Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank you....

1. To my cousin Julie, who spent 12 hours with me yesterday. Not only did she bring me to the hospital, but she hung out with me - and waited all that time in the hospital for me. My surgery alone was only 40 minutes, and the doctor told her I'd be ready to go 45 minutes after that - but because of my low blood pressure, the nurses refused to let me go for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Despite that, she happily waited -- and waited on me hand and foot thereafter as well. Words can't express my gratitude.

2. To my orthopedic doctor and the surgical team. I really liked my doctor before I had the surgery -- but I love him now. He made my whole experience an educational one - as well as He was perfectly fine with my request to have a spinal as opposed to anesthesia, and to stay awake and watch the procedure. I went into the OR expecting to just lie quietly and watch the screen; instead they encouraged me to talk and joke - he was just so good about teaching me all about my knee and what I was seeing. We were talking about the "out of body" like experience it is when you're awake and watching your surgery, because the truth of the matter is -- you feel it. It doesn't hurt at all, but you feel it. I opted to not have any sedative either, I wanted to be entirely clear headed and it was such a great choice. I told them when it was over, that as crazy as it might sound - it was really almost fun.

My orthopedic is one who is involved with the Red Sox and Boston Bruins, and as we all know doctors can sometimes be not so nice; especially when they have highly esteemed clients. But I was thoroughly impressed with his demeanor before, during - and after surgery. He made a point to see me and that says alot. Being the recovery unit for so long, I saw patients come and go; he was the only one that came in to just check on myself and his last patient for the day.

Best of all -- my knee is straight again. And while sure, it's sore - it's a good kind of sore. It's a healing kind of sore which is so different from the discomfort I felt before.

3. And finally, to Jason Varitek. The first thing I asked when I came into the recovery room was if anyone knew if he signed. That was the icing on the cake for my day. Fixed knee - and the Captain back on the payroll. I knew he didn't want to break my heart!

(Jason, listen - I personally feel you are far more valueable than what you signed for. Unfortunately your agent didn't do you any justice. I truly and sincerely hope you're rethinking that whole relationship. But here's the're here, where you belong - don't listen to the preagreement hype - you are loved and respected. Hugs and Kisses, Rebecca
PS: Please disregard the not so great appearance in the photo -- I was going in for surgery, so it's clearly not the height of fashion nor the best lighting.)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The leg bone's connected to the knee bone...and the knee bone connected to the thigh bone...

So tomorrow's the big day.
At 12:45 p.m., this girl is checking in to have the biggest inconvenience I've yet to experience in life rectified. (Truthfully, if this is the first thing I've come up against at this age -- I'm doing pretty damn good!)

I am so excited, and can't wait to get back to running & yoga as soon as I possibly can.
(In a healthy and "not rushing" kind of way. I don't want to ruin anything.)

Besides, look at the Captain; he had the same kind of surgery and he came back able to squat for hours on end no problem. I think I will be just fine.

(Note to Jason - if you have any recovery tips...exercise plans, etc...feel free to pass them my way!)

My cousin was nice enough to offer to pick me up, take me there, and bring me home. Which is great because that allows G to be with the kids so when I get home, it will be easier for him to keep them calm - than if we had a sitter with them and we both came in. They're not used to my not being home, so I'm sure they're going to be both a little nervous and excited.

My son remembers being at the hospital when I had my daughter - and it was a Csection, so he was there when I came out of the operating room; his eyes were wide as saucers, he was excited -- but nervous. He was afraid to leave me at the hospital the first night...even though now he's older and is okay with it - he still gets cautious about my going to the hospital. He will be much more relieved once I get home and he can see me.

Anyway. I am so ready to put this knee injury behind me....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So it dawned on me as the freezing rain was bouncing off of my head....

I just came in from shovelling for hopefully the last time today.
More than likely, the last time in a while as I'm having my knee scoped on Friday. But I digress...

As I was out there, thinking to myself while trudging up and down my long walkway...there are no kids outside. None. School is closed today, so one would think there would be some kids around, outside of my own. And yet - there were none.

When I was younger, not only did I have to help my father shovel because he had a bad back -- but I used to go from house to house seeing if anyone wanted to pay to have their stairs, walkway and/or driveway shovelled. It was a way to make money, get exceptionally tired afterwards and truly enjoy the hot cup of hot chocolate, usually topped with fluff -- that my mother would have waiting for me.

