Thursday, November 01, 2012

For no mere mortal can resist...the evil of the Thriller

The kids were so excited yesterday, they could barely stand it.  It took all they had to wait until I got home so I could help them get ready and all costumed up.

We trick or treat at my aunt's house, in the town we used to live in - because she lives in a neighborhood that is Halloween Central.  Thickly and densely settled, each neighbor tries to out do the other in decorations, so much so that one house had a large screen projection and a DJ!  Others had haunted houses set up, some had people dressed in costume like statues to slowly move and scare the kids, in a fun way of course.  It was the first time that we have spent Halloween in our new home (we're coming up on our one year anniversary after Thanksgiving this year!  My how time flies...) and so we were pleasantly surprised to see kids come and trick or treat at our house!  We've never had kids come by, so it was fun to see just how many kids are in the neighborhood between our street and the next two - that we never get to see! So we left the bowl of candy on our porch next to the jack-o-lanterns and off we went.

Princess Petunia was a Vampire Queen.....My son was Billy The Puppet from "Saw" fame.
I was Batgirl, and G was...well, tired husband.  He had a fabulous Frankenstein get up but he wasn't able to get out of his store early enough to get his costume and come with us, so he met us there.  Better late than not at all! 

Hope you all had a happy Halloween filled with candy, love and ghoulish laughter!

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