Monday, September 26, 2011

Things that make me go "hmmm?"

1. If you can dish it out - you've got to be able to take it back in. That's something I never quite understand. If a person tends to be harsh on others, why do they get all sensitive when someone gives them an attitude in return? I mean come on - how much should a person take before defending themselves or getting pissy about it? Where exactly is the acceptable line for retaliation? Just a little something to think about.

2. Spitting is not an Olympic competition. Okay, so last week I went to a portfolio tasting at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, and let me tell you - there were some people there who clearly felt that they were either a.) superior wine samplers or b.) reliving their childhood days. They weren't merely sipping and spitting...oh, no no. They were sipping, swirling like mouthwash and then standing waaay back from the spitoon (ugh, what an ugly word) and hurling their disgusting swill from almost 6 inches away!! There was this one guy who unfortunately was always seemingly ahead of us at the first few tables and not only did he think he was "the man" (ugh, he almost looked proud afterwards..I think I'm nauseous just reliving it for the purpose of this post...) seriously, I had to ask him if he could stop for a minute so I could dump out my glass. (I don't spit, I don't care - it's not lady like. I dump the remainder...) Listen guys, maybe you miss being 12 when spitting was "cool" - but at a wine tasting, no one is impressed. Oh, and the dribble of red wine on your chin that you didn't notice -- priceless.

3. Facebook -- what the hell are you doing? Okay, I'm not a fan of the website as