Monday, September 14, 2009

Seasons crying no despair, Alligator lizards in the air....

We have a running joke in our little family.
G, is Italian and Native American. Predominantly Italian, but 1/4 Narrangansett Indian - of which is he is quite proud.

He has this uncanny knack for finding wildlife and animals when no one else can see them. For example, on our honeymoon - he was on the cruise ship's gym and running on the treadmill - and he noticed dolphins jumping alongside us but aways away from the ship. Not really very noticeable at all, actually. He points it out to the person who works for the cruiseline who's in the gym - who says he's worked there for almost 10 years and had never seen a glimpse of dolphins before then. True story.

So whenever he finds something and shows it me - and I'm all giddy with excitement of what he found -- he then (only half-jokingly, I assure you. He's really proud of his heritage.) says that he's got "eyes for finding nature due to his heritage". "Indian eyes", so to speak. While I'm sure that this is truly just chalked up to having great eye sight - it is really funny that he notices these things, and it's always good for a fun little joke between us.

I think my daughter has his gift.
No lie.

This girl, I often call the "creature whisperer". Dragonflies, are drawn to her. Butterflies just land on her (and she's by no means a dainty, delicate flower despite my calling her Princess Petunia!). If there's a frog to be found - she's got it in her hand.

Today, her and G were out in the backyard and she says "Daddy, lets look under these rocks". What does my little explorer find? A baby tiger salamander!

We now have a little habitat in a tupperware container for our little friend whom she and her brother have named Rocky. G suggested we let him share a tank with our hermit crab friend Lucky, but I was concerned we'd have a completely mutilated salamander at morning's end.

The kids are excited because salamanders eat crickets, and so they're counting their change to buy him food tomorrow night after soccer practice.

One can only imagine as to what other creatures are going to find their way into my home over the years......


FlunkyBoy said...

my sister had a series of newts that always managed to escape from their aquarium doo-dad. I remember one morning when my mother found one of the escapees shriveled up behind the laundry hamper. After she finished shrieking, she banned all amphibians from the house. My sister just moved on to hamsters instead.

Rebecca said...

LOL, I have to say I was a little scared of that myself this a.m. when I couldn't find him under his rock. But I believe he's burrowed into the soil. I don't see how he could've climbed out!! But we're going to dismantle him from his home to find him shortly. I want him to see his cricket feast! LOL