Thursday, January 31, 2008

A little more on music...

So it's been some time since I've given some musical recommendations, and though I listed a few yesterday - I thought I'd expound upon it a little further today.

Yes, Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson are definitely two of my latest favorites. But, there are some others that are well worth passing along.

Kate Voegele: Only Fooling Myself, Kindly Unspoken.
I really love creative lyricists, and while I don't know if she writes her own lyrics - her voice is soulful enough that I believe she really means what she's singing. Really like her.

John Legend: Ordinary People, Someday
What can I say about John Legend that isn't already known? He is nothing short of amazing. He reminds me a little of Alicia Keys which sounds odd because he's clearly a "boy", but I think that while Alicia is America's "darling", I can only take so much of her. I prefer to listen to John Legend over and over again.

Fergie: Mary Jane Shoes
Okay, maybe this song just means more to me because I love, love, love Mary Jane shoes. So, while the song itself is certainly nothing to write home about - it makes this girl smile anyway.

Uptown Girls: I'm Losing You
This 1986 remake of this classic Motown song is awesome. I can only find it on Limewire - but if you like that song - this is a version that can not be missed. Great song to run to, by the way. Definitely add this to your workout playlist.

Have any good recommendations? I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whew! That was close...

I'm sending a huge "thank you" to the Woburn police officer who was kind enough not to pull me over on my way to work this morning.

As I was driving (or flying) on the Commerce Way cut through to 128 (and, talking on my cell phone, truth be told) - I noticed him peeking out of a parking lot on my right -- with a speed gun. As soon as I saw him, I immediately slowed down to a crawl, put the phone down and mouthed the words "I'm sorry!" as he watched me drive by. I said to the person I was talking to "I'm so getting pulled over right now..." but fortunately -- he let me go. I'm thinking either I wasn't going fast enough over the posted speed limit for him to be concerned with (which is entirely possible - I'd find it hard to believe I was going much faster than 40MPH which is what is posted); or, he was just okay with the fact that I clearly acknowledged his presence and slowed down.

Either way -- thank you, thank you, thank you!

Latest musical "must haves" on this girl's IPOD:

Sara Bareilles. Recommendation: Skip "Love Songs", though cute -doesn't even come close to "Between the Lines". That song is nothing short of amazing.

Ingrid Michaelson. Recommendation: "Keep Breathing".

Patty Griffin. Recommendation: "MLK Song". And the ever favorite:
"Every little bit". It's a classic but so darn good.

And last, but not least - here's a picture of my friend Jess & I from Fenway Park at the EMC Club...Tampa vacation pics to come soon!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things I learned on vacation....

1. Logan Airport is so dark and depressing in comparison to so many
other airports
. And I've been to plenty of them, believe me. I just
came back from Tampa and let me tell you - it's almost embarrassing to
see Logan. I mean, some terminals are really nice, and the restaurants
and what not are good - but truly, Massport should take a lesson from
some of these other airports. They are nothing short of beautiful.

2. Everything in Tampa and the surrounding suburbs is fast food style.
This really surprised me -- it's all strip malls, retail stores, giant
malls, fast food and drive through. Very little "industry" to speak of.
No professional buildings, or doctors offices. Even the medical clinics
are in strip malls. And there are pawn shops and bail bondsmen shops
everywhere!! There's even drive through liquor stores which totally
blew me away! Who ever heard of such a thing?!? So very different from
the lifestyle up here in MA. I'd never really spent any time in Tampa
and it's perfect for shopping!! There's no shortage of anything there,
which isn't a bad thing. Love Jamba Juice -- best smoothies ever, and
I'm hoping that they come some place close to me soon! And "Bright
Smile" - the teeth whitening you can get done in a doctor's office - is
at the mall for $99. $250 less than at the dentist!! I want to go back
for that alone! Not that my teeth aren't white, but who couldn't use a
little more brightness?

3. Hyenas are far larger in person than I ever expected them to be! We
went to Busch Gardens Africa while we were there (I'll post a few
pictures this week!) and two of my favorite animals are there. They
aren't the most beautiful in the jungle - but beauty is in the eye of
the beholder, no? I love, love, love Wildebeast and Hyenas. And they
were both there!!! I just had no idea how large Hyenas truly are; when
you see them on television you don't really get a great perspective, but
seeing them right up close and personal - - they are far larger than I
had thought. All of the animals at Busch Gardens were very active, or
rather interactive -- including the lions who were just magnificent
looking. All the animals just seemed very happy and interested in
seeing people which was really quite nice.

