Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wherever you lay your heart - thats your home....

Tonight as I was cleaning up from grilling dinner, I was walking around the yard and just taking it all in.  More often than not when I'm home, I'm still running crazy - as most of us moms are:  laundry, cooking, cleaning, breaking up arguements - whatever the case may be.  It's not often that I'm in my yard alone, let alone not running around.

I really just love our home.  I mean, wherever we have lived I've enjoyed because well, it's ours.  But I'm really happy with our little slice of quiet.  I love listening the the birds sing, and hearing animals like foxes and coyotes late at night when they've caught something or are just calling to each other.  We were literally carved out of the woods, and I just find that awesome. 

No house is perfection (unless your in the OC or BH - but that's a whole other kind of living!) and there's things that we'd all like to change about the roof over our head.  But we really have such a nice lot -- and it's something that while sure we could always find another house - we'd never find another quiet space like this, here in the town we live in. 

I just love it.....

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