Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Oscars, and other burning questions and thoughts.

Dear Jennifer Aniston:  You know I love everything about you, right?  But what did you do to your face girlfriend?  I don't know if it's Restalyne or if you modified your lip surgically but - you have this sort of puffy Heather Locklear-ish look to your pretty little self right now and I'm not digging it.  Congrats on the engagement, by the way - and your dress was gorg - but please, leave your face alone! 

Dear Pre-Show Media:  I'm not sure what all the hype was about Jessica Chastain's dress.  I thought it was okay; her hair - not the greatest.  I wasn't loving Halle Berry's dress either, maybe it's the super HD on my tv but I thought it looked heavy - and made her look portly. Well, as portly as Halle Berry can be.  Wouldn't have been my first choice - but hey, I'm not the Fashion Police - right?  I did like Jennifer Lawrence's dress, Charlize Theron's dress and to go with the non-traditional Oscar dress, I'd say that Anne Hathaway's dress was in a word - stunning.  (For the record, I could've done with alot less Kristin Chenowith (please cut her some bangs!) and Kelly Rowland was a bit disappointing as well.  Better hosts next year, please!)

Dear Seth McFarlane:  I hope they ask you back.  Sure the William Shatner thing was overdone, but otherwise you did okay.  For what its worth, I freaking LOVED the sock puppet skit.  Loved it!

Dear Ben Affleck:  Congrats on Argo.  Truth be told, it was the only nominated movie I saw.  Another truth to be told - while I thought it was a good movie, a really good movie - I didn't think it was Oscar material. But who am I, really.   I think that while it wasn't the epic time piece Lincoln was, nor the gritty and dark DJango Rules - it was a piece that everyone could relate to on some level and honestly, you don't need an Oscar nomination for Direction in order to validate your skills.  You're a far better director than you are actor, and we see that time and time again. 

Dear Oscars Producers:  Less music, more awards - less time.  While I loved seeing Barbra, and Norah and Adele - it was a bit much this year.  About 45 minutes could've been reduced and we could've just cut to the chase of what we all were looking for - the awards.

So these were just some of my thoughts, post show.  I love the Oscars - it will forever be the pinnacle that I once aspired to dream towards; and the funny thing is, sometimes deep down inside I watch and think "I can so do that...."  Give me 5 years, and I guarantee I will do it.  Ah, the words are easy to has moved past me, and I've ventured in other directions.  Opportunities that are available today were not so readily available at the time when I was.   But the dream still lives inside, and will always be very much alive. 

Maybe in another lifetime....

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