Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Easy Breezy Cover Girl....

Yesterday I finally got my hair cut & highlighted.
Feeling like a supermodel I am...

I can never, ever in a million years get my hair to be this straight, smooth and bouncy.  It flips, it waves, it shines.  I'm a freaking Pantene commercial - and I love it!

I'm thinking I could get used to it.  I could potentially go to the stylist and get a "blow out" as it's called - for when I have special occaisons to attend.  (Except, that would have to quantify the fact that I actually attend things and that is something that sadly, I do not....sigh....)

Hmmph, I don't want it occasionally - I want this hair every day!
Clearly, this girl needs a personal stylist like the Housewives have.
What? Why can't I have someone come and do my hair every day?  I don't understand, do I have to have a reality show to look fabulous - that's so not fair.

Well, I would never even entertain the concept of a reality show at our shop, though I'm SHOCKED the idea hasn't come up somewhere along the line.   I like my nice, normal life.

Though the idea of having a stylist and fabulous hair everyday is tempting.....

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MarkD60 said...

I never realized that easy and breezy rhymed till just now.
Once I saw a girl who had the top of here hair dyed and looked like a statue covered in bird poop. But she thought she was cool.
I'm sure yours looks great though. Shoulda posted a pic.