Friday, April 03, 2009

Blame it on the Rain....

So did I mention that I'm not really an "early spring" kind of girl?
Everything is so dreary, and cold. Rainy and muddy. Truly not my cup of tea.

Don't get me wrong, I love sitting at home and snuggling in my cozy clothes as much as the next girl -- but the truth is, I'd much rather be smelling the aroma of flowers wafting through the air, rather than being huddled up under an umbrella dreading the walk to my car and the insane commute home. We all know how no one in New England seems to know how to drive in the rain or snow. Fortunately though, it's Friday - and that far outweighs everything else.

It's been a relatively decent day today. Work is "ho-hum" - but I took a break from the regular cube time lunch and broke bread with Susan at the Lemon Tree in Burlington. (Well, I didn't exactly "break bread" - we had Japanese, not bread on the table. Just felt the need to clarify...) Excellently priced sushi lunch, I have to say. And I loved the inside - I felt like I was sitting in a home which was just a great setting for this aforementioned inclement day.

On the way back, I stopped and got myself some Bumble & Bumble "Straight" which I think is just the product I need to get my wavy hair to not fight so much with me and stay straight. I'm really looking forward to trying it out. I'm not loving my hair these days; ever since having someone else cut it back in October, it's just not been the same. My bangs were cut far too wide (again!) and so now I'm stuck growing out those pieces. When will I ever learn?

Yoga last night kicked my butt. It was a great class; not the typical teacher I usually have - and I didn't love her Vinyasa style, however -- she worked us out like I hadn't felt in a long time. Best of all, my knee feels amazing today.
A-mazing. I'm looking forward to once again doing the 108 Sun Salutations Fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund, on April 11th. (Which happens to be my boyfriend Jason's birthday, by the way. Yes I'll be using him as my motivation if I start to feel tired during the three hour marathon.)

Unfortunately, my son's opening game for the Soccer season was slated for tomorrow and has been cancelled due to the early spring mushiness. Fingers crossed however, it will all be gone by Monday in time for Opening Day at Fenway. While I won't be there, my radio will be with me at work to listen in on all the excitement, and of course the DVR will be set. I am beyond excited that baseball season is upon us once again.

So a rainy weekend is ahead of me. No big plans now that the weather has interfered. So I will have to come up with a backup plan. This is what Mothers do best, right?

I can't wait to get home and get into those cozy clothes.....

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