Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So, I'm curious....

Can today be a "do-over"...?
With the exception of my coffee visit this a.m. with a girlfriend I haven't seen socially in years -- the rest of the day, was.....less than good.

Just asking.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If I had a hammer....I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evenings...all over this land

I feel like I've been beaten with a hammer, actually.

Yesterday, the store finally came together and it is gorgeous. The racks came in - -and they were custom built for us, based upon our requests -- so we had no idea what they'd actually look like until they were brought in. I was so happy, I swear - I could've done cartwheels in the aisle.

A lot was accomplished yesterday; the television was mounted on the wall and cable was finalized. I now have the flat screen television over my cheese counter playing FoodTV like I always dreamed I'd have. The racks are laid out exactly the way I envisioned and wanted them. My counter top was installed, and tomorrow the remaining refrigeration will be brought in.

Thursday, the register and security system will be finalized and hopefully - Friday we can start receiving our alcoholic product. Our food won't come in until right before opening (I don't dare say aloud the projected date, just in case...) but the orders are being finalized and tweaked.

It's funny, because yesterday was probably the happiest day to date since May; and yet I couldn't sleep at all last night. I had so much anxiety subconsciously - I kept dreaming that the store was empty and there wasn't enough food and people kept walking out.

I put alot of pressure upon myself sometimes.

I must indulge in my massage and a little "fun" before the store opens in a few short weeks. God knows, I deserve it!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Final Thoughts....

As I sit here with a glass of Malbec and waiting to make grilled calamari and chopped salad for dinner - I'm completely and entirely exhausted. Today didn't exactly go as planned -- rather than having huge gaps of time between items and errands throughout the day - I was back to back with errands and visitors and appointments. Not a bad thing - but made it so that I wasn't able to do a favor for a friend, which really bummed me out. I don't like not being able to help someone, you know what I mean?

So, my weekend is also jam packed but in a good way and hopefully a relatively relaxing one.

And the store - which will be completed being painted tomorrow looks flipping fantastic. Seriously, I'm loving the color and even more - loving some of the artistry that's going to be done on the walls when the paint is done. So exciting...

What are this girl's thoughts for the day.... well, they are as follows:

1. I did not watch the season opener of Grey's Anatomy. So no spoilers, please. I DVR'd it so I can fast forward through commercials tonight -- I'm already pretty convinced that George is going to die, so that's not going to be a huge shocker - but I do miss my friends at Seattle Grace and hope that there's more to the debut than that.

2. I did however, watch "The Changeling". I have developed a whole new appreciation for the talent of Angelina Jolie. It was quite refreshing to see her in a role that showed her as a vulnerable character rather than a tough, action figure one. I'm really just about all set with her being a brooding, dark, sexy, tough girl. It's a little played out, just sayin'...

The movie was done very tastefully as well, since it didn't focus on the gruesome aspect of the crimes - and more on her and what changes she was responsible for in LA during that time as a result of losing her son.

3. How much fun was Sean Casey up in the booth with Don Orsillo? Seriously, I think they should have him on all the time. I was laughing the whole time - he is so animated and his stories are pretty funny, or maybe it's just his translation of them that's so fun - but I loved it. Funny sidenote to that -- which I mentioned here before -- is that my son sat next to him at a WWE event last year. Speaking of which, my son will be attending once again next week - and one only knows who he will end up sitting next to this time. I'm so sad because I was supposed to go with them this time but my son invited a friend to go, so.... Mommy's out of luck it seems.

4. I miss Jason. Ugh, everyone is all over the Victor Martinez bandwagon. Yeah, yeah.. I know. I don't want to hear it.

5. Busy busy weekend for the girl. We have our first "away" game in travel soccer tomorrow morning, then off to the store to pay the painter. Next up is a family reunion - and fortunately, tomorrow night as far as I know - there are no plans. Sunday, I'm running a 5k in the morning and then we're going for a family dinner and watching the Patriots.

And then we start all over again on Monday.
But that's a big week.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mmmm, mmm, good...!

I've never really been much of a pastry person; I'm more of a salt than sweets kind of girl.
(If you've read my blog regularly or know me in "real life" then you know -- I'm all about peanut butter, cheese and Doritos.)

And yet, I've discovered a new love.
Let me be the first to say that I have discovered an appreciation for scones!
Oh. My.

