Friday, May 28, 2010

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine....

Today, my son had me in tears - but in the best possible way.

It was his final school concert, and was patriotic themed given the Memorial Day weekend. I'll be honest, since 9/11 - Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" gets me all teary eyed anyway; but to hear a group of children singing it, got the water works going a bit.

Then came "We are the World". Again, to hear little kids singing so proudly "we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving" literally just had me smiling with my eyes all watery.

And finally, they ended with "Peace Begins with Me" and I was just mush.

There's nothing like seeing children, so innocent and pure -- singing songs about hope and change; and then we as adults sit back, and see hope and change in them. Maybe they will be the generation to take heed to the lyrics they sang today.

So, in addition to the pride I felt in seeing my son on his performance day -- I felt a surge of hope for our future. Because maybe, just maybe -- it will be my son, who some how changes the world.

Even if it's only his small corner of it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it....

So this morning, my new SUV was delivered to me at work.
When my dealer was giving me the tour of the updated features, he opened the trunk and I swear to God, a chours of angels were singing. The inside interior is the most gorgeous almond color that in the sun, has a sheen of gold in it.

It's Black Sapphire Pearl and is so flipping sharp looking!! I was far more excited than I thought I would be. It's funny, I've always had certified pre-owned which is pretty darn close to new; but now that I've got new -- it's definitely a little different. I've never had a car that didn't have some semblence of ding, or dent - or at minimum, a slight discoloration of the carpet. I've never had that new car smell that didn't come out of an aerosol can.

I was literally afraid to drive it at first.

Mmmm, yeah... I got over that real quick.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow!! Traffic, anyone?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thoughts of the day....

1. Loving the fact that the Captain is back to full time employment. Call me crazy, but I'd say that the team looks far more cohesive and solid with him behind the plate. So this girl is not sad that Victor has a bruised toe.

2. I can't believe that Christina cancelled her tour! So, last night I was this close to buying 5th row seats and now I'm glad I waited. Though I'm incredibly disappointed, I'm hoping that she reschedules closer to my birthday. I could use a little fun celebration....
2a. And now, no midweek jaunt to Mohegan Sun? No fun or pampering...? Say it isn't so!

3. I'm getting a new SUV tomorrow! I've never had a NEW vehicle; I've always had used or certified pre-owned and they rocked. But this time it's a brand spanking new one - and to have lowered my payment by $50.oo a month, does it get any better than that? It's Black Sapphire, and it's gorgeous. So exciting.

4. It's Memorial Day weekend, and rumor has it -- no rain! That only happens in these parts every couple of years, so it's pretty exciting. I'm gardening on Saturday, getting that postage stamp of a garden is getting some love this weekend and I can't wait. Tomatoes, and onions and garlic - oh my!

Monday, May 24, 2010

She was so young with such innocent eyes,she always dreamt of a fairytale life

I am so excited.
My girl Christina is going on tour.... and I am going.

Of course, this isn't etched in stone because I don't have my tickets yet. I'm dragging my feet because while I was hoping to score 1st row -- I discovered the first row and "meet and greet" seats are gone, much to my dismay. So now, I'm trying to determine if I should get the Platinum Package guaranteed 1-10 rows, or try to get those rows myself.

Mohegan Sun.....or Verizon Center?
(I'm thinking Mohegan...a little gambling, a little pampering, a little relaxation. Just sayin'....)

Decisions, decisions.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday, Baby....

My baby boy is 9 today.
Hard to imagine how quickly time flies. Born 4 weeks early, he practically fit in my hand and forearm....he was such an alert and quiet newborn. He slept all night - and was awake most of the day and was just so.....content.

He hasn't changed much, outside of obviously being bigger - and starting to test the waters of life. He's basically still so content; he's a thinker, introspective and sensitive.

I nicknamed him "Peanut butter cup" within the first few days of his birth, and the name is still used. At night time I usually finish the day with "good night Peanut Butter Cup". It's a fitting name, given that peanut butter cups are one of my very favorite things.

I couldn't be any luckier to have him for a son... and can't wait to see what kind of a person he grows up to be.

Happy Birthday Peanut butter cup....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Feeling like a romantic...

Love, love, love Linda Eder -- and there are few songs greater than this; her voice is spectacular, and she makes you feel as if you were there in Vienna, and that the song might just have been about you.


PS: Yes, this is the Hatshell in Boston on the 4th of July.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Same old story, same old song and dance my friend.....

It's funny how times change, years go by....and yet some things stay the same.