Today's kids, don't shovel. They don't run outdoors at the first sign of snow to make extra money, or have snowball fights or make forts. Part of it is because we as parents, no longer let our children go unsupervised; it's an entirely different world today than it was back when I was a child. At the same time, I'm not talking about the 7 year old kids. I'm thinking more along the 10+ crowd, those who are old enough to venture up and down their streets to help their elderly neighbors - or the single mom, or whatever the dynamic is in the neighborhood.

Which leads me to wonder why. Why don't we see kids out and about helping their parents and/or others out on a snowy day. I can't help but blame today's generation of parents; I think we want so much for our kids to have more than we did, to enjoy life more than we did in ways we weren't able to -- that we're actually hindering our children. We're not allowing them to inspire to work hard and earn things. We're giving them everything and we in many ways are teaching them that you don't do anything without reward. Life doesn't really work that way; sometimes you do things because you just have to do them -- or because it's a good thing to do.

When I was younger, it was "because I'm the parent and I said so..". There was no negotiation, arguement or question. If your parents asked you to take out the trash, you did it. Begrudgingly, of course - but you did it. And it wasnt necessarily rewarded with an allowance. It was contributing to part of the family, which of course shouldn't necessarily warrant reward.

The inspiration to be entrepreneurs by making money shovelling for money - or setting up a lemonade stand is stifled by both the new world we live in, as well as the hypersupervision of parents.

As a result, I don't think we're doing our kids any favors for later in life.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tick, tock....tick, tock....

The clock is ticking on Jason's offer deadline.

If the reports we hear are true, $8M for 2 years is absolutely spot on for where he should be - most especially given the fact that he declined arbitration.

Two more years....retire as a Sox.
It's what I want to see happen anyway.
(Jason, I love you!
Wait. Did I just say that out loud?!)

If the other reports we hear are true, and his agent didn't exactly do right by him....then maybe this will turn the tides on Mr. "Create a Market Where There is None" for the future.

I never believed the warm fuzzy Jerry Maguire spin that many players publicly have tried to place upon him anyway. I don't believe it for one second.

I'm just wondering when the deadline actually is.

Friday, January 23, 2009

It isn't what you don't know...but what you do know - that can kill you.

I am heartsick for the Anthony family.
Absolutely heartsick.

The latest in this tragedy is that little Caylee's grandfather, George Anthony -- left a 5 page note indicating that he did not want to live any longer. The weight of knowing that his daughter intentionally killed his beautiful granddaughter, and without regret lied to everyone all of this time - clearly is too much for him. Of course, this is just my guess as to what is contained in that letter but I venture to guess I'm not far off the mark.

And who can blame him?

The evidence that keeps coming out is overwhelmingly pointing towards premeditated murder. I'm sure in his heart of hearts, he was well aware that his daughter was behind this; but like most of us you hope beyond all hope that at the worst it was accidental and she was scared. Publicly you staunchly defend them because as a parent - that is what you do. You can forgive an accident. But how do you forgive predication, premeditation and lack of remorse not only for the one that was lost - but for the ones left behind. As a parent, I can't imagine how that must feel knowing that your child - whom you loved and did as best as you could by them -- could be capable of an act such as the one that this apparently has turned out to be.

I wrote the Anthony's a letter, about two weeks before they found little Caylee's remains. I wrote it for them, but truthfully - I wrote it just as much for myself. I am so saddened by this case, and just felt the need to reach out to them. I know that they more than likely didn't read it, but maybe they did? Maybe for just a second, I was able to provide them a bit of compassion -- which I'm guessing must be very difficult for them to obtain in this incredibly judgemental and hypocritical society.

This was a regular family -- that has been completely destroyed not only by the horrible act of violence that has thrust them into the public eye - but also by the intense scrutiny and analysis of that eye. They are ordinary people, in a horribly extraordinary circumstance. One that I wouldn't wish upon anyone.

I have a feeling that with George Anthony being hospitalized and under watch, along with whatever this letter contains -- we are going to find that there is going to be very little mystery left to this case for the defense to justify or try to create. This may very well cause the Defense to change their plea to guilty in an effort to avoid bringing the death penalty back on the table.

That's my hope at least.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, a business that I really would love.... and one that I looked at this past fall....has reapproached us. With a dramatically lower price.

I'm thinking this could be "the one".