4. Shipping your luggage is the best way to travel. Instead of taking
the carry-on luggage on the plane, we shipped it home. Works out great
because we packed clothes that are off season from what we need here at
home, so it's not as if we're missing anything. And we took home all of
our toiletry stuff in a duffel bag. No fuss, no muss out of the airport
-- into the taxi and off we went. FedEx is relatively inexpensive and
truly so worth it. You can send your stuff to your destination even --
days in advance so that it's there when you arrive. I think I'll be
doing that from now on. My parents gave me the idea and you know what -
it really works!

5. The Superbowl is just as big this year down South -- as it is up
I don't know if it's because Florida has so many Boston people?
Or because it's football in general. But it was the topic of
conversation every where we went, and on television as well. Not just
on the national channels either. That really surprised me. And, we ran
into lots of Giants fans as well which was pretty fun.

And on that note, those were my "lessons learned" from my vacation!
Being so close to Fort Myers (sorta) made me long for baseball and Spring Training. My parents live so close that I'm really tempted to go down this year to catch a game. Rumor this a.m. is that the Santana talks have heated up...though I haven't had the chance to blog surf just yet - I guess two pitching prospects went to the White
Sox I think?? They were traded I'm not sure where that puts us in the aspect of anything. But as much as I'm looking forward to the Superbowl - I'm also looking forward to baseball once again!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And she's off...!

So, I gave into the impulse at the very severe prodding of both my cousin who was feverishly scouring EBAY for me in an effort to find those boots again; and my two girlfriends at work who persuaded me to leave work an hour and 15 minutes early to drive feverishly down to Wrentham to purchase them.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of Black Ugg Fluff Mommas. If you still aren't sure what they are, Google that term and voila - you shall see.

They are very ugly, fluffy, pretentious, gaudy, decadent and so showy --and they are so very different from anything that I would traditionally buy; but they are so flipping comfortable - and I love the fact that they aren't really "me". How fun!!

And on that note, this girl is officially on hiatus until Tuesday...!
(No it's not my own personal writers's a vacation! Woohoo!)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Give in to the impulse!

So, yesterday I went to my favorite place in the world - Wrentham
Outlets ( - with my cousin.
Can I just tell you? I cleaned up...I had unbelievable, unbelievable

First stop: Burberry. Where I bought myself this little number: -- for a mere $48.00.
Not. Too. Shabby.

Then, off to Uggs. Where I found THE BEST pair of black, furry boots.
You know the ones that Pam Anderson, Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey
always wear? They had them in Pink (
g) which is just a bit over the top for me stylewise - for $75. But
they did have one pair, in black (much more functional!) in my size --
for $125. And I had this AMEX gift card in my pocket just BURNING A
HOLE to buy them. But I thought, "now that's not too practical" - and
considering I was there specifically for Williams Sonoma to buy dishes,
which IS practical....I put them back with a sigh and thought "if
they're meant to be, they'll be there when I'm done and on my way to the
truck". Not that I couldn't have just bought the bullet and purchased
them, however...I am going on a vacation this week so truly, I should
save some money.

An Ann Taylor ( pitstop always makes a girl feel good.
I found a navy on navy pinstripe skirt for $6.77 - and a pretty light
teal wrap front sweater for $9.99. Tada!

Moving on to Strasburg Children. (
This is a store that has the most gorgeous children's clothing -
especially if you're a fan of crisp cotton and detailed smocking; but
unless you're Katie Holmes - one can't afford to dress their child in
these clothes on a regular basis. Maybe an occasional special occasion
item, my cousin says "let's go in just for fun". Well - let me
tell you, their clearance section is "to die for". I spent $25.00 --
and got my daughter 4 outfits, a pair of shorts and a hairbow. My
reciept said I saved "$188.00". Clearance + another 30%. Moms, don't
walk -- run to their clearance sale. Not sure how much longer it's

Next stop: Coach. ( Because now I'm thinking, "if I'm
going to skip buying dishes, and buy those fun boots, wouldn't it make
sense for me to indulge in a Coach bag. Far more practical than fun
boots!" Only problem was, every bag I went towards was $300-$400. The
ones that I would've spent the $100 on, over and above my gift card --
were too small. I couldn't commit. My cousin however, did find a
fabulous scarf for $25.o0. If that isn't a deal....?

