Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Start spreading the news...I'm leaving today....

Not really.
But I AM going to my second favorite city in the world - Manhattan.

We were supposed to go for the Zab Judah fight, but the card got moved to April due to injury so...it looks like we'll be heading back there in the Spring! (That stinks, right?)  But we decided to keep our plans to spend two nights in the Big Apple (yikes!  I've never spent two nights away from the kiddies before....) and we just booked our flight and room at the Ritz.   I've never stayed there before either, and we love the Four Seasons so I'm thinking this is going to be pretty much the same.  Some people go on cruises, others buy jewlery - we stay in luxurious hotels.  It could be worse.

I'm fighting a cold...it's teetering on the edge of being full blown but between Zicam and ColdEze, along with yoga - I've kept it at bay.  I'm hopeful it stays that way!

Today was a balmy 36 degrees...you know you're a New Englander when 36 feels like it's too warm to wear a coat!  I felt like it was Spring!  And tomorrow is supposed to be even better, creeping into the 60s.  Say it isn't so...and yet it is.

I don't know if you all realize but when you're a wine shop owner, you're a professional taster - of sorts.  You kiss lots of frogs before you find princes in each price point for each style of wine.  Today, I tasted a lot of really solid wine.  It's amazing when I think about what I did or didn't like when we first opened the second store; and I thought I had a solid palate then.  Not sure what I was thinking because it's just amazing at how much I've learned and how much my palate has grown.   Some days, the reps bring wine that's just...eh, at best.  But today, there were some really exciting and interesting things.  

So here's my question for anyone out there and wanting to participate:
What's your favorite wine, and why?  What's your least favorite - and also, why.
Just for giggles...


MarkD60 said...

If Manhattan is your second favorite city, what's the first? Should I already know?
thistoy 617

Rebecca said...

Not sure why I came in as anonymous but it was me. Weird.