The visibility has always been a huge issue for me -- and that seems to be overcome at this point, given that I just got very affordable pricing on a beautiful sign. Illuminated, no less.

This could be the one.....

So then why aren't I that excited....?
Something doesn't feel right. I don't like to be rushed. And they're rushing to get out.

Well, they're rushing to get out because they bought a piece of property for a new business that they're doing. Moving one of the key factors of their business - into their new location.

So - it would be essentially a startup for us -- just skipping the buildout costs.
It would be a fraction of the cost of a new startup.

That, is exciting.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gotta, gotta nice little story you're working on there? Your big novel you've been working on for 3 years? Huh? Gotta, gotta compelling protaganist?

So today, I was home being Domestic Supergoddess because my daughter has a double ear infection. As a result, I worked from home.

I had my own little control center going in the office. My desktop was running, as I was upgrading some software that I'd been putting off doing, while my office lap top was up and next to me. As was my personal laptop - oh, and I was also working on my server as well.

Did I mention I was scanning photos too?
All the while being Mom to the Princess Petunia. Waiting on her hand and foot...
Yes, four year olds who don't have an "off button" can be quite demanding.
(Stewie: What are these? Pancakes? Oh oh, these are delectable. Good news Flappy, I've decided not to kill you! )

Who's the Queen of Multi-tasking?
(I don't want to say who... I won't name any names...)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts for Tuesday....

1. Thank you to Jason for showing me the much requested sign I was looking for. The very day I posted, wouldn't you know he has a meeting with John Henry to open the doors of communication once again. Clearly I wasn't the only one who was confused about the status of his relationship with the Sox. And obviously, Jason is not looking for me to be broken hearted....

2. I watched an amazing documentary on the life of Martin Luther King over the past two days. It was the History Channel's special called "
As a child I learned about Martin Luther King Jr., but not nearly to the extent of all for which he believed in, fought for – and ultimately died for. It is such a sin that it’s always the ones who bring humanity to our inhumane world that always end up being struck down. It was eerie to see his speech from the night before his assassination -- it was so prophetic. While there was always the eminent threat of danger surrounding him at all times – there was no way he could’ve known the fate that would befall him the very next morning. And yet to have heard him speak – it makes you wonder if he had. Often times when we reflect upon the last few days in the life of a person who’s life ended very suddenly and with no warning – we find ourselves wondering if they subconsciously were aware that there was “something” going to happen. It was a wonderfully informative and touching documentary – and one that I would highly recommend watching if you have the opportunity to do so.

3. Today is Inauguration Day. It is always a pleasure to watch the swearing in of the new President, whether it’s my candidate of choice or not. It’s the celebration of watching the due process of our government and the backbone of who we are as a nation occur and take action. Does it need to cost $160 million? No, I should think not… but I digress.

Do I think Barack Obama is the second coming of JFK, or MLK – as some would like to parallel? No, I don’t think so. Not even a little bit.

But I do enjoy listening to him speak; he does ring of positive thoughts and hope for the future – and though I did not vote for him – I’m willing to give him the chance to stand on his own merit.
There are a lot of things I disagree with him on, however – he is our new President.
And right, wrong or otherwise on topics and personal associations, I do respect the office and the men who have held it.

Today is a day for America to stand proud.

(And clearly wear yellow. Myself and about 5 other people I've run into today are wearing it -- as is our new first lady. Who knew?)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Help a girl out, would you?

Does anyone know what the heck is going on with our dear Captain?

It's been eerily quiet these past few weeks regarding the free agency of my beloved...sigh. I can't even remember where it all stands - it's that quiet.

He refused arbitration - this much I get. But has a confirmed offer been placed on the table yet? Is he waiting for one? Has he interviewed elsewhere? Is it his agent, (insert visceral reaction of a whole body shudder in disgust HERE) that is dragging his feet on finding some solvence to this situation? What is the holdup?

These are the burning questions in my mind today, as I Google endlessly in an effort to try to find something - anything, newsworthy on the subject.

Listen, if any of you out in Bloggerland have a direct line to my dear #33 - please tell him to send me a sign - any sign - of what the heck is going to happen come Valentine's Day when pitchers and catchers are supposed to be reporting.

Because nursing a broken heart isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beaming from ear to ear.....

I got an arthoscopic surgery date!!
Who would think that surgery would make a girl so happy?