And finally...Williams Sonoma. ( Where I
found the prettiest dishes! I picked out 8 black & bisque colored
plates, with 8 coordinating salad/soup bowls in bisque with a pretty
raised pattern on the edges - and then 8 salad plates that were cream
with a beautiful rooster on them that has bright colors and really just
bring the whole setting to life. Plus, a coordinating Pasta Bowl in the
same pattern as the soup/salad bowls. And...2 boxes of Peanut Butter
Meltaways. (YUM!) Total damage to the AMEX gift card: $75.00!

Which meant I had $25.00+ on the gift card...which meant I'd only have
to pay $100.00 for the boots....which meant....I was buying them.
Except I didn't. Because they're not practical, and January is always a
financially difficult month with holiday bills - if this was March, it
would be a no-brainer! But I'm going on vacation this week...and truly,
the timing just isn't right. Besides, I bought my very practical

So while I was in the shower this morning, I started thinking about
those boots. And how sure, I'd only wear them 5-6 times a year; but how
often will I use those dishes? The kids can't use them, they'll break;
and how often do I actually have people over for dinner where it isn't a
holiday? Not nearly as often as I'd, let's say I use the
dishes, 5-6 times a year. And while I love, love, love my dishes....not
all that practical anymore, are they? As a matter of fact, they are
about as practical as those fun boots I wanted to buy.

Which means the moral of the story, is the title of my story. Give in
to the'll be thankful that you did!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

How much fun did I have last night?


First off, Jessica and I laughed our heads off all night long. We always have a good time together, but last night for some reason we just really enjoyed ourselves. Partly because of the magic of being at Fenway...partly because of the crowd of people we were with...and partly because well, we're just funny girls.

I've been inside Fenway Park many times; but I've never been in the park when it's closed or at the EMC Club. The sight of the park when you walk in the door from Yawkee Way was just, pretty spectacular. For someone who's never been to Fenway (like Jess), it was awesome for her. The food was fantastic. Truly very nice. I had food envy actually; I ordered the halibut and lobster, which was served with a delicious squash puree -- Jess ordered the steak, which is normally what I would order, yet didn't. The steak was about 2.5 inches thick, and though it was sirloin, was cut as if it was a center filet and truthfully, tender enough to use a butter knife to cut with. There was a delicious potato augratin square that was out of this world, and I know this because one of the girls serving us saw me admiring it on Jess' plaste -- and was nice enough to surprise me with a serving of it! So needless to say, the service was very accomodating. And Toasted Head Chardonnay as the "house" wine is a relatively decent selection; often even upscale locations will chintz on their house wine so it was a glass of wine that was enjoyable to drink.

We took a bunch of pictures - and a few I'll post throughout the week. This one I want to share today; it's a photo of myself and "El Tiante" - Luis Tiante! While I wasn't really old enough to remember him playing (I think I might have been 6 his last year with the Sox) - I certainly know who he is! And it was so very kind of him to take the time to be at this event, signing autographs and taking photos. I get that it's part of the whole "alumni" responsibility -- but he was really very funny, and kind - taking the time to chit chat with those who really gushed and went on and on -- which was really nice to watch.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hot, cold - and everything in between!

It is so cold in my office at work --- we have a centralized standup
spaceheater. But it's not working all that well, truthfully. I'm in a
turtleneck, jeans and boots -- and I'm so cold that I'm sweating trying
to stay warm. That awful cold sweat...ugh. And my hands, are blue.
With my "Suzi says Da" polish on my nails, my hands look

So, my little chiquita banana head (one of my many nicknames for my
daughter) is sick. She's had a fever for three days now, and a runny
nose/cough -- I was suspicious of an ear infection. We'll be
travelling in the next week and I certainly don't want her to be
uncomfortable while we en route, so it's much better to "nip it in the
bud" so to speak. Turns out that while she doesn't have an ear
infection, she does have an upper respiratory infection -which in her
case, often leads to an ear infection - so the pediatrician placed her
on Amoxicillan. She loves the stuff, so I'm glad to know that she will
be better in 48 hours - and she will love every minute of that medicine.

