Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rock you like a hurricane...

You know you're a New Englander when you're in the midst of a hurricane, and you're sitting on one of your decks, watching the trees blow in the breeze and instead of worrying about them falling on your house - you're excited at the thought of them falling into the woods - with a glass of wine in your hand, and wishing you were at the beach to watch the waves.  Just sayin'....

So we made it out of Sandy unscathed, fortunately.
I have one casualty - my outdoor gazebo that was on my deck did not survive.  Those 80+MPH winds tore that bad boy down.  Truth be told, it's not as strong as the one I had in my last house so I wasn't shocked.  But other than that - we got off scot free, which is fantastic considering my house is literally carved into the forest.

My town however, not so much.  3700 without power - thankfully, we were not one of them.
Storms make me want to cook, even more so than usual.  So we feasted on banana pancakes for breakfast, Shrimp, Clam & Corn Chowder and crab cakes for lunch; tuna burgers for dinner.

My heart goes out to the people who live in my 2d favorite city - Manhattan.  From what I hear everything from 40th down is a disaster.  Heartbreaking...how does NYC go through all these devastating events and pull through each and every time?  I always think "how will they get through this?" and yet....they do.

I couldn't help but think of Atlantic City as well; when G and I went to Barbra Streisand a few weeks back, we were sitting with the owner of the Boardwalk Casino & Hotel who was a great guy and fun to talk with. I can't help but think that he is beside himself at the moment.  We've had floods in our Beacon Hill store and there was one that we thought was going to do us in - fortunately, we survived; I couldn't imagine damage the magnitude of what the Boardwalk is suffering from.

(Seriously, it's downpouring right now - the most rain we've had in days since we barely got any yesterday - and wait, is that thunder I'm hearing?  Really?? )

Uh-oh.  That means this girl needs to run out and save the jack-o-lanterns the kiddies made before they become water bowls!

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Suldog said...

We got off lightly compared to many, didn't we? Thank God. Only damage we had, personally, was a gate to our backyard becoming unattached from its steel framing.