I just got back from the orthopedic and after seeing my swollen knee, and playing with it some more (yes, it's singing to me right now) he could definitely feel the snapping inside and said "we need to fix this for you."

So, he explained that he was trying conservative treatment first but given how it's only gotten worse - he said "oh, I'm sorry but there's really no other alternative at this point..." and how MRI's aren't 100%, especially on the lateral side -- I was like "oh, thank you! -- thank you so much!". I think he may have thought I'd preferred to go a more holistic route if at all possible since I wouldn't take any pain medicines, and told him that I use acupuncture, etc.. especially since in the very beginning I'd said I'd prefer not to have surgery if it wasn't necessary.... but um, hell yeah if it is!!!!

On January 30th, my little knee is going to have three new scars in it.
And this girl can not wait.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's like dawn breaks on Marblehead....

Last night, after some struggles -- we managed to finish Princess Petunia's bedroom.
One room down - two more to go.

We purchased and installed a 26" LCD television in her room.
It was on sale -- and it has a DVD built in, so we completely eliminated a bunch of clutter and mess in her room. It's now rearranged, and completely utilized to the fullest. The television has a beautiful picture - and with the lights out, it's like she has her own little movie theatre!

She's 4 years old -- and she's got a Chick Cave.
(Man Town, Chick Cave....yes, we've got lots of nicknames going on in this girl's house.)

Now we've got to focus on T's room. Even when we purchase a tv for his room -- he's got a storage issue; we keep purchasing racks for DVDs and movies -- and it's so much clutter. Never mind the fact that he doesn't do well at putting his things away, so there's games and movies just shoved in - and we all know how irritated I get about disorganization and clutter....

But then I had an epiphany this morning. (Sound of a ringing bell HERE. Like an angel getting it's wings....)

Who need ugly racks that just take up space, and make it difficult to keep organized and together? He tries, he's only 7 -- and it's just making me be irritated with him over something so foolish. Why wouldn't we just get him the organizers that are like photo albums for him to store his games? It doesn’t require organization or tidiness - he can put them however he likes - and it will clean up so much space in his room! Why didn't we think of this before? He'll be happy -- I'll be happy....we'll all be happy! We'll be the happiest house on Earth! (Okay, I'm getting carried away, but you know what I mean....)

So when I leave work today, before I pick up the kiddies - this girl is on a mission and is stopping at Target to pick up the necessary storage that is not only kid friendly - but "Mom approved".

Monday, January 12, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little....Cat

" I wonder where you're at".
That's the tune I've sung to our little cat Twinkle since we got her just over a year ago.

And that's the tune I sang last night at 10:30, climbing through the snow looking for her.

Twinkle is quite the pampered little cat. Not pampered in the respect of lavished with toys, or carried around in my purse...but pampered in the respect that she's well fed, well groomed, well loved. Life is good for the kitties - there is no lack of love, attention or affection. So why would she want to venture outdoors -- on one of the coldest days of the year, no less?

Doesn't she know that curiousity killed the cat?!

Yesterday we took the kids tubing, and while G was loading the truck up, he had the door open between the gym and the garage. Generally the cats might peer into the garage, but that's about it. Well, G opened the garage door while he was loading the truck and little Miss Twinkle must have gotten scared about something and bolted out the garage door unbeknownst to us. How she didn't get run over is a miracle, because the fair Twinkle is a shy and skittish kitten. Bravery is not her strong suit and so I'm quite thankful she didn't hide under the truck or by the door outside. She probably saw us drive away and thought "now what?"

Needless to say, we didn't realize that our mischevious cat was missing until we came home from a birthday party last night and noticed that our other cat Spike, greeted us alone. So we asked Spike where Twinkle was -- and he loudly meowed. Clearly a sign that he didn't know either. He tends to call her throughout the house when he can't find her. And when G opened the door to the gym, Spike couldnt' get his head in the door fast enough to see if she was there. Then G remembered seeing the kitties collectively peek in the garage when he was loading up -- never thinking she might run out.