So looking forward to this weekend... Tomorrow, taking it easy with the
kids -- cooking/baking for: Playoff party on Sunday. Got some friends
coming over so that should be a good time. And I'm always happy when
I'm cooking, so... Then Monday, I do believe I am going to hit the
Wrentham Outlets for a bit. Williams I come! And who
knows, maybe a small Coach bag or accessory for myself. Funny, I was
talking with a friend today about my Coach gym bag -- it's total
knockoff. But I love it, it looks good and is functional - outside of
the gaping hole in the lining that tore away from the side. Well, what
do you want for $30? But at the same time, the Coach outlet has some
really great sales and bargains, so I'm thinking maybe....something
totally frivolous for me. Not a gym bag, but maybe a fun bag. We'll
see. I just have such a hard time spending a large amount of money on
something so not practical as a purse, you know what I mean? I guess
that's one of my many drawbacks....I've always been too practical. Oh
well. There are certainly worse drawbacks to be had.

And then of course tonight is the Fenway Park dinner party. So looking
forward to it. Found a perfect dress at Ann Taylor - on clearance no
less (SCORE!) - and I can't wait to wear it. You know, when you're a
girl - sometimes you can be going someplace as simple as work, or even
the corner store -- but if you're wearing an outfit you love, or a great
pair of makes your whole day or night just...perfect.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How psyched am I?

Pretty darn psyched, I have to say.
(This is my post for tomorrow...but since I can't post photos via email, I'm posting it today!)

Last Friday at work, I was invited to attend an Anniversary Party for a company that I used to work for. We've always stayed on excellent terms - they're always hoping to find a way to hire me back - and they're always very generous in their invitations to their parties. I don't always get to attend, but this one - I will be going to. My friend Jessica was invited as well - as she's a former "alumni" and on good terms as well.

They're having it at Fenway Park! How very fun is that?!? We've been told to bring our cameras because we'll be able to be in sections of the park that aren't normally available to people, and as the quote on the invite said "you never know how might make an appearance". Now, truthfully I don't expect anyone from the team to take time from their busy personal schedules to come visit a small Department of Defense contractor's anniversary party (hint, hint, Jason Varitek if you're free that night....!), but one never knows. If nothing else, I should get some fun pictures of Jess and I at Fenway -- and have a great dinner at what I'm guessing is the EMC Club -- unless there's a luxury suite that's been made available to them.
Personally, I don't care where it's at -- I'm just happy to be going.

A girl in love with a gleam in her eye....

As I've mentioned many times before, I am a serious Sirius radio junkie.
I love, love, love my commutes to and from work because those are the
times that I really get to kick back and enjoy music with no commercial
interruptions. This is of course, when I'm not listening to Sports
Radio -- but generally speaking I am almost always found listening to my
satellite transmission. I'm a bonafide music buff, songaholic and lyric
master. My affection for music knows no genres. I'm as
enthralled by the angelic voice of Josh Groban --- as I am with a
classic Metallica song. (Pre "Black" album, preferably.)

I have many "favorite" stations on Sirius depending on what my mood is
for any given day. While I love to say that I'm "stuck in the 80s",
truth be told - I don't listen to the 80's station all that frequently.
But this morning, something made me change from my Coffee House Acoustic
station, to the Big 80s. Mark Goodman (remember classic MTV?) was
leading in a song that was about to air, and I was just about to switch
the station when the song title flashed on my display: "When you close
your eyes -- Night Ranger". That's it -- I was stuck back in the 80's
listening to what was once a "favorite" song of mine. The voices of
Jack Blades and Kelly Keagy just beg you to sing along. Which of
course...I did. Many times. And loudly. (In case you didn't know,
Sirius has the wonderful capability of rewinding a song so that you can
listen to it as many times as you'd like to. I always take advantage of
that little perk!)

This song just makes you feel happy. And of course, it brought me back
to a time where there was truly nothing but happiness. My life was
embedded in music, sports, and my friends. This song reminds me of when
I tried out for cheerleading and was waiting to see if I made the squad.
When nothing mattered to me more than whether Terry O'Reilly was
retiring - or if Gord Kluzak was going to make a comeback from his knee
injury. I lived and died by MTV and WBCN, and what concerts might be
coming to town. My friends were local musicians, athletes, and I was
the "star" of my high school drama club -- competing at the Drama Guild

This one song flooded me with those specific memories. Any other song
on any other day might trigger different ones. But those were the ones
that song brought into the foreground of my mind this morning.

So if you were driving along 128 South during the early hours of the
morning commute, and saw a blonde girl singing her heart out while
driving along.....well, that girl just might have been me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random thoughts for Tuesday....

1.  Tina Cervasio is leaving NESN?  I'm not sure if the rumors are true - but if so, then NESN just might be looking for another Red Sox kinda gal -- and I would love love love to be the one to fill those shoes.  Okay, realistically - it probably won't happen since I doubt I'd even get an interview.  However, one can only hope - so I will be incessantly emailing my resume and headshot in to see if they'll entertain an interview.   Listen, I know about baseball -- I can smile pretty for the camera -- and I even can write my own leads, bits and any other pieces as necessary.

