Sunday, October 14, 2012

People who need people...are the luckiest people, in the world...

So, you may have noticed I hadn't blogged since last Wednesday.
That's because I could barely conceal my excitement about where I was last night, and I don't like to post online when I'm not going to be in my neck of the woods, you know what I mean?

G and I flew to NYC, roomed at the Four Seasons - and had front row tickets to see the one, the only....Ms. Barbra Streisand.

(insert sound of angels choiring here....)

It was a last minute decision actually; we were toying with going to Atlantic City or Newport....possibly even seeing WarHorse open in Boston.  But we had been eyeing the tickets all week and sure enough...they came down as the show got closer and we couldn't resist.

She wasn't just good - she was AMAZING.

Yes, you could tell at times she was just getting over being sick - but it was nothing short of just added character.  She sounded almost exactly like her recordings.  I've never seen someone so immensely talented and so natural and effortless at singing.  She is nothing short of a living legend.  And we are so priveleged to have been there to witness up close and personal - concert #84 of her career.

She bas always seemed to me, to be a beautiful person - both inside and out.  Yes, I have always thought she was so pretty, though unconventionally so.  Her personality just makes her that much more beautiful and she was nothing short of that last night.

It was a fantastic way to celebrate our anniversary...a little bit of jetsetting and shopping....a night with probably our most favorite singer of all time (short of Elvis who my husband is enamored with - me, not so much...) and a little bit of pampering for us both.

So it's the laughter....we will remember...when we remember....the way we were.

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Suldog said...

My Dad loved her. I'm not so big a fan, but I appreciate her talent. She has a magnificent voice. So glad you had a good time! It's always such a thrill to see someone you consider a legend (had a similar thrill last week when we saw Bob Newhart.)