Out doors we go, calling her name. No answer. So G starts looking in the snow and finds tracks that lead to under our porch - except you can't get under there. So I check by the garage and sure enough there's a matching pair that go up the stairs to bushes on the other side. But we're calling and calling...nothing. So I go back outside when G goes in, because she probably will really only answer to me. So I call her name. Nothing. Then as foolish as it sounds I start to sing..."Twinkle, twinkle, little cat..." and I stop. I hear a faint "meow" all soft, and shaky....So I yell, "I hear you Twinkle, where are you?" and again, a faint "meow". Sure enough, hiding under the bushes soaking wet and covered in ice is my little tortie who I could not see for the life of me. (Sure, G tried to use the flash light, but it was out of batteries and we didn't have the right ones...figures.) So, I keep telling her to come to me - "I can't see you!" and sure enough, I reached in where I thought the sound came from - and felt her. She came closer, I grabbed her scruff and pulled her out.

You know she was a happy cat, because not only did she purr - but she's not a big "hold me" kind of cat. She wanted to be held. She even let G hold her - and she's sort of afraid of him.

The things we parents do for our kids.
Even the fur ones.....

Friday, January 09, 2009

So glad it's Friday!

Over the past few weeks, I've run into quite a few people who have had meniscus issues in their knee as I am experiencing -- and here's an interesting little fact I discovered in speaking with them: every single one of them had their MRI either show nothing, or show only a slight possibility of a tear -- and had their orthopedic tell them after their surgery that the MRI didn't show nearly the amount of damage that was happening inside of their knee. This being said - I've had plenty of physical therapy and a cortisone shot (which made it worse, not better - and surprisingly enough, many doctors prefer not using cortisone because it doesn't help anything heal) - and if on the 14th my doctor doesn't recommend scoping, I think I'm going to have to get a second opinion. I'm so all set with this injury. I can't even stand it any longer....and I'm so tired of complaining about it. I've got an acupuncture appointment today after work, and while I see her for headaches (which, by the way I'm going because it's been almost 7 months since I've had a headache with her treatments! So when I had a migraine lurking earlier this week I immediately booked an appointment for preventative reasons...) I think I'm going to mention my knee and see if she wants to "poke" around there, for lack of a better term.

Last night, Princess Petunia had her bedroom rearranged as planned! My room isn't going to get done until tomorrow -- it was just crazy and overambitious for me to think about doing it on a work night - and a Monday, no less. Whatever was I thinking? But I digress...the little Princess loves her new set up, and thanked us (her Nana & I) profusely. She said it was "perfect!!". She called me this morning on her way to school to thank me once again. Nice to see that it doesn't take too much to make her happy....

It's been a relatively busy week, and I've got to be honest -- I'm pretty tired. There's an even busier weekend ahead if the weather cooperates....tubing, birthday parties, shopping. But all this girl is looking forward to at the moment is the acupuncture appointment, and then going home to do nothing but laundry and relaxing . It's not exciting, but honestly -- I'm all set with excitement for right now. I want my fireplace going, the kids in the background, and a quiet night at home.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
Love tells me I am everything.

And between the two, my life flows.....

If fifty million people say a foolish thing,
It is still a foolish thing.

Surrendering does not involve preparing for a soft landing.
It means landing on hard, ordinary ground on rocky, wild countryside.
Once we open ourselves, then we land on what is.

Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it.

To build character, do something for no other reason than it's difficulty.

Stop seeking....where is there to go?
Everything you seek is already inside you.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I think they're trying to kill us....

Yesterday, I went to go make myself a cup of Peppermint Tea in the afternoon. I had no spring water left so I went to go do what I generally dread to do -- use the water from the sink here in the office.

I don't like to do it for a variety of reasons; sanitation being one of them. The kitchens and bathrooms in these buildings are horrifying. I often envy my friends who work in the commercial industry and who have beautiful buildings, with sanitary conditions.

Another reason, is that I'm convinced the water on base is contaminated. I would never in a million years drink out of their water fountains, or drink coffee from the "coffee clubs" - because I see the residue left in the containers that they use for their "clean water". I have to choke back my regurgitations when I dare to even glance in the direction of the coffee maker.

To add insult to injury, the truly scary thought is that I've know far too many people in this Base community who either have Cancer, had Cancer...or have succumbed to Cancer. I'm amazed a study hasn't been done yet, because while I know the law of averages would determine that a certain percentage of people who work in the same place over a certain amount of time would potentially have an amount of people who may get sick; I firmly believe that we would fall in line way above that average. There are too many buildings in particular that have had multiple people within be sick -- at the same time! One of them being the building I just left a few months ago -- the one I wrote about last December as being deemed "unfit" because of the mold, mildew and (gasp!) Asbestos. The one that used to be nicknamed, "The Cancer Building" much to my chagrin. But I digress....

