Saturday, March 02, 2013

How sweet it is....

A few months back, we gave our Breville Juicer away.
As much as we liked it - it can be messy, and we weren't using it as much as we used to.

We ended up buying a Vitamixer - which I love, love, love.

It's not great at making juices.
You have to add water to make juice, which - sort of defeats the purpose of juicing, no?
So for soups, smoothies, raw vegan ice cream, it's the bomb.
But sometimes, this girl just wants to make a juice.
Greens, carrots, the kiddies like fresh apple and orange juices.

So, how excited was I when G came home with a brand new juicer last night?
Clearly, he was feeling the same way.

And - to make things even sweeter - my yoga studio added a third morning class during the week so now I can take class 3 mornings, which I'm psyched about.  That little pneumonia bout took me off my mat for two weeks now and so it's lousy to have to start over again, but I should get back into the swing of things quicker with three mornings as opposed to two.

Spring is here, you can almost smell it.
And I'm looking forward to the recharge; in the air, on my mat - and in my glass.

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