The day before yesterday, before heading home - I had a headache and I hadn't eaten all day so I figured I'd stop at this little Irish bakery a few doors down from the new store. I saw they had scones and so I asked what kind; they had somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 different types! I wasn't sure what to try, but I went with a pineapple coconut one and let me tell you, it was amazing.

I know picking up a scone eating habit could be a problem -- unless of course I run them off (which, I am running a 5k this weekend - can't wait!) but there are worse problems to have. I think I'll try to keep my indulgences to once a week.

(Except for this week. I'm meeting my sister tomorrow a.m. for a quick cup of coffee and I may just have to try a different variety of scone while we're there. Maybe the orange and chocolate chip one...?)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

People are people so why should it be... you and I should get along so awfully.

I'm a pretty laid back person. Even keeled; I don't have many highs and lows.
When a situation gets stressful, I get even calmer.

I have come to the conclusion that I think that irritates people who are high strung.
Which is rather puzzling to me; I would think it would in turn calm them down as well.
Not so much.

It is easier for me to take the emotion out of any situation and just deal with how to fix it than to stew over how it got there in the first place. There's time to do that after you've got the solution, but to do it before hand or get agitated with whomever the person was that might have gotten you there -- to me is pointless. Sort of like that whole Serenity Prayer suggestion of "accepting the things you can't control..."

I don't really understand why people push buttons to try to get a rise out of someone who is being calm; just as I don't understand why someone would try to agitate a person who is clearly high strung.

We're funny creatures, us people.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I hate to bitch, really I do....

It has not been a good run of events at le new wine boutique.

What's today's drama, you ask?
Well, I'll tell you.

Today should've been the light at the end of the tunnel for us -- paint should've been done and the racks would be in on Wednesday, product coming in by Friday. And yet.....

While my countertop is there (and looks great!) and while the ceiling looks absolutely gorgeous (Benjamin Moore Dark Basalt -- Google it, it's a fabulous eggplant color!), the paint is not completed. Because this incredibly over budgeted buildout did not have the contractor plaster the walls and soffits properly. Therefore, the painter won't continue the job because he can't really -- it looks like horse hair plaster and this is new construction! So, at our contractor's expense - we've hired a plasterer of our own choice -- to at minimum, try to fix what's there.

Did I mention that our original painter quit, just never showed up to the job site? Right......

On my birthday no less. Yes, imagine the fun of spending the day in the midst of arguements and stress and despair. Ah, but these are the pains of building a new store.

Everything happens for a reason because that wasn't a painter of our choice - he just came with the contractor's package. The painter we brought on is really, really great. Super nice guy and absolutely someone I'd recommend highly to anyone. Fantastic work. Like I said, the ceiling which he sprayed -- gorgeous. And he has ethic in his work, something that's hard to find in the painting trade. Anyway.....

Tomorrow's a new day. The racks will be postponed yet another week. But the plaster will be repaired and the paint will be re-primed and applied and we will get this done.

(Did I mention that Princess Petunia and I both happened to get a touch of food poisoning last night? Yes, fortunately I had it far worse than she did - far worse - but still. Isn't this just fun???)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me... (okay, a day late and a dollar short, but who's counting?)

All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am
But these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to
It's true...I was made for you

You see the smile that's on my mouth
It's hiding the words that don't come out
And all of my friends who think that I'm blessed
They don't know my head is a mess
No, they don't know who I really am
And they don't know what
I've been through like you do
And I was made for you...

(Okay, so maybe I'm not nearly as tramatic as these song lyrics might imply - but I thought it was a great song to use for the day.)

By the way... I think Jason made a big "oops" on my birthday gift last night.
Pass ball?

That had to hurt.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz...

Not really.

(Disclaimer: the following is not meant to offend anyone who visits here and happens to own the aforementioned vehicle. It is however, something that utterly amazes and surprises me without fail, every time it happens. I don't classify all owners of such vehicles truly... I'm not going all Joe Wilson or Sabrina Williams or Kanye on everyone. This is only a rant. XOXO)

Why is it that every time a person cuts me off, almost sideswipes me -- or incessantly pursues another individual's backend on the highway, they're in a Mercedes?

Without fail, it's always a Benz.

Is it a pre-requisite that you are an A-hole in order to own one?
Just askin'.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Thoughts for Tuesday....