Back to my tea.... I need to have it, so I think "It's only one cup of tea. It won't kill me." I turn the faucet on, and pour the water into the cup I got at Whole Foods earlier that day. My nice and clean organic paper cup was filled with this dirty, yellowish-rust colored water. When I tell you my stomach turned.....I'm not exaggerating. My handy dandy co-worker who was in there said, "Oh, you didn't put on the filter - that will clear it up!". (Whew - there's a water filter! There's hope yet!) He turns on the filter, (which is horribly dirty, and crusty, and I can't go on for fear of throwing up in my mouth...) and I have now my clean organic cup filled with....slightly less yellowish-rusty colored water. I shudder to think of the last time someone actually changed the filter itself! (Which is potentially more dangerous than the original water that goes in there!) But I needed my tea. So I looked on the bright side (as we all know I tend to do) and said aloud "Well, I have to microwave it to heat the water anyway - so that should sterilize it, right?". Sure, only to discover that it takes not 45 seconds, not 65 seconds -- but four flipping minutes to make the water hot in our "new" microwave. What?!?

Which made me wonder, what will kill me faster? The disturbingly not normal water -- or the amount of time in the microwave I'm heating it up with?

My co-worker politely chimes in "It's probably just iron in the water, which is okay. At least the water is no longer quarantined."
Me: (choking back my horror): Quarantined?
Co-worker: "Yes, about 6 years ago no one was able to drink the water in the building because it was so bad."
Me: Hmmm.. Yeah, not feeling so good about this tea right now.....

Fortunately, there's another co-worker here who brings his own coffee maker/espresso machine as well as bottled water. He saw me taking my 4 minute long, and now slightly burnt smelling water out of the microwave and said "oh, can't possible be doing that to yourself."
(Finally, a voice of sanity in this place.)

And then he graciously offered to allow me to make my tea using his machine -- and I was able to enjoy my tea in peace.

And people think working for the government is glamourous.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things that me go "Mmmm..."

1. Yankee Candle's Chocolate Chip Cookie candle. Of all their food flavored scents -- outside of the near and dear to my heart Pumpkin Pie -- this one takes "the cake" for being the most delicious smelling flavor. In my cubicle, I have a candle warmer - and I have this candle warming on it today. Not only does it smell amazing in my room, but all the way down the hall. Everyone is loving it...
(Or, they're hating it because they're trying to stick to their New Year dieting resolutions!)

2. Whole Foods' Carrot & Ginger soup. Many a time I've seen this soup at the kiosk when I'm there, and have often contemplated trying it -- but then opt to go for something else, because truly it doesn't sound that appealing; but it's so cold in the office today and I can't shake the chill -- so I figured a hearty, thick pureed soup would be a good choice. As I'm doing my detoxification diet, I turned down the other delicious choices that were there because I need to stick to strictly vegan with no dairy at all. This is just pureed carrots, ginger, leeks, olive oil and pepper. It was in a word, delicious. If you're in there poking around at the soup counter, and see it being offered -- don't be shy! Get yourself some. I assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised.

3. Aveda Hand Relief. I received a small size of this as a gift at the salon, and I carry it in my purse with me and put apply it many times during the day. I have to get a larger size of it. Not only does it feel good on my hands (not too heavy, not too greasy), but it smells wonderful. Very clean, almost lemony with a hint of.... maybe rosemary? I'm not positive that's the scent - but whatever it is -- it's lovely. I'm not generally a fan of Aveda products, but this one is very nice.

4. Body Shop Body Butter in Almond. I used the last of the Almond butter that I had -- and I'm so disappointed because it's a discontinued scent! I'm going to have to see if I can find it on Ebay. Brazil Nut is yummy too -- but the Almond smells so clean. They both make me feel incredibly good when I'm wearing them, both are very perfume friendly -- and I have yet to find anything that will moisturize your skin as well as these butters do.

5. The smell of my fireplace. I'm so excited to go home tonight and to light a fire. It's cold outside, and we're supposed to get snow - and nothing smells as comforting as the fireplace going on a winter's night. Even if I'm outside shoveling, when the fireplace is on and I can smell the warm smoke mingling with the brisk snowy air, it just makes this girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And we know that I'm all about warm, fuzz and comfort.

Monday, January 05, 2009

She's off and running.....

