Friday, October 26, 2012

Thoughts of design....

So this dining room is the look that inspired the transformation of my dining room's color palette.  While the initial impulse was to go with traditional velvet/crimson red - this is much more my taste.
And since we couldn't find this exact wall paper anywhere - we came up with something similar but not quite as dark.  Keeping in mind the photographs really do no justice to the wallpaper. It looks almost baby blue here, but trust me - it's not.  Below is a gorgeous metallic silver Anna French Wallcovering in "Japonica".  Very Chinoiserie-esque.
While I tend to prefer more traditional, masculine light fixtures with a mix of antiqued feel and crystal - my designer (who is also my MIL) said "absolutely all crystal".  It's going to look beautiful, as my dining room has 2 walls of pretty atrium windows and french doors to the outside,  so I have an abundance of natural light which should really just shimmer off the chandelier. 
The sconces above my fireplace match as well.
And while my dining room set is a bit more traditional with a darker wood structure and cream seats, we're adding silver parsons chairs to the heads of the table to mix it up a bit.
And then lots of greens! 
There's nothing I love more in a room than green plants, topiaries, grasses and of course - flowers.
We're trying to find artwork or prints for the room as well, but we haven't found anything just yet.
And this to be done by Thanksgiving....well, that's the goal anyway!
We shall see!

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Chatelaine said...

I love it. And I love wallpaper in a dining room. Please post photos of the finished product!