Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You learn something new every day....

So, here's a little somethin'somethin' I learned today.

Coca Cola - is available in a Spanish version.
Complete with a glass bottle, and instead of high fructose corn syrup - it has real sugar.
Oh, and it's sold in the Latino section of a supermarket, rather than in the regular tonic section.
Who knew?

One of my sales reps lives in a more urban city and he mentioned that he stumbled upon it this weekend.  So he bought it....and he said it's absolutely freaking delicious.  Sort of like Coca Cola from years past.

(This girl, has never been a tonic drinker - so I don't really know, but I've got to think that anything made with real sugar instead of the other stuff, has got to be good.)

Interestingly enough, they also have a Kosher Coca Cola, complete with a yellow cap - symbolizing the Star of David.  Seriously?  Seriously.

Because what in a bottle of Coke would need to have special preparation in order for it to be kosher?

Now if that's not a little meshugna, I don't know what is...


Susan said...

It's for Passover (the kosher stuff). My friend who converted for her husband told me something like this (if my memory is correct) that you totally clean out your kitchen from food, switch your dishes and bring in food that is specifically Kosher for passover which is prepared under supervision of a Rabbi. That does include soda.

She stocks up and buys like 20 a year so they drink Coke made from sugar all year round.

It could very well be that the coke during the year could be made with some bread products like wheat, barley, etc and they would need special Kosher soda.

I'm not an expert though but I learned a lot from my friend! LOL.

Susan said...

As if this isn't funny I just asked my's because coke has corn syrup and I'm guessing it's because it's grains! LOL!

Suldog said...

Really? Still made with sugar? I'll have to find some.

Oddly enough, just a couple of days ago I was discussing Moxie with my Stepfather, and we both agreed that it tastes nowhere near what it once did, and we decided it was because it is now made with corn syrup instead of sugar. If I could find Moxie made with sugar... I suppose that's way too much to hope for, though, as it is a very regional drink these days and never did have the popularity that Coke did.