Thursday, April 30, 2009

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."-- Abraham Lincoln

1. Rosemary, is an entirely underrated herb I think. I love using Rosemary – it’s got a fine line between too much and not enough, but if you hit it just right – it’s spectacular. I use it in everything, so much so that I think in fact this season – I will add it to my garden herbs. I don’t generally plant it, but I use it so much that I definitely am going to this season. Cilantro is another underrated herb, in my opinon. It’s not just for guacamole or salsa – there are so many fabulous ways to use it – and that is an herb that is a constant in my garden.
2. Speaking of gardening….I don’t generally plant flowers. I’m a vegetable garden kind of girl. However, the kids picked out some morning glory seeds, and so we’ll be planting them on Saturday. I think I’m going to pick up a trellis so that we can train them up it. They’re pretty excited about it, and so am I actually. I wish I had the room to do a wildflower garden, but I barely have room as it is for my postage stamp garden, so… you take what you can get, right?
3. I really like the town that I live in. This morning, our police department sent a global message to the residents via telephone – informing us that a rash of car break ins had been resolved. This sort of gives you an idea of the amount of severe crime that happens where I live. I mean, there’s definitely some crime – everyplace has it; but as a city girl originally, I find our town to be exceptionally quiet. Of course, my Dad used to be a cop – and so living in the city and having a scanner in your house – you grew up knowing about everything that happened, and I assure you – it wasn’t always good. I can only imagine the calls on the scanner in my neck of the woods now… and I’m not about to mock them, because I think it’s a good thing.
4. As I was thinking about how much I like my town on my drive in to work... I noticed the high school has a crashed up car on it’s front lawn to remind kids about drinking and driving. Again, in the city – there was not much outreach to us as kids. Sure, we had police officers come in during elementary school, and once in high school to go over drugs with us -- but there was none of the real community involvement that I see where my kids are growing up. It’s not overwhelming or overbearing – and it’s not about drugs per se; it’s just an interaction with the kids in general, by all types of public officials. It’s real clear to me that this community cares about it’s youth, and I love that about it. Though I won’t be a “townie” – my kids will be, and I’m happy about that for them.
5. Thank God for muscle memory. I’m going to yoga tonight, and it will have been my third time this week. It’s amazing how quickly your body bounces back into shape – and in such short time, my arms look pretty decent again – considering I haven’t really lifted much. I’m starting to run on the outdoor track next week – which will be my first run in three weeks; I’m hoping the time I’ve given my knee to relax a bit, and build some quad strength with yoga will get me past that half mile mark. Running on a springy outdoor track is far better than on the treadmill, so here’s hoping….

Besides, I've got a wedding coming up the third weekend in May - and I'm wearing a hot little number to it, so.... there's inspiration for me to push through the pain if need be.

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