Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Summer, summer summertime....""

This summer has been pretty laid back and relatively quiet. 
I didn't take the kids on nearly any of the adventures I'd hoped for.  They were okay with it; I wasn't.
I worked all summer!  With the new shop I was working more than I'd anticipated this summer, because we ended up bringing in a component that requires me to deliver fresh food from a third party twice a week.  Ugh....

In July, I said to G that we needed to get away.  Even if it was a long weekend - we needed to regroup as a family and laugh, and have fun. It's been a tough year for us all with the new store, some deaths in the family, etc - and the 4 of us just needed to have fun with each other. So, we started looking for a beach house.  And we looked everywhere from Rhode Island to Maine - everything as I'm sure you'd imagine was already booked.  So, we thought maybe we'd take the kids to Disney....?  A quick 5 day trip before school.  And as we were pontificating this,  we got a call from a realtor about a cancellation on a beachfront property - were we interested?  Were we interested?!  Hell yes we were!

The week that was available was the same week that we had family staying with us for a long weekend, so we told them - and they were psyched because they could join us for 2 days.  And of course, we extended the invite to our sisters/sisters in law/brothers/etc - which made for a really fun time!  But before we left for the beach - we had a small family reunion at our house.  It's been just a crazy busy 8 days of parties for us all... concerts, amusement parks, parties, beach house - does it get any better?

Were we exhausted when we got home?  You betcha!
But it was in a great way....and I can't wait to do it again.
Next time will be a 2 week trip. 

"Namaste....bitches. " - Dina Manzo RHONJ

Today I got to spend some time with the parents of one of my daughters friends.  I really like them, and they invited me to stay a while when I dropped her off for some playtime. It was nice, we were talking about a variety of things; but we definitely focused for a while on temperments and personalities, both of our children and ourselves.

It reminded me of all the different epiphanies I've had over the last 12 years or so; how choosing your battles and "accepting the things you can not change" are some of the hardest things to do sometimes!  Realizing that the mantra of  "don't sweat the small stuff - it's all small stuff" was true and applying it to my life as often as I could - was no easy task.  But it's been well worth it. 

Yoga, as I explained to her mom - helped tremendously with that.  Not only the physical aspect that allows you to "free your mind, and the rest will follow" -but in the spiritual aspect that yoga brings.  It just inspires you to be the best you possible; it's hard to explain that to someone who never practiced because I know that it sounds all cultish - but it's really true.  You want to eat better, live better, and just be happier overall.

Will I ever get back to my mat?  I certainly hope so.
Only time will tell.....

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wherever you lay your heart - thats your home....

Tonight as I was cleaning up from grilling dinner, I was walking around the yard and just taking it all in.  More often than not when I'm home, I'm still running crazy - as most of us moms are:  laundry, cooking, cleaning, breaking up arguements - whatever the case may be.  It's not often that I'm in my yard alone, let alone not running around.

I really just love our home.  I mean, wherever we have lived I've enjoyed because well, it's ours.  But I'm really happy with our little slice of quiet.  I love listening the the birds sing, and hearing animals like foxes and coyotes late at night when they've caught something or are just calling to each other.  We were literally carved out of the woods, and I just find that awesome. 

No house is perfection (unless your in the OC or BH - but that's a whole other kind of living!) and there's things that we'd all like to change about the roof over our head.  But we really have such a nice lot -- and it's something that while sure we could always find another house - we'd never find another quiet space like this, here in the town we live in. 

I just love it.....