Friday, April 24, 2009

Alls well that ends well....

So, today I went out for lunch with a girlfriend from my office – and actually had a glass of wine with my meal. Can I just tell you – it’s been years since I had a glass with lunch during work. Back in the day – it was very acceptable to do, but then somewhere along the line, it became unacceptable. But it seems that the group I work with, having a drink of wine with lunch is perfectly acceptable. And I felt like such a “grown up”! It was so funny; and good to know – because now there’s at least one thing (outside of my co-worker) that I have to look forward to while I'm here.

She’s looking to try new wine, so I had her try Dr. Loosen Riesling – which is really very good. A little sweet for my taste, but excellent when paired with seafood – which we both had salmon (hers baked with roasted veggies, mine grilled over salad). I ordered an Australian Unoaked Chardonnay which I was convinced the bartender gave me a Californian Sauvignon Blanc instead because trust me when I tell you – if I was blindfolded and someone asked me to name the wine, I would insist that’s what it was. I even asked the waiter if there was any possibility that the bartender could’ve poured the wrong wine – and he insisted he saw it being poured and that’s what it was. Even the color was off – it was straw like, rather than the vibrant yellow that a Chardonnay tends to have. It was herbaceous and acidic – all things consistent with Sauvignon Blanc and not at all the robust fruitiness that an Australian Chardonnay would bring. However, I drank it anyway and because I have no issues with Sauvignon Blanc – and, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Busy weekend on tap for this girl. I’ve got a sleepover at my house with my nephew tonight…tomorrow, we’ve got soccer games all day – and then the Sox game Saturday night. I’m not attending, but I will be in full attendance and attention via HD. Sunday, I think we’re packing up early and heading to Rockport for a day of walking the beach, browsing the stores and enjoying the salt air.

And I’ve got lots of excitement for next week….back to yoga, out door track running, all sorts of business venture “stuff” to discuss, so stay tuned…..
Have a fabulous Friday, and enjoy your weekend!

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