1. How's about them Pats? You know, if that was a mediocre Tom Brady -- I'll take it. At first, I thought maybe we didn't win the game so much as Buffalo lost it; but that's not really a true statement I don't think. While the Patriots seemed "off" the first half, the Bills were off the second half (or undisciplined, your call on the choice of words...) and so that was one hell of a win. It was the craziest game ever, or at least it felt that way. A win, is a win - and for the first game in a year for #12 - it was definitely a glimpse into how great they can be if they can work out some of the kinks by week 5 or 6.

2. I'm sick of shopping. Never thought I'd say those words, but yet.... here I am. I've been to Homegoods, TJMaxx and every other type of store you can think of for store fixtures, etc. -- and I'm tired of it. I'd love to go when I can actually buy something for my house or me. I know I whined a little about that last week, but the whine is still going.

3. Speaking of shopping and football....initially G and I were going to Wrentham Outlets for our anniversary, and spending the night at Patriots Place, topping it off with a Pat's game the next day. Unfortunately, due to the very, very, very expensive buildout - those plans are off. I'm trying to think of something low key and less expensive that we can do instead. Thinking.....

4. I'm really excited to make dinner tonight. Sounds crazy, I know -- but I'm making lobster ravioli with a seafood sauce, and a garden salad. I love to cook, and I happened to make a jaunt to Trader Joe's on my way home tonight where I picked up some fun things to cook with. Oh, and for the record, the wasabi peas that I'll be carrying in my store blow away the ones at TJ's. Just sayin....

5. I've been musically challenged lately. I've been downloading tons of fabulous acoustic and jazz music, but have yet to find anyone new. If anyone has any suggestions of some great artists to try in the coffeehouse or jazz genre, please feel free to pass them onto this girl!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Seasons crying no despair, Alligator lizards in the air....

We have a running joke in our little family.
G, is Italian and Native American. Predominantly Italian, but 1/4 Narrangansett Indian - of which is he is quite proud.

He has this uncanny knack for finding wildlife and animals when no one else can see them. For example, on our honeymoon - he was on the cruise ship's gym and running on the treadmill - and he noticed dolphins jumping alongside us but aways away from the ship. Not really very noticeable at all, actually. He points it out to the person who works for the cruiseline who's in the gym - who says he's worked there for almost 10 years and had never seen a glimpse of dolphins before then. True story.

So whenever he finds something and shows it me - and I'm all giddy with excitement of what he found -- he then (only half-jokingly, I assure you. He's really proud of his heritage.) says that he's got "eyes for finding nature due to his heritage". "Indian eyes", so to speak. While I'm sure that this is truly just chalked up to having great eye sight - it is really funny that he notices these things, and it's always good for a fun little joke between us.

I think my daughter has his gift.
No lie.

This girl, I often call the "creature whisperer". Dragonflies, are drawn to her. Butterflies just land on her (and she's by no means a dainty, delicate flower despite my calling her Princess Petunia!). If there's a frog to be found - she's got it in her hand.

Today, her and G were out in the backyard and she says "Daddy, lets look under these rocks". What does my little explorer find? A baby tiger salamander!

We now have a little habitat in a tupperware container for our little friend whom she and her brother have named Rocky. G suggested we let him share a tank with our hermit crab friend Lucky, but I was concerned we'd have a completely mutilated salamander at morning's end.

The kids are excited because salamanders eat crickets, and so they're counting their change to buy him food tomorrow night after soccer practice.

One can only imagine as to what other creatures are going to find their way into my home over the years......

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

I don't care if we hit 90 degrees tomorrow -- it will be "indian summer" from here on in. It is most definitely the beginning of my very favorite time of year.

I'm sitting here in my Snuggie, and waiting for it to get just a bit darker before I light the first fire of the season in my fireplace. Chicken is roasting in the oven with fresh garlic, marsala and orange sauce....the house just smells like home, happiness and harvest. I've even picked up a fresh turkey to make for tomorrow's dinner because it's supposed to be a rainy and cool day again and what's better than roasting turkey on just a random day - rather than on Thanksgiving?

This weekend, it's a lazy Friday night for us just relaxing and unwinding from a relatively stressful week. Tomorrow we're picking up one of my nephews for a sleepover, and then we've got my son's first travel soccer game. He's really excited to be playing another community and it's a home game for us which is great. Afterwards, we'll come home and the kids will play - I'll pop in the turkey and maybe even bake a pumpkin pie. (Oh yeah baby.....) Sunday, we have my niece's 4th birthday party so that will be a great day too; all leading up to the big Monday night football game. I'll have to think of something delicious to make for dinner that night too. What's football, without good eating? That would be just wrong.

