Monday, May 24, 2010

She was so young with such innocent eyes,she always dreamt of a fairytale life

I am so excited.
My girl Christina is going on tour.... and I am going.

Of course, this isn't etched in stone because I don't have my tickets yet. I'm dragging my feet because while I was hoping to score 1st row -- I discovered the first row and "meet and greet" seats are gone, much to my dismay. So now, I'm trying to determine if I should get the Platinum Package guaranteed 1-10 rows, or try to get those rows myself.

Mohegan Sun.....or Verizon Center?
(I'm thinking Mohegan...a little gambling, a little pampering, a little relaxation. Just sayin'....)

Decisions, decisions.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter said Mohegan Sun is a lot of fun! She has had a few "work" conferences there. :)
Thanks for coming to my site!