2. Scott Baio is even stupider pregnant at 46.  His poor daugther is going to watch these shows of her parents and think "Dad, you are SUCH a jerk".  I don't know why I'm watching it…and yet I am.  What I am sort of enjoying in that "car wreck" kind of way -- is "Celebrity Rehab".  It's a sad state to see so many people who have had the opportunity to do something good with their life that most people don't have the option to try -- and then throw it away over drugs.  And with the whole "Britney" fiasco that monopolizes the news (I’m sorry, Larry King needs to stop obsessing over this!) it is truly a sad state of affairs that this country is in with drug use and abuse.  But, it's guilty pleasure television.  I try to watch pretty intelligent entertainment or sports most of the time, so truly - it's okay to indulge occasionally in a little celebrity obnoxiousness.

3.  I'm so digging this new magazine that was sent to me.  "Motherwords" is a North Shore based magazine for Moms in the area.  I've got to tell you - this is a slickly produced magazine.  Not sure how to subscribe - because there isn't any of that information in here, but I’m going to email and inquire about it.  It's debut issue is pretty nice, and I'm curious to see what direction they take it to in other editions.

4. Football this past weekend was So. Much. Fun.  How great was it to watch the two games that were clearly upsets?  A lot of people lost a lot of money this weekend…but a lot of people won a lot of money as well!  I don't gamble, so I could care less -- but wow, it was just great to watch Peyton Manning and the Colts end their season.  While I don't find myself disliking Peyton Manning as much as I have in previous seasons - it still felt good to watch them stumble.  And little brother Eli had a great game…however, I don't know that I feel that the Giants won so much as the Cowboys lost.   Tony Romo really did not play well.  I am so looking forward to Sunday -- playoff party at my house.  Tons of food, fun and of course…football.

5.  This weekend I've got some fun lined up.  I'll be posting more about it tomorrow, but… of course there's the aforemention playoff party.  And Friday night - it's a cocktail /dinner party at Fenway Park.  I CAN NOT WAIT.  More details to follow…!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I KNEW we would be a good match...!

Which Red Sox Player Are You?
You scored as a Jason Varitek

You are Jason Varitek. You are a natural leader and are highly respected by many. You are tough and will duke it out with any purple-lipped princess when it comes to defending your buddies, which makes you a very loyal friend. Oh Captain, my captain!

Curt Schilling
Jason Varitek
Theo Epstein
Kevin Millar
Johnny Damon
David Ortiz
Mark Bellhorn
Manny Ramirez

It doesn't really surprise me to see I could've come out as Curt Shilling since I usually agree with alot of what he says -- and as you can see, he's on my blog roll. While I'm a fan of his...I highly doubt he's ever blogsurfed to this girl's neck of the woods.
If only Jason was as big of a fan of I am of him. hahahaa....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Yes! Friday....!

So, it has been a whirlwind week at work. Not a bad thing - as I've mentioned many a time, I despise being bored at work, and complacency just brings. me. down....

Today, I actually worked later than usual. I usually go to yoga on Fridays but was so busy I stayed late and opted to work out at the gym. Actually...I played raquetball at lunch which was alot of fun - and the perfect "pick me up" for the mid-day blues! Then I lifted and ran after work, so I'm feeling just as tired as if I'd have taken yoga, which is a nice thing.

My mini-detox diet is over as of tomorrow morning. I didn't do the liquid fast -- just the minimal caffeine (which I reintroduced yesterday anyway!), veggies/fruits and brown rice - no protein. Which, when exercising isn't an easy thing to do! Last night I cheated a bit and had 4 pieces of shrimp with my dinner. But here's the thing: when you eat good all the time, this isn't really a radical change. And I do eat well all the time. The only real thing different I did was change my snacking from say, Cheerios to fruit or veggies. And cutting out the chicken/turkey/beef at my dinner time. But - something about it worked. I lost 5 lbs. since Sunday. Not that I truly needed to lose any - but there's that extra "blah" I was feeling. Of course getting back into my workout routine doesn't hurt any. I'm pretty fortunate to have a fast metabolism and muscle memory...

