Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's like "baby, baby, baby..oh...baby, baby, baby, oh...."

I think I may have won the Cool Mom of the Year Award this weekend.
I'd post lots of videos but my Iphone for some reason is not sending them out properly, so you'll just have to visualize.

I surprised Princess Petunia with tickets to see Justin Bieber.  It was a game time decision, I bought tickets that day, and got 20th row floor.  I'd have loved to have gotten her closer but they were all gone.  Technically the tickets said 13th row floor, but with the section in front of us being 8 rows deep - well, there you go.  I'd have paid for the 3rd row in front of the stage but they were gone before I got the chance to type in my American Express digits.  

So, I told my daughter that we had tickets to a very fancy restaurant that you need reservations to get into.  She insisted on wearing a dress, even though I insisted that leggings and boots would be fine; as we were driving up to the Garden, people were coming up to the car trying to sell Tshirts and she says to me "Mom, you should buy a shirt from that homeless man...." and so I laugh and say no.  As we pull into the parking lot and walk into the Garden she says "Oh, I've been here for WWE and Princesses on Ice" and I say "of course!  Well, they opened a new restaurant here..."  Naturally there are girls everywhere wearing Justin Bieber shirts, carrying signs, etc...and I'm thinking she's got to know now.   So I said, "hmm. I wonder why everyone's all Justin Biebered out?" and she shrugs and says "that's weird isnt' it?".  So I say, "Maybe it's a Justin Bieber themed restaurant?" to which she smiles.  And then I whisper "..or maybe I'm bringing you to the Justin Bieber concert..?"  and then it all clicked for her.  Excited??  To say the least!

We had so much fun, I have cute videos of her dancing and singing - and truth be told, it was a great show.  It's hard not to have Bieber Fever or be a "Belieber" when you see him perform.  He's a crazy talented kid...


Suldog said...

Mom of the Year is selling yourself short. You might have won a nomination for Mom of the Decade with that one. Well done!

Chatelaine said...

You are a cool Mom every day Rebecca!