Princess Petunia is soon to be 6. Her new favorite game to play is "Old Mary Mack".

"Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack
All dressed in black, black, black
With silver buttons, buttons, buttons
All down her back, back, back.
She asked her mother, mother, mother
For fifty cents, cents, cents
To see the elephant, elephant, elephant
Jump over the fence, fence, fence.
He jumped so high, high, high
He reached the sky, sky, sky
He never came back, back back
'Til the 4th of July, ly, ly!"

It completely got me thinking of another game we played that I don't quite remember all the words to:

"Down town baby, down by the rollercoaster, sweet sweet baby, never gonna let you go, just because I kissed you, doesn't mean I love you....shimmy shimmy coco puff, shimmy shimmy pow! Shimmy shimmy coco puff, shimmy shimmy pow!"

Which totally gets me thinking of playing Cats Cradle with some yarn...or Chinese Jump Rope.

See being a parent, you get to relive being a child all over again....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Six degrees of separation....

Let me paint a little picture for you....

My aunt who was staying with me lives in the Central Florida area. She had offered for me to come and stay with her when I graudated high school so that I could potentially attend Florida state schools as a resident -- an offer I didn't take her up on.

So, the other night as we were sitting watching the Sox game -- she asks "Is Jason Varitek playing tonight?" to which I reply rather sadly "no...the "other guy" is playing". So she says "I remember when he was little and they went to the Little League World Series. He's really a hero in the town." (Insert my absolute dumbfounded look here. My aunt continues...) "A went to school with him, they're in the same grade." A is my cousin, and oh my God - he knows him?!?! Even if only by brushing by him in the hallways in school.

I was this close to possibly being the love of his life!
If only I took up my aunts offer....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Onwards and upwards....

So, yesterday I found the perfect spot for an even further North Shore location for another store location. At our favorite beach spot, an unbelievable space is available. It's incredibly tempting not to go for it - the location is practically turnkey, and it could be open in under a month; but.... it's probably not smart to do so just yet. It's difficult to be in two places at once, and this location is so out of the way. Maybe a year from now it could work but now probably isnt the best timing. But you know how I am -- and the wheels are always spinning.

I'm really exhausted at the moment. On top of my Mom's funeral this past Friday, it seems I've caught a cold. It started with G and seemed to have run it's course through everyone here - and I'm still battling it myself. It's just making me very tired, and of course the stress of the last few weeks hasn't helped any.

One of the best things of this past week was getting to spend time with one of my aunts who stayed at my house. I haven't spent more than a day with her since I was little because she moved when I was so young. It was really very pleasant having her with us -- and the kids truly enjoyed her company. Princess Petunia was very sad when we dropped her off at the airport tonight. We're hoping to persuade her to come visit this Christmas....

Now is definitely a time for me to get back to yoga. It wasn't plausible the last few weeks but now I truly could use finding center and balance.

Now more than ever......

Sunday, May 09, 2010

In memory of....

Who is a Mother?

She is the first person we ever know in life; in reality, we know her before we are even actually born.

She is the person who teaches you that kisses are medicine, and that "boo boos" don't last forever.

She is the person who says you are the prettiest girl in the world, even when you don't feel like you are. She's your biggest cheerleader, encouraging you to try anything -- the worst that can happen is that you don't succeed -- and that there's no shame in that.

She believes in you, even if she doesn't believe in herself....

A mother dedicates songs to you....sings your praises and doesn't stand in judgement.

A mother teaches you how to sit up straight and face forward at the dinner table; not to eat with your mouth open, and to always eat a little "no thank you" helping when dining at another person's house even if you don't necessarily love the options for dinner.

A mother opens her house to your friends, and fills your heart with stories of her youth and how she can relate to what you're going through.

A mother lets you learn your lessons in life, and makes no excuses for you.

A mother is all this and more. There is so much that a mother is, and that a mother does -- and there is very little that can be written that isn't merely just a scratch on the surface.

"I'm Just a Girl"'s Mom
7/3/1949 - 5/8/2010

"If love could've saved would never have died"

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Teach your children well.....

Last night, our local Fox news channel did an expose on whether children are being de-sensitized to overtly mature media at either the checkout stands in the local markets, in music videos or on the internet.

As most of you who follow my blogging already know - I've addressed those very subjects as recently as last week regarding music -- and last October regarding the checkout counter at the supermarket. I've also made it quite clear that I don't feel teenagers belong on any social networking sites. (Feel free to seach my blog on said topics and you'll see my arguements much clearer on each subject.)