I'm starting my re-energizing detox today. It's not a drastic, or terribly restrictive one; just all the fruits, vegetables, and clear soups that I want during the day, and then at night I add brown rice to the mix. It's fabulous because you lose all that extra salt and water weight that brings you down, and I don't feel as if I'm being restricted by limiting my food intake or having to only drink liquids. In my opinion, those strict detoxification plans are just as much of an extreme diet as Atkins or anything else. They just trick your body, which isn't really what you want to do. The plan I'm following is for 5 days only, and it really is quite good. I've done it a few times, and not only do you feel better, but your metabolism is given a jump start. Think of it as going Vegan, and Caffeine/ Sugar free for 5 days.

I think because I'm hampered so much by my knee, my energy level is down. In turn, I'm far less motivated to do things in general. I'm not exercising at all, which is making me really sluggish -- and I'm finding that it's harder to get up in the morning, which rather irritates me. But that will all change today!

I am also planning on rearranging my bedroom today. I've got an idea of how I want it to be -- complete with losing the big ol' armoire that's in our room and instead, hanging a flat screen television to free up space and make the room more open and flowing. I know I'm crazy to do it with the above mentioned knee issue, but hey - a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. I am also planning a trip to pick out a new comforter set which we really need. I'm so ridiculously picky though -- it's a painful process for me to commit. I will do it though....

This week, there will be brainstorming going on about the rooms for each of the kids -- I don't know that there's much that can happen for Princess Petunia's room, it's rather small - but we'll see what we can come up with. I think with a little creativity and thinking "out of the box" miracles can happen! My son's room should be easier -- his room is much larger.

And finally....I will get my lazy butt downstairs into my gym, where I will lift once again. I will embrace the burn of crunches which I should be able to do some form of, given my lack of being able to completely bend or straighten my leg - but I will find a way.

It's Monday. It's the new year....and I am ready to take on the world once again.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

See yourself... You are the steps you take...You and you - that's the only way

I was watching a show this morning about how to keep New Year's Resolutions. A woman has written a book on it. Imagine? I should've done that - I'd be a millionaire right now.

Anyway, in her television piece she didn't mention one important thing - and that is to make your goals realistic. I think sometimes people try to accomplish miracles in 30 days - and when it doesn't happen, they give up on them. I think it's better to make goals that are reachable in a long term pace; I don't expect to have everything done in a week -- it's a goal for the YEAR, not the month of January. Seems like common sense to me - but hey, that's what makes us all different, right?

Without further adieu - here is my list of "resolutions" (aka self improvement list!) for 2009. I hope I am able to accomplish as many of them as possible.

1. I want to be better organized. This is pretty much on my list every year - I have this burning obsession with wanting things to be like "Real Simple" magazine. The truth of the matter is that real life with people in it - especially children - makes this very difficult to accomplish. My house is pretty well organized as it is; but there are some areas that could use a little improvement, so my goal this year is to get those taken care of. ASAP.

2. Projects in the house. This will actually help with the above mentioned organization. The kids rooms are small - and not set up well. Same with my bedroom. First thing on the list for projects is to re-design all the bedrooms in the house. Second on the list - put in a new door for the laundry room. Third on the list - touch up on painting. See - not many items, and all accomplishable. My extra on the list is to see if I can get a good price on replacing the staircase carpet with hardwood. Pricey - I know, but in this economy - I might be able to get a good deal.

3. Diet. This flipping knee injury is killing me. Of course, I'm eating insanely - and unable to work out, so I will modify my eating habits effective Monday. I'm doing okay, only gained a little weight and truly - not noticeable unless I point it out to someone; but no need to tempt fate. Besides there's no excuse on not being able to lift or do situps. That certainly doesn't require use of my knee.

4. Running/Yoga. AS SOON AS I CAN. Need I say more?

5. Business ventures/Writing. I haven't given up on opening a second store. It will happen, and I will keep looking for the right opportunity. Same with writing - I really would love to freelance, and so I'm hoping that with a little proactive persistance I may find a fun side job. Even if it's unpaid, I don't mind. I just enjoy having a topic to go on about.

6. Patience w the kids. This is 6th on my list, because I think as a parent - it's a constant thing that will be a continuous part of my relationship with them. But sometimes I feel as if I lose patience with my daughter, she's quite a spitfire; and while I know it's normal - it makes me feel as if I can improve in that area. So, even though she's clearly a personality that is going to constantly test me - I am going to try to be more patient with her antics.