Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Come and play, everything's A-okay....

Today I was "Chaperone Mom" for Princess Petunia's field trip.

We were both so excited for it....and it was a lot of fun. We went to ULowell's auditorium for a show with Hot Peas & Butter. The funny thing was neither one of us knew who they were, until they sang one of their songs that we recognized from the television channel Noggin. So bizarre to be 30-something years old and with a bunch of kindergarteners and I'm the one looking around saying "Oh my God -- we know this song!!!". (Holds up fingers in the shape of an "L" in front of my forehead. Just sayin'....)

Nothing says Excedrin and a stiff cup of coffee like a bus ride with 4o screaming kindergarteners.
I'd have loved to have been a teacher; but I might have passed on the bus rides.....

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