Here's the only gripe I have with the piece that was done: while the parents who complained had every right to do so -- they were quick to place blame on the outlets upon which these items are found; yet they did not discuss their own efforts to prevent the access from taking place.

Mentioning how the internet has "roulette chat" rooms where children accidentally stumbled upon an adult site while researching homework was one issue that surprised me. Not that the sites are there -- but where are the filters placed upon the home computer so that these "accidents" can't happen?

Listen, I can't control how supermarkets position the more mature magazines or how musicians write their songs. I'm not trying to keep my children in a bubble, however I am trying to keep their innocence in mature subjects for as long as I can. My children are 9 and 6 -- this should not be an unrealistic goal. And while I can not control what they do outside of my own home as they get older and are able to venture alone to their friend's homes -- I absolutely can control what goes in my home.

There are firewalls that can be placed upon a computer that prevent access to any site that is even remotely inappropriate. The one I use is so strict - that just about everything is locked down. If they even attempt to go to a site - even accidentally - that is inappropriate, the site is blocked. My children then ask me about the site they want to go on. I review it - and then if I choose to allow it, I can unblock for increments of time so that it's not a blanket permission access. Best of all -- it's a free utility. It costed me nothing but my time and effort.

I've never felt that my children should be allowed to go on the internet for social aspects; but with WebKinz and third grade requirements -- they're on it more than I'd have preferred -- so I made absolutely sure that they can't go where I don't want them to. Curiousity is perfectly healthy and normal as well, but that doesn't mean I have to condone it by feigning ignorance and leaving my computer vulnerable to access, and my children exposed.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm banging the lazy parenting drum. If you don't want your child to be exposed to certain things -- block them. There are parental blocks on cable and that includes music videos; block the age group you feel is appropriate leveling. Sure, some things you might allow might be blocked too - but you can unlock by individual choice at the appropriate time. Same goes for the internet; don't complain about what's out there -- lock the whole thing down and you won't have that issue about them seeing anything inappropriate.

We have choices to make as parents of people who want to grow up and be happy, healthy and productive in society. Make the choice to be an involved parent - maybe even strict by today's standards -- and I'm sure your children will thank you for it in the long run.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Come and play, everything's A-okay....

Today I was "Chaperone Mom" for Princess Petunia's field trip.

We were both so excited for it....and it was a lot of fun. We went to ULowell's auditorium for a show with Hot Peas & Butter. The funny thing was neither one of us knew who they were, until they sang one of their songs that we recognized from the television channel Noggin. So bizarre to be 30-something years old and with a bunch of kindergarteners and I'm the one looking around saying "Oh my God -- we know this song!!!". (Holds up fingers in the shape of an "L" in front of my forehead. Just sayin'....)

Nothing says Excedrin and a stiff cup of coffee like a bus ride with 4o screaming kindergarteners.
I'd have loved to have been a teacher; but I might have passed on the bus rides.....

Monday, May 03, 2010

She says she talks to angels....says they all know her name.

The situation with my Mother isn't really going well and unfortunately, I think we are going to be saying our final goodbyes in the very near future.

In an effort to be proactive regarding the visiting hours at my house, I called one of my girlfriends who has a catering business; I figured if I can determine in advance what I might need, it would be just a matter of making a phone call and that's one less detail to think about.

It's so funny, I know my girlfriend really well; granted, our lives are both insanely busy so we don't visit often but we talk on the phone at least once a month to catch up and say hi. Between her catering business and her family - and my store and my own family, both of us barely have time to breathe it seems. Anyway, my point being that as I was on the phone with her to plan some catering, she mentioned that she volunteers in her spare time (free time? I have no idea where this girl would squeeze free time in, she's flat out! But when it comes to certain things you make the time and that's the truth; sometimes socializing just doesn't place as high on the list as sharing yourself with others, but I digress....) at a hospice facility nearby, and if I needed any help possibly getting my Mom into such a facility she might be able to assist.

I was so touched and almost in awe of her selflessness. Volunteering and sharing of oneself is a gift - and no matter what field it's in -- it's a treasure to the recipient. But how often do you hear of people volunteering at hospice? The kindness and compassion that is in a person's heart, to spend time with people so that they don't have to be alone at a time that is less than comfortable and often scary - to me is amazing.

And truly, it's not a surprise to me that she would be the one to do this. She's truly that nice of a person, and one that I'm just honored to have in my life.