Monday, September 12, 2011

What's going on....hey, what's going on....

So, we put an offer on a house.....and it was accepted.

On, or before 30 November - we will be moving. And this is so much more of a house than we had ever imagined we'd be in.
Good things come to those who wait? I'd like to think so.

It's not in the town we live in...and surprisingly enough, the kids are not disappointed about moving to another town and school system. My son even volunteered to switch schools which to me - was a shock. I'd planned on keeping it very low key and commuting them, but will be much easier on all of us. And they are so excited too - they went to the open house with us, and they loved the house as well.

It's exactly 6.2 miles from my present house; the other house in the same town that we looked at on Friday night, interestingly enough - was 6.3 miles from my present house.

Funny how it's almost the same distance apart, which truly makes the move seem that much less significant, in terms of keeping in touch with the kids' existing friends.

Today we did a little shopping for furniture, and my head was spinning. I don't think we're going to have enough furniture to fill the place..... !


jenandmolly said...

Congratulations!!! Pictures???

Rebecca said...

Hey Jen,
Thanks! I am afraid to jinx it! LOL. I've got the virtual tour and photos, but I've gotta wait until we sign the P&S. We were so close to another house earlier this year and it fell I hesitate. But I will once we sign. SO excited. :)

Susan said...

congrats! Where?

Suldog said...

Well, congratulations! Please be sure to post some photos when things do get completely settled.

Rebecca said...

@Susan - it's in Andover...and it's only one exit up from my house now which is great - my commute is only about 3 minutes longer. :)

@Suldog - absolutely! At a minimum, I'll put pics out of the backyard. Can't wait for summer.... ;)