Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend wrap up...the food, the friends the fun.

Overall, this weekend was really nice.

Saturday, I had some girls over for a Sunless Tanning Soiree.  My sister has started a sunless airbrush tanning business where she travels to you - rather than you going to her.  So to get her jumpstarted, I had a few girls over for some fun in the faux sun and of course - food and wine.  It was such a good time!  Just a small, intimate gathering and it was alot of fun.  It's been a long time since I've had some good girl time, and it was well worth it.

Sunday, was but of course - Patriots Football Sunday.  Which translates into relaxing and eating food.  It's my favorite day of the week to cook.  It was an easy day actually...leftover calzones and then I made Artichoke & Marscapone raviolis with a pink sauce - complete with home made pumpkin pie.  I love, love, love pumpkin pie.  I do think, I may have to do an encore presentation of dessert next weekend for the London game.  But next week, I'm thinking it's chili & fajitas for the meal du jour...

The next big event at the "I'm just a girl" household is Thanksgiving.  As of now 27 people will be gracing my dinner table, which is partly why we are redesigning our dining room.  Actually, we've flipped our den to our dining room - and vice versa.  Which of course means we have electrical work going on to swap the chandelier, and had to have wainscoting placed in the room - and now, it's the design aspect.  I want all silver chinoiserie and crystal - but to find the right pattern is where we're at right now....ah, the fun of prepping for the holiday.  Two turkeys at a minimum, and I'd like to get a little creative on my menu.  I'm thinking Squash & Apple soup (which I'm making for dinner right now actually....) as a course.  But we shall see.... To be truthful, while Autumn is my favorite season, Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday meal. 

Because this all about Christmas.

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