This writers strike has got to end - and quickly. Last night's "Grey's Anatomy" was awesome! Best one this season...the characters were back to their normal personas, the rants back and forth between the characters was awesome, and seriously -- I can't wait for the next one. "WTF Hollywood" is what I'm thinking. Get it together and let's pay these people!! And, for the record -- as much as Meredith is totally irritating me with her back and forth with Derek, they were both right in their arguements with each other. But seriously, Rose??? Ugh, I don't like her at all. And clearly he's just looking for a warm body. My God Dr. Shepherd, at least mourn the loss of your relationship!!!

(Sorry, I got a little too carried away there for a second...)

And lastly -- to all of you who want to see the Patriots lose tomorrow night.... back off! I've heard more people say they're "bored" with the Patriots always winning. Yeah, well - how would you feel if it was YOUR team that was on top right now? Suck it up and enjoy because this is what football is all about. We will get to tell our grandchildren that not only did we get to see the Celtics win the "Sweet 16" and watch Larry Bird play -- we saw the Red Sox "Reverse the Curse" of the Yankees and win -not one, but two - World Series Championships. And we got to see the making of a dynasty...the greatest team in modern day football.

We are a very fortunate generation my friends....and it's even better if you live in New England!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's in a name?

So, clearly my girlfriend Jessica and I are trendsetters in the baby naming arena.

My daughter's name, "Sofia" - was the #1 girl's name for 20o7, knocking the name "Emma" from that spot for the first time since 2004.  Jessica's son "Aidan"' was the #1 boy's name for 2007.  And given the fact that our children are 3.5 and 3 respectively -- just goes to show that we are ahead of the game with regards to baby naming!   Who knew?  My son "Tyler" fell to 20th…and my name, interestingly enough had the biggest drop:

"What's on the way out?  Rebecca was the fastest faller, dropping 27 spots down to number 87. In boys' names, Adam, Robert, and Nathaniel look to be heading for the exit…" (

Eh, I've always fancied myself as being a classic rather than a trend anyway. 

"Sofia (Sophia)" is a classic name as well - however my son's name is a bit more trendy.  I didn't pick that one though… Interestingly enough, had Sofia not been Sofia, she'd have either been "Isabella" (#2) or "Taylor" (#36).  Had she been a boy, the only name I had in mind for her was "Tristan". (#52)

Another little funny tidbit about my name…it must be the "cc" in the name, but anytime someone forgets my name -- they always refer to me as "Jessica".  I've been called "Jessica" more times in my life than you can shake a stick at.  And I want to say, that had I not been named Rebecca - my mother had once said she would've wanted to name me "Jessica".  I think I remember that correctly…?  My sister she would've definitely named "Jessica" except for the fact that since she named me, my father got to choose my sister's name.  I think that's the way the story goes….

But I was always destined to be "Rebecca" because she was definitely going to name me after her grandmother. 

So what does the name "Rebecca" mean? 

"The girl's name Rebecca \r(e)-bec-ca, reb(e)-cca\ is pronounced ree-BEK-ah. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "to bind or tie, such as in wed". : Rebekah, noted in the Genesis account as a maiden of beauty, modesty, and kindness, became the wife of Abraham's son, Isaac. The name was used by the Puritans and was common through the 19th century. Use of the name in the novel and film "Rebecca" also revived it.

Do you know what your name means?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Politics is all just a rich man's game...

So.  Clearly we are a country that is divided --- and the nominations on either party's side is still anybody's game.

I think it's no surprise that McCain and Clinton won NH; Romney lost the MA vote no doubt (deservedly so…though I didn't necessarily disagree with what he did while he was in office, it's the flip flopping since that's turned everyone's stomachs), and McCain has always been a local favorite.  And Hilary Clinton would bode well in New England given the strong Democratic region - and I think the woman's vote pulled through for her in this region.

I missed (regrettably) the debate that was held last week between both parties, and need to see the next one.  I'm still so up for grabs on who I want as a representative of either side - so then I can choose which one I think best represents my thoughts, ideals and views.  And truth be told, I'm still not clear on who that candidate will be.  They all seem to have pros & cons -- again, it will fall often to the "lesser of both evils".

