Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's mistletoe and falling snow...

Well, maybe not falling snow.
It's "Christmas in California" here in Boston, and this girl really just doesn't mind it.  Not one bit.

So, I took a tub in the jacuzzi in my MBR tonight for the first time.
Dear God - I love it. 

While I'd prefer more jets in the tub - preferably on my back - it's a keeper for now.

Did I mention that we have a hot tub in our backyard?
That's running at the moment?

We do.'s just a tad too cold for me to take a chance on using it just yet. 
Maybe if I can convince G to use it with me.

We shall see.... !

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Suldog said...

It's always more fun with company. That's my opinion.