Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it....

So this morning, my new SUV was delivered to me at work.
When my dealer was giving me the tour of the updated features, he opened the trunk and I swear to God, a chours of angels were singing. The inside interior is the most gorgeous almond color that in the sun, has a sheen of gold in it.

It's Black Sapphire Pearl and is so flipping sharp looking!! I was far more excited than I thought I would be. It's funny, I've always had certified pre-owned which is pretty darn close to new; but now that I've got new -- it's definitely a little different. I've never had a car that didn't have some semblence of ding, or dent - or at minimum, a slight discoloration of the carpet. I've never had that new car smell that didn't come out of an aerosol can.

I was literally afraid to drive it at first.

Mmmm, yeah... I got over that real quick.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow!! Traffic, anyone?


jenandmolly said...

Good for you! You deserve it!

Rebecca said...

Thanks!! I am so loving it. :) Did you transition positions yet?

jenandmolly said...

I'm still going between organizations...grrrrr...and I'm deploying....need to get together soon!