Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodnight sweetheart,'s time to go....

Though I'm not happy about it - not one bit.
I'm really quite sad.
To quote Dustin Pedroia - "heartbroken" over the fact that the Skipper felt it's time to leave the Nation.

I wish that he could just take a few weeks off to cool down, rethink things and maybe change his mind; but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

He didn't want to leave the door open.

Maybe he's heartbroken - in a different way.

Like I said - the club has become more reminiscent of the Yankees team that I'd write about over the last few years. Little to no team - just a bunch of overpaid players who believe their own press clippings.

Are they all like that? Of course not.
But is there a group that are? Hell yeah - and they made it abunduntly clear over the past season. The heart and soul that has always been the Red Sox was just not there this year.

And that is so very sad...on so many levels.
And it's trickling from the top down, with the departure of probably their best Manager in a long, long time.

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