Friday, March 08, 2013

Latest & greatest of what's on this girl's mind....

1.  It's about time the state of MA got something right.  Kudos to the jury for sentencing murderer Nathaniel Fijita to life without the chance of parole.  I'm really tired of these sociopathic narcissisistic types like him and Jody Arias to murder their "loved" ones in such violent and heinous ways - multiple different ways, actually - and then come up with these ridiculous excuses as to why they did it.  Just own it.  You did it, you wanted them dead - so just stand by what you did.   You got what you wanted, so now you have to suffer the consequences.  And while a monster like Casey Anthony is walking free, living off money sent to her from the cult like followers who obsess over murderers, at least the state of Massachusetts made sure that this is one killer who will never walk freely again.
1a.  The caveat to the story heart absolutely breaks for the parents of the murderer.  It must be equally as gut wrenching to lose a child this way, and to think that the baby you loved and nurtured and did all that you could for, is capable of committing such a horribly violent act.  There is no happy ending, and both sides have lost their child.  Yes, one side will get to hear their child's voice and see their face, but it will no way replace all of the the potential and possibilities that a full life would've possibly have held.

2.  We have additions to our fur family!  Hard to believe but we have two teensy tiny baby dumbo rats.  I know, crazy right?  Well, we couldn't resist.  They're littermates, hand raised from a breeder (not from a chain pet store where our other 2 are from; while they're fun, you can totally see the difference in personalities with hand raised furry friends.)  They're about 4 weeks old and only about as long as my thumb (excluding their tails).  They are absolutely adorable and affectionate and we love them.  Truffle and Stephano are what the kiddies named them, and we are just in love. 

3.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  So the past 24 hours has been the passing of what is probably our last storm of the season.  We got about 8 inches here where I live and funny enough - it's going to be 60 this weekend so it will probably all be gone as quickly as it came!  We all were home today, I've got a turkey in the oven and it's been one heck of a lazy day.  I'm sort of digging it, actually!

4.  I thought I kicked the pneumonia but....I think I need to go back and have my lungs checked again.  I sort of have this cough that's coming back and - I just don't feel like I've got enough oxygen sometimes.  Have you ever felt like you have to keep yawning so you can get that big burst of air?  That's how I'm feeling all the time.  It's waking me up at night, actually.  Sometimes, if I'm worried about something or upset about something and trying to suppress it, it will come out that way.  But I'm not, actually.  And it's happening so much that my back muscles are tightening up and I'm really not very comfortable.  

I can't wait to get back on my mat again and stretch it all out.  I was supposed to go this morning but...the snow put a damper on that. 

So that's all I've got for today. 
What's going on in your world?

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Suldog said...

We got about a foot here. My Mom got 20 inches in Weymouth. The best part of being unemployed is that I can just laze around in my jammies and not give a damn about shoveling out our 60-foot (no typo) driveway. I'm just going to wait for it to melt and screw the outside world.