently unless there's really no place else to go to...

And then yesterday...the Fisherman's Feast in the North End. Nothing says "lovin' life" like a good arancini and a sweet slush when traipsing through Hanover and Salem streets. The feasts are my favorite part of the summer, and unfortunately in some ways....significant of the season coming to an end.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Rainy really isnt that bad...

Today I'm home, being Mom - aka Domestic Supergoddess. And truthfully, a rainy day is a great day to be home with the kids. It's to be lazy kind of day. My son has a bit of a cold, nothing huge - but I'd rather a day of just relaxation after the crazy week he's just had with activities and running around. So after breakfast, they had a nice bath...they're all dressed and look very cute and comfortable - and we're just hanging out today.

Later on this afternoon, I'll be doing my usual "TGIF" yoga class...and then tonight, there's a trunk show at the studio for lululemon yoga wear. I've heard it's rather pricey, but it will be a good time - and I'm always up for a new tank top or two. Afterwards, myself and a few of the girls are going to hit my favorite Martini Bar for a drink or two, or three....

Tomorrow is a day that the we've been waiting all year for...the Tomato and Corn Festival! We went last year for the first time, and had a blast. This year, my Aunt and I are going to do it right by bringing our chairs, blankets - and planting ourselves for the day. We had no idea last year what it was all about, but we're ready for it now. And the weather report for tomorrow has improved tremendously since earlier in the week... I'll take partly cloudy and 83 degrees anyday!

Rainy days and Mondays might bring me down.
But rainy days and a Friday is feeling pretty darn good right about now.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's those changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes...nothing stays quite the same

So, my plans for the upcoming Jimmy Buffett concert have been dashed.
Out of the group of us who were planning on going….there's only 3 of us now. And one of them is famous for cancelling last minute.

Truthfully, Buffett is a large group experience. Some concerts, it doesn't matter if there's only 2 of you. And I suppose with Buffett, it would be okay. But not nearly the experience that is with a group.

So, with a heavy heart - I'm selling my tickets.
It was a piece of cake to get them, so….we'll just try again next year.

But you know, with every down - there is an up.
Ying and Yang.

Instead of going to Buffett, on that same date - I'll instead, be participating in a fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund. We'll be doing 108 Sun Salutations at the yoga studio I go to. It will be a physically challenging event, which I personally find to be a lot of fun! Will I be able to complete 108? I don't know. The goal isn't necessarily to complete it, but to participate. Of course, my personal goal is to complete it all.

So, I suppose after the physical experience of the Sun Salutations, I'll hit the bar w. a few of my yoga girlfriends after for a few Margaritas and cheeseburgers.

In honor of Buffett -- and my missing the concert, naturally…!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Today's originally scheduled post has been cancelled due to….

Last night's Red Sox game.
I woke up from my sleep and checked the score; we were up 4-2.
I woke up this morning, and we lost 10-4.
Only 5 games ahead of the Yankees.

Here's my thoughts. Right wrong or otherwise, they're mine and I'm sticking to them.

1. Get rid of Wily Mo. He's available for trading. Please God, let someone, anyone take him off our hands.
2. Why do you ever get rid of starting pitching? Why, why, why?!?!?! I know that Eric Gagne is "the man" and all that, and that we need bullpen/middle reliever help, but really. We could've figured something out. Why would you ever give up starting pitching that you could add to an obviously struggling pitching staff. By the way - Kason Gabbard won his second outing last night.
3. Here's another WTF for you….Julio Lugo. Why have we been struggling with SS since trading Orlando Cabrera? Might I add, can someone please enlighten me as to WHY we traded Cabrera in the first place??
4. Barry Bonds and his record breaking home run…Listen, when your father was a pro ball player, and your god father is Willie Mayes, why do you feel the need to cheat? One would think that he, of all people would hold the game so near and dear to his heart that the thought of skewing records would be unthinkable. I know he is excited and thrilled and all that other crap, but truthfully, I'd like to know this: If all things were considered equal, and all players in baseball took anadrol and dbol and HGH - would he still be in the position that he is in today? Or would some one else, who is equally as talented naturally - possibly have reached this pinnacle as well?
5. The Yankees bench clearing was sort of funny to see. While I don't care for ARod - I still almost felt badly for him last night. And Roger Clemens…well, it's too bad that his retaliatory pitch didn't cost the Yankees the game. That, would've made it all worth while.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Requiem of a dream…

I've mentioned before that I've been having dreams that have been rather vivid. I either don't remember dreaming at all…or they're so real that I wake up thinking that it really happened.

Normally, there's only one or two key people in my dream that I know in "real life" - and normally I know why I'm dreaming the scenario. They're relatively easy to interpret.

But more often than not, my friends in the dream - are my friends in the dream, but no one I know in real life. Does that make sense?
So last night's dream was interesting.

My friends Lynne and Kathy M/D (friends in real life) and I flew to see a Red Sox game in Los Angeles. But no one was there really, it was practically empty. So we sat near the players dugout. Funny thing is, the stadium was like a little league field as opposed to a major league stadium. So, we're sitting near the players and of course, Jason Varitek was there. But he wasn't in uniform. He was wearing an orange shirt and jeans, as if it was like an "off day" for him. So anyway, of course I couldn't even look in his direction and my girlfriends kept trying to get him to notice me. They were like saying my name really loud and whatnot, and I just kept looking away. One of the girls spilled a drink and I looked over and saw him looking our way and laughing. Then he said "Hi Rebecca", but he mispronounced my name. It was like "Reb-ec-ca", sort of robotic and I said "that's not how you say my name!" and he laughed and said "I know, I was just trying to make you laugh". And then I looked at him and it was like a movie from my perspective - he was laughing and just smiling so happily, not at me - but with me. The next thing I remember, I'm clearly dating him but now he's a football player, and he's playing a game. I'm at a stadium and I’m with all the football players' wives - but they're far older than I am. And they keep clamoring around "Mrs. Shula". And I said, "oh, I love Shula's restaurant. Best steaks ever…everything's ala carte, and it's wonderful". Then one of the women says to me "she cooks it all herself you know". And I said "she cooks what?" and the woman replies "all the food at the restaurant. She does it all herself.." and I look at her shaking my head saying "that's impossible, one woman cant' cook all that food for multiple restaurants! You mean she created the menus, right?" ….and that's all I remember.