Autumn to me is all about good food, good sports, fantastic smells and lots of color. It's the smell of crisp air, sultry smoke, sweet apples, warm pies and savory pumpkin; it's the sound of leaves crunching underneath your feet and the sight of bright sunflowers and fiery leaves. The fall is just a "feel good", warm and fuzzy time of year.

And this girl is so very happy that it's here.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No emotional baggage, just big bags filled with Dior....

You know what I miss?

Not just shopping, like the physical aspect of being in the store -- but buying.
I've been shopping alot these days - but I'm back to the lost art of browsing; I can't really afford to buy anything for me, it's all about the store right now. (Well, and of course the kids. I don't hold back when it comes to them.)

But I do miss my old favorites like DSW, my girl Ann Taylor - and of course my very shiny happy place - Sephora.

It's a small time in life to sacrifice.
I will once again be able to indulge in my favorite perfumes (of which I'm all out of...) and maybe get my hair spruced up a bit since I'm long overdue in the highlight department.

(Especially after recieving a phone call from the contractor that we are now an additional almost $10k over construction budget. What exactly is the point of quoting a price and setting a budget, if it's not even close to being kept?!?!)

Mommy needs a new pair of boots to make the world pretty again.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The "I'm just a girl" kids!

So the aforementioned "smell of school" crisp was in the air this morning -- and in full force. It was a brisk 58 degrees out while we were awaiting my daughter's bus. But that didn't chill her enthusiasm or excitement for her first day.

My son started last week -- and it was a bit more summerlike on his first day.

We had a fabulous Labor Day weekend, full of family and fun. Those are my favorite kinds of days spent -- and they're unfortunately, too few and far between.

And after I followed the bus and ensure my Princess Petunia made it safely on her way to the first day of the rest of her educational career -- I took off and ran 3.25 miles around the lake -- my first outdoor run since Mother's Day. I averaged 12 minute miles, so not too terrible.

Between that, the pollen and all the store "stuff", I should sleep very soundly tonight!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer....

I can't believe it's already Labor Day weekend!
Where did the summer go?

This weekend, my grandma and two of my aunts are flying in for a celebration over the weekend here in MA. I haven't seen my grandmother since my son was 2.5 and we brought him to Disney. He's now 8; that's a long time -- and with my Grandma having just turned 90, realistically this may be the last time I see her. That's a relatively sobering thought for me.

I've never liked the fact that my family became so disconnected and geographically seperated over the years. I know it started for medical reasons -- and then just became the way it was done it seems (and lots of families are that way, it's not incredibly unusual); at the same time, I know I'll never do that with my own family unit. I can't imagine being away from the kids when they're older, and their new families -- plus, I know how it impacted me, and I would never want my kids to feel some of the emptiness I've felt at not having family to connect with. It's one thing if they choose to move -- but we, will never move away from them.

That being said, it's going to be a fantatsic surprise when I meet them at the airport this morning with the kids! My aunts and grandma have never met my daughter; and actually - one of my aunts never met my son now that I think of it. And I've only met her sons once, maybe twice - and they're now 18 and 20. Such an odd thought when she was such a big part of my childhood years.

Lots of things going on this weekend....relatives visiting, birthday parties, bbqs, shopping for last minute school things for Princess Petunia (who starts Tuesday!) so this is going to be a busy Labor Day weekend which is rather nice considering I don't have an office to go back to on Tuesday! (Though, I do have quite the job ahead of me....and with yoga now only once a week, I'm starting running outdoors again on Tuesdsay. Finally.....)

Ah yes, the yellow jacket story. Well, I'll save that for another time.....
Have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Is it any wonder I'm tired.....

So much has happened that I want to share with everyone....

Going to the Museum of Fine Arts.
The kids and I being attacked by a trio of yellow jackets. (Not fun. not even a little bit.)
Fun weekend overall.
Store stuff.
The Red Sox.
Tedy Bruschi.
My son's first day of school.

And yet...... *yawn*.
I'm too tired and just don't have it in me to convey any of those stories right now.
At least not with any wit -- or the wit that they deserve.

But I will soon.