I can't stress enough how much this girl would rather a non-partisan election, and just have candidates voice their thoughts and opinions and let us vote for the one that we feel best represents us.  Why give labels and corner people into positions?    The Democrats aren't truly "for the people"…and the Republicans aren't "all about the wealthy".  Let's be honest -- you can't be poor and run for President.  Heck, you can't be poor and run for any public office.  Politics is a rich man's sport -- and you can't have money, and pretend to identify with those who don't.  No one can.  Even those with humble beginnings are so far removed at this point, that it's a blur in the backseat of their mind.   And that's okay -- but don't pretend to be middle class when clearly, you are not.  Politicians are celebrities…villianized or otherwise, they are still in the upper eschelon of society at the Presidential level.  And it sort of ticks me off when they pretend to be anything but who they truly are.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Just some thoughts for today...

Open your eyes to the beauty around you;  Open your mind to the wonders of life; open your heart to those who love you; and  always be true to yourself.

Kindness in words creates confidence.   Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.   Kindness in giving…. creates love.

I would rather be a superb meteor... every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of  man is to live, not merely to exist.

Don't be distracted by criticism.  Remember, the only taste of success some people have -- is when they take a bite out of you.

Happiness is not an accident.  Nor is it something you wish for...  Happiness is something you design.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Holy Headaches, Batman...!

I have had a headache since last night that just will not quit.

I would possibly chalk it up to maybe it's because I haven't had coffee
since yesterday morning...but I don't always drink coffee on the
weekends and don't have headaches; but it started last night which makes
me suspicious. And then it dawned on me. Its like Spring outside!
We've had an almost 30 degree jump in the last 24 hours.

I suffer from migraines, and often the weather will trigger them. Not
so much hot to cold, but cold to warm - absolutely sends me into a
headache mode. It's the worst. Especially since it doesn't normally
go away with Tylenol or even Excedrin. The headaches I get from either
hormones or weather, tend to just linger longer than if I was to develop
a bad headache from eye strain, or flourescent lights. I know that
there are prescriptions for migraines, but I'm rather anti-drug, and
would prefer something a little more natural and holistic in my approach
to treatment, so I don't use anything stronger than Excedrin.

It's funny, I try to explain to people that when you suffer from
migraines -- any headache you get has the potential to become a
migraine, but they feel very different from just a migraine itself. For
example, I can have a headache from the flourescent lights overhead if
they flicker -- it could easily become a migraine if I don't turn the
light bulb out, but it is not the same as when I have a migraine just
come on. A stress headache is usually starting in my forehead, eye
strain behind the eyes, sinus headache -- clearly in the sinuses. But a
migraine when it comes on -- is like a shotgun blast to the back of my
head, and I feel like I have to apply pressure to the back of my head to
alleviate the pain. They're so bizarre, and unexplainable. I've been
fortunate enough to be able to detect when a migraine is coming on, or a
headache is turning into one - and I can head it off. It's been a while
since I've had a full blown migraine where I'm unable to speak or walk.
I tend to run fevers when I have migraines, and the only thing I can do
is sleep it off. Which is difficult because my eyes hurt when I close
them -- but if you suffer from migraines then you also know the light
is blindingly painful. It's a no win situation until sleep takes over.

And even then, I'm left with what I call "headache hangover". It's a
dull, throbbing headache -- similar to having a hangover -- but it's
just a residiual headache from the migraine episode. And that can last
for days.

But today's headache I think is manageable. I started my detox - and
I'm going back to the gym today. Running sometimes helps a headache,
sometimes makes worse. Today is one of those days that I think I will
feel better after a good run.

Besides, it feels like Spring outside and even a headache can't bring me
down from that!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

One of the worst movies...ever.

I don't get to the movies, at all. So when I take the time to rent a
movie, it really brings me down when it's awful. And I don't mean just
plain awful - I mean God Awful. I could only watch so much of the Iowa
Caucus, so On Demand was a welcome distraction. Flipping through the
hundreds of movies that one could possibly choose from - there couldn't
have been a poorer choice to have been made. Put the corny and really
intentionally bad "B" horror movies aside -- I'm talking mainstream
media here.

"Premonition" with Sandra Bullock was one of the worst movies I've ever
seen. It had an okay enough concept -- but wow, did the director or
screenwriter really go astray on this one. The story line was muddled,
inconsistent and confusing as a result. Where was the continuity
monitor? When dealing with a movie about a person having premonitions,
and timelines are really critical to the plot - why would you have very
obvious inconsistencies in the clothing and effects of the cast?
Especially when you're drawing your audience towards really paying
attention to what's going on? Never mind the fact that while the plot
was very dark - much darker than I had anticipated given the previews -
it was a terrible ending! Horrible ending!