I can't for the life of me figure out what it means - if it means anything at all. Normally, a dream this vivid means something. Yet, this one's just so random. I mean what would I even try to look up?
It's not as if I can find an entry in the dream dictionary for "Jason Varitek"!
Go figure...

Monday, August 06, 2007

It's like my television threw up!

You know, I've often said I’m not a huge fan of reality shows, let alone those that focus on celebrities.
However, I found myself trying to watch A&E's "The Two Coreys".

Wow. If that isn't a horribly produced, overacted, not at all "real" reality show (wow, how's that for an oxymoron, is there really such a thing??) - I don't know what is.

It's almost as if it's a show that Corey Feldman figured was a way he could get his career jumpstarted, his wife who obviously and painfully is craving to be in the spotlight (remember on "The Surreal Life" how dramatic she was then?!?) obtain a career - and poor Corey Haim who is just a mess, revitalize his. And he is a mess…literally, figuratively and any other "ly" possible. It almost seems scripted in such a manner as to totally poke fun and ridicule the poor guy. And they're supposed to be friends? I'm thinking, "Corey with friends like these…you might be better off hanging with people who outwardly don't like you!"

I just don't understand how any network, especially A&E -- could put such a poorly produced and "acted" show on. I mean, MTV produces their shows pretty slickly, as does E!, or TLC. Even "Girls Next Door" is interesting because it gives us a peek into the pampered and fluffy life at the Playboy mansion. Who's not going to be intrigued by that, despite the lack of intelligence? The girls are beautiful, the mansion is even more beautiful - and it piques the curiousity.

But let's be honest here. "The Two Coreys' is no "Breaking Bonaduce".
I even think that "Scott Baio: 45 and still Single" is a better show than this one! And that one is pretty awful.

I, for one - would be perfectly happy if I never saw either Corey again.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Behind the curve....

So, I'm a little out of my usual "type A" self with my daughter's thank you cards. I haven't even ordered them yet, let alone send them out! I usually do a photo thank you card, and I just haven't settled on which photo I want to use. But I will decide by tomorrow night, I know that much.

Here's a little collage of the day's festivities. The weather cooperated, she had a ton of fun - and I cooked, and cooked...and cooked. There were a ton of pictures of me, clearly (ahem) inebriated, but I thought it best not to share those. What...can't a girl have a few drinks while she cooks?

Here's my Princess Petunia's 3rd birthday bash....

Friday, August 03, 2007

The summer sun's calling my name, I hear it now....

I just can't stay inside all day...

I did not want to come to work today.
If there ever, was a gorgeous perfect day - I'm thinking it's got to be today.
The beach is just screaming my name.
Why didn't I go?Well, the beach just isn't fun alone.

I mean, it can be…and it's not like I've never been alone. When I lived on the beach, what feels like a lifetime ago - I used to walk it every morning. And every night.
But how couldn't I, living right there?

But I don't know, to take the day off by myself to go just isn't the same I don't think. I'd much rather have someone to hang out with, you know?
Although now that I'm writing this, I'm thinking "duh. Of course I should've gone!".

Well, truthfully I have work to do today anyway so it's probably best that I didn't.
Besides, I have yoga at 3:30.
Yoga on the beach… there's an idea!

Fortunately, the weather forecast for this weekend is equally as nice - and I have a pool party tomorrow.
So looking forward to being a guest and just enjoying the weather!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

She's young now, she's wild now...she wants to be free!

If you were driving on 128 this morning and saw a blonde girl singing like a maniac - yeah, that was probably me. It was like a sing-along, feel good kind of music day in this girl's SUV today.

This is why I love satellite radio.
Where else can you hear the following songs?
(And in this order, might I add?)

More Than a Feeling - Boston
Southern Cross - Crosby Still and Nash
Cheeseburger in Paradise - Jimmy Buffett
The Stroke - Billy Squier
Magic Power - Truimph

If that little montage, and especially "Magic Power" doesn't make you want to sing out loud... then clearly you just don't love music -- and we need to talk.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Whistle while you work...

Last night's Pampered Chef party was alot of fun...a small group, but I haven't seen some of my girlfriends in so long. It was like a breath of fresh air to be able to just sit around the table and laugh, even if it was only for an hour or two.

Tomorrow we have the "office picnic" at work. I did the food shopping for it this afternoon which was a great way to get out of the office and enjoy the day. As much as I dreaded coming back, I was sort of antsy being away from the office for so long. I just felt as if I hadn't been here much today; partly because I hadn't - and partly because I had a relatively busy morning. I haven't been "busy" for so long, I almost hated to disturb the groove.

(Flashback to very fun 80's song, if you know what I mean...!)

I missed my yoga class because my appointment ran late, but I did manage to run. A little bit.
Need to run longer today.....Gotta get back into that groove for sure!

(Like, totally! No, kidding. That was a bad 80s flashback. Lived it once...dont' need to go back to it again!)