Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The "I'm just a girl" kids!

So the aforementioned "smell of school" crisp was in the air this morning -- and in full force. It was a brisk 58 degrees out while we were awaiting my daughter's bus. But that didn't chill her enthusiasm or excitement for her first day.

My son started last week -- and it was a bit more summerlike on his first day.

We had a fabulous Labor Day weekend, full of family and fun. Those are my favorite kinds of days spent -- and they're unfortunately, too few and far between.

And after I followed the bus and ensure my Princess Petunia made it safely on her way to the first day of the rest of her educational career -- I took off and ran 3.25 miles around the lake -- my first outdoor run since Mother's Day. I averaged 12 minute miles, so not too terrible.

Between that, the pollen and all the store "stuff", I should sleep very soundly tonight!

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