Friday, February 01, 2013

Ah, ah, ah, ah...choo!

After what has probably been the worst cold & flu season in Boston history for quite some time - my house has been relatively unscathed.  But I have come down with a teensy, weensie cold.   I feel okay actually; I felt worse earlier this week before the symptoms actually reared their ugly head.  So while I'm not achy or sore anymore, now it's just the annoying congestion and cough.

The only upside is that it should be gone baby gone - by the time we leave for the Big Apple.

So, in a slight surprise twist - G got us front row tickets to "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" featuring the lovely Ms. Scarlet Johannassen.  (Isn't she married now?  Doesn't she have a different name?  I can't keep up with the Hollywood gossip, I'll have to Google it and see.) 

Now to hope that he doesn't come down with the cold...

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