Monday, November 05, 2012

Things that make you go "hmmm?"

1.  This is 2012, not 1912.  How long has NYC and NJ been without electricity and gas?  8 days now? And without gasoline, which of course makes it impossible to run generators...I'm sorry, but I find this disgusting.  We are not talking rural areas that are tough to get to, nor are we talking about something that couldn't simply be handled with an executive order to allow companies from outside of each state to temporarily allow deliveries of gasoline across state lines.  I get that there are taxes and tarriffs involved -- but basically it all boils down to politics.  And this is not a time for that.  This is about humanity and kindess in a time of need. 
   1a.  I'm so all set with the election to be over.  I'm so sick and tired of the rheoteric and commercials and endless amounts of "I'm Elizabeth Warren" or "I'm Mitt Romney" or whoever the hell is or isn't running and they've "approved these messages".  It's been the ugliest political sparring that I've seen in a long time.  And truthfully - none of them really did anything to swing me - and I was a swing voter.  Do I stay with President Obama, who while a nice guy - has been rather ineffective and in someways fiscally irresponsible?  Or do I take a chance on Mitt "Flip flop" Romney, who did okay things in office here in MA but is a complete loose cannon at times because I don't really know what he truly stands for.  I think this girl is going to check the "Libertarian" section of the ballot.  Because staying with the devil you know versus the one you don't - may not be a choice I'm really sure on making truth be told.
   1b.  As a result of the fundraiser on television this weekend that heightend this girls's awareness of the depth of the tragedy, as local news was not sharing as much as they should've - I'm hosting a fundraiser at my store for the hurricane victims. Every little bit counts...

2.  Speaking of politics....hows Questions 2 & 3 on the local MA ballot striking anyone?  Do most people even know that they're on there?  Legal Euthanisia for dignified end of life....and Legal Medical Marijuana.   This girl is supporting legal euthanisia but sorry my recreational pot smoking friends - I can't support the marijuana bill, at least no the way it's worded.  Sure, I know it's inconvenient that it's illegal to buy a dime bag - but read the bill.  I just don't think, as a mother - I can support this option.  Before I had kids, I felt differently -and I am not a smoker.  But as a parent of 2 children, and children who may have a genetic predisposition to struggle with addiction because of family histories - I staunchly oppose making it legal.  Maybe this makes me prudish - maybe it makes me prudent.  Either way, I'm all set with that and I hope that people take the time to really read the bill as it's being presented. 

3.  If you aren't registered to vote - than you don't get an opinion.  I love all these people who voice their opinions and are very boisterous about them, and they aren't even registered to vote!  Shut up sit down and keep your thoughts to yourself, because you can't play if you don't pay.  Your opinion does not matter if you don't register it.  So please, don't waste this girls time.

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Chatelaine said...

Totally agree about NYC and NJ. Why do they still not have electricity? I understand the town that is under sand. It has to be dug out just to get to it but there was plenty of warning on this one. Haven't our officials learned anything from Katrina?