Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm sick and tired... of being sick and tired...

This has got to have been the worst cold and flu season on record, ever.
At least in this girl’s life.

I’m sick…again. Again?!?!
One would think, after the three hour yoga marathon on Saturday, in a 130 degree room – doing 108 Sun A & Sun B Salutations in addition to other vinyasas (do the math on how many pushups that constitutes, my triceps are alive!) – I would be as healthy as a horse! One would think…

It hit me like a brick wall yesterday after dinner. I’ve been fighting this since Friday, and around 4:30 in the afternoon – I lost the battle. (But not before eating a nice slice of the prettiest Easter cake I’ve seen….yum.)
Really, I’m sick of being sick.

So tonight, after my son’s soccer practice I am going to high tail it to the clinic around the corner from me and see the doctor who I’m sure is going to say I need an antibiotic of some sort. I’ve been going back and forth with this since the weekend I had my knee scoped. Nine weeks ago already. Um, hello… clearly, I’m not going to be able to fight this one off on my own, but I’ve given it one hell of a shot.

I’m almost glad the Sox are in Oakland playing a night game. I don’t have it in me today to stay up and try to watch them; and truthfully, it might be some additional good medicine to wake up in the morning and learn of a victory needed in the Nation.


Nichole M said...

Ugh. What a drag! I'm so sorry! Let me know if you have any medically-related questions; I'm not a primary care MD, but I'd do the best I could!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Dr. Nichole! :) I totally appreciate it... :) Don't know if you caught my latest FB update since we know how slow that place is, but -- sinus infection and walking pneumonia. I should've known...

I swear we're going to be able to get that sushi dinner in when you come back - did you say June?

Nichole M said...

grrr.... new facebook.... >:-[

Pneumonia? No. Way. Get better soon!

I was thinking we'd be out in June, but then a good friend reminded that her 40th birthday is in June, so we'll be going to Napa that month, which will largely take up the travel budget I was going to use. I will definitely try to get out there before the weather becomes... unpleasant again though!