Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Silly, quirky, fun little quizzes....

You Are Grateful and Forgiving
You're good at bringing people together. You are a connector.
You often help others with their problems. You offer practical and workable solutions.

You believe that each day is precious, and you spend your times as best as you can.
It hurts your heart to hold grudges. You rather forgive, forget, and move on.

You Are Logical
You've got a lot of flair and creativity, but you temper it with organization.
You have an eye for innovation, and you're always inventing totally new ways of doing things.

You see the big picture, and while you delight in details, you don't get hung up on them.
You get bored by routine easily. You need to be around similarly open minded people in order to thrive.

Your Green Eyes Say You're Creative and Unique
You are seen as artistic and perceptive. People are delighted by your original ideas.
You don't let other people see all the hard work you do to be creative. You make it seem effortless.

You are very ambitious and at times ruthless. You are determined to get what you want.
You will step over someone to get to the top, but you're so charming that no one will notice!

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