Tuesday, September 22, 2009

People are people so why should it be... you and I should get along so awfully.

I'm a pretty laid back person. Even keeled; I don't have many highs and lows.
When a situation gets stressful, I get even calmer.

I have come to the conclusion that I think that irritates people who are high strung.
Which is rather puzzling to me; I would think it would in turn calm them down as well.
Not so much.

It is easier for me to take the emotion out of any situation and just deal with how to fix it than to stew over how it got there in the first place. There's time to do that after you've got the solution, but to do it before hand or get agitated with whomever the person was that might have gotten you there -- to me is pointless. Sort of like that whole Serenity Prayer suggestion of "accepting the things you can't control..."

I don't really understand why people push buttons to try to get a rise out of someone who is being calm; just as I don't understand why someone would try to agitate a person who is clearly high strung.

We're funny creatures, us people.

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