Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Summer, summer summertime....""

This summer has been pretty laid back and relatively quiet. 
I didn't take the kids on nearly any of the adventures I'd hoped for.  They were okay with it; I wasn't.
I worked all summer!  With the new shop I was working more than I'd anticipated this summer, because we ended up bringing in a component that requires me to deliver fresh food from a third party twice a week.  Ugh....

In July, I said to G that we needed to get away.  Even if it was a long weekend - we needed to regroup as a family and laugh, and have fun. It's been a tough year for us all with the new store, some deaths in the family, etc - and the 4 of us just needed to have fun with each other. So, we started looking for a beach house.  And we looked everywhere from Rhode Island to Maine - everything as I'm sure you'd imagine was already booked.  So, we thought maybe we'd take the kids to Disney....?  A quick 5 day trip before school.  And as we were pontificating this,  we got a call from a realtor about a cancellation on a beachfront property - were we interested?  Were we interested?!  Hell yes we were!

The week that was available was the same week that we had family staying with us for a long weekend, so we told them - and they were psyched because they could join us for 2 days.  And of course, we extended the invite to our sisters/sisters in law/brothers/etc - which made for a really fun time!  But before we left for the beach - we had a small family reunion at our house.  It's been just a crazy busy 8 days of parties for us all... concerts, amusement parks, parties, beach house - does it get any better?

Were we exhausted when we got home?  You betcha!
But it was in a great way....and I can't wait to do it again.
Next time will be a 2 week trip. 

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