Listen, there have been movies that while not Academy Award material,
and have been panned by critics - I've found to be "okay" after I
watched them a few times when they've been re-run on HBO or Showtime.
"Gigli", while not a tremendously brilliant movie - was cute. Jennifer
Lopez was really cute in that. I think the critics expected so much and
with the Bennifer media frenzy - everyone wanted to see it bomb anyway.
But take away the media hype and it was actually an okay movie.

But "Premonition" is one that should've been left on the cutting room
floor. Along with other really just bad movies such as: "Eternal
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". I know it won an Oscar, but I'm sorry -
that was a horrible movie. Had so much potential and yet I felt like
"that's it???". Must've been a poor Oscar year, nothing to choose from.
"Double Jeopardy" with Ashley Judd is another really bad movie. "The
Stepford Wives" was one that I really could not believe I actually
watched. Sometimes I think that people remake movies for no reason
other than to see them in color, or for a lack of new ideas.
Truthfully, "Stepford Wives" could have been tremendous and just fell so
very flat.

Truly, watching the aftermath and results of the Iowa Caucus ended up
being such a breath of fresh air and at least that wasn't confusing!
Though the results I don't think made much sense, and it had sort of a
surprise ending but - that's a rant for another day...!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Who cares if it's 9 degrees outside? I'm thinking about Spring Training!

It's not that I'm not digging this football season, because I am. However…
Though the Red Sox have not officially posted their Spring Training reporting date -- at least not that I have seen -- traditionally, catchers (um, Jason!) and pitchers report mid February. Which is…45-ish days away.

I can't wait.

I would love to buy season's tickets. Here's my issue though. I have to be honest….I'm sort of a ticket snob. If I'm going to an event -- be it a Red Sox game, a concert, a sporting event --anything that requires assigned seating and admission, I need to be as close as I can possibly be. I'm sort of spoiled that way. I know, it's a bad thing - but there are just some things that are worth the extra money. For example, a person I work with is kind enough to share some of his season's tickets seats with me. He gives me one game a year from his package of 12 or 13 -- and he's right on the first baseline. Best seats I've ever sat in because you get such an awesome perspective of the whole game. Then when I buy tickets on my own, I almost always buy in the same section or behind home plate -- or on the third baseline. I'm my own worst enemy, I know. But it's worth it. And affordable, relatively - if buying single ticket games. But to purchase season's tickets in those locations? Well, first of all - good luck finding any because very rarely do any in those sections become available; there are waiting lists a mile long. But even if they did -- they're exceptionally expensive. At the same time, to buy seats with a group of people like I used to do for the Bruins, isn't a bad thing. To split with three people would be perfect. I just don't know anyone who could afford to - or would want to - split all those games.

The trade rumors have been relatively quiet, which isn't a surprise given the holidays…but I'm thinking the Santana situation is going to arise once again, and quickly.

And didn't I read somewhere that CC Sabathia is a free agent as well…..?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Starting off on the right foot...

So I've been off and running on some of my New Year's Resolutions.    Organization is a huge thing for me -- and while I'm really quite organized, I never really feel organized enough.  So yesterday, I went out and bought all new closet organizers for my closet, and the kids closets -- and went to town.  I can't get over how amazing my closet looks now.  It was neat and tidy last year when I reorganized it; but this year -- I actually organized it in a manner that it really can't become "unorganized".   What a sigh of relief that was when I was done!  I still have some more organizers that I'll pick up for some things, but generally speaking -- I went "house" yesterday.  (Clearly, pun intended!)

I'm going back to yoga this week; but not going to start running again until Monday.  I want to give my body a few days of eating right again before shocking it all at once with running.  I bravely stepped on the scale this morning, and happily discovered that I did not gain 5-7 lbs -- but only 1.5.  I just feel like I gained 5-7!  I found this really great aruyevedic detox diet that isn't radical which I will start next week.  So very simple!  Peppermint tea in the morning; steamed vegetables for lunch; snacks are fresh vegetables or fresh fruit; dinner is steamed veggies and brown rice.  Chamomile or PeppermintTea before bed.  And lots of water.  Just a little something to cleanse my digestive system after all that junk I ate.  5 days of that and I should feel like I can take on the world!

Interestingly enough, it feels great to be back at work today with everyone else.  I hate when it's quiet.  I feel like I have a purpose today!  Some people are happy when no one is in the office, or they have nothing to do.  But me?  Complacency kills me.  Sucks the life right out of me.  I am so happy when I am going full force at work.  Call me crazy, but… I can't help it. 

Confession from a one-time workaholic!  Trust me…!