Saturday, December 03, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

It's funny - you don't notice the imperfections on the Christmas tree quite so much as when you see it in a photograph. 

But that's okay.  This year, a long time tradition was a first time in the new house.

My typical ornaments aren't on; and we have some beautiful new ornaments that were shared with us from my Aunt, and so we have some new ornaments to look at and admire this year.

Decorating the tree is always fun because not only is it a fun thing to do -- but it gives us the opportunity to think of our friends and family while we do it - because most of our ornaments are either from friends and family, or they're ornaments we picked out together as a family.

This year was a little more chaotic than usual; my son had a friend over and even though it was a different time than usual it still was a fun night, hopefully for all.

It's the kickoff to the holiday season here in the I'm Just a Girl household.


summer-claire said...

Your tree looks absolutely beautiful! That really is the true meaning of Christmas for me, using all those random decorations you've collected over the years, each one holding a memory, rather than as a design statement in a colour scheme. Bring on the big day! :D

Elaine said...

You have your tree up at your new home already? You put me to shame. I just finished a little tabletop tree but feel so behind on my decorating!

Your tree looks great. Now you're ready to make some fun memories in your new home.