Monday, January 07, 2013

Music, the connection to your soul

I've written so many times about how profound of an effect music has on me - and of course - on most people.  It's a portal to your memories; you hear a song and instantly you're brought back to a certain time and place, where you can almost smell the food that might have been cooking in the background at one of the times you may have heard it.

I have quite the eclectic mix on my IPOD for running; it runs the gambit of 80's music to modern rap and electronica.  And truth be told, it's rather outdated because while I have a ton of songs on my library, I don't update my IPOD all that often.  I download them but play them on my laptop or give them to my kids for their MP3 players.  So my running mix is definitely, out of touch.

But I recently uploaded them to my phone via ICloud.  And even better is that I can have them playing on my bluetooth while I'm driving.

Here is just a sampling:

1) Rebecca - The Pat McGee Band.  Needs no explanation.  The only song that has my name in it!
2) Shake Ya TailFeather - Nelly, Murphy Lee, et al.  Fantastic song to run to!
3) Fighter - my girl, Christina Aguilera.  That song has been my anthem, esp. during difficult times.  When I'm running and feeling like I want to stop, I play it over and over again until I get through that portion of my run and can coast again.
4) The Story - Brandi Carlisle.  Again, an anthem of sorts of mine.  I really like songs I can connect with.
5) Took the Words Right Out of my Mouth - Meat Loaf.  Talk about quintessential songs of my youth!  I hear this and wow, I'm 12 years old all over again.  How can you not love Meat Loaf?  He practically invented the lyrical rock opera in a 3 minute song!
6) It Takes Two - Rob Base.  Complete 90's throwback and the best song to start a run to.  It's the perfect beat to track with.
7)The Time of my Life - David Cook.  Talk about inspiration and nostalgia all at once.  Not only do I love this song, I loved the American Idol finale where he sang it live.  I use that version rather than the studio one.  The passion and emotion in his voice just keeps me moving...
8) Fergalicious - Fergie.  It's fun.  'Nuff said.
9) Jolene - Ray Lamontagne.  Fabulous to slow down to...and who doesn't love a little Ray?
10) Please don't leave me this way - Thelma Houston.  I'm ten years old or Senior Pizza with my Mom and my Aunt, playing the jukebox and this was the song they'd always play.  (That, and "When will I see you again" by the The 3 Degrees - which is not on my IPOD, but I digress...)

What songs do YOU listen to?


MarkD60 said...

The only one I recognize from your list is Brandi Carlisle. I'll check them all out though. Always looking for new music.
I like "No More Tears" Ozzy Osbourne.

Chatelaine said...

Thelma Houston, that is an oldie! I like fighter and the time of my life.

My two recent faves are: Try by Pink and Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson.