Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to you....

Umm.... oh. my.
I hadn't seen this picture before.

As I was looking to find a really great shot that I liked for today's birthday wish, I stumbled across this little piece. Seems that "Cosmopolitan" (which I don't buy, because ugh -- too many perfume ads and the like with not enough content) is running a feature on "10 Reasons to watch Baseball". And it seems that this photo was part of their feature. (Note to April's issue of Cosmo.)

Not that there really needs to be a reason to watch baseball. I don't anyway -- it just doesn't hurt any when you have affection for one of the players on the team.

Happy birthday to you Jason.
What I wouldn't give to share a piece of cake with you today.

(Sigh. Even I crack myself up with this crush...)


Nichole M said...

Oh. My. WORD. Whew! Is anyone else warm?

Jason + cake = Nichole's imagination going nuts.

Suldog said...

I found it a slight bit disquieting, but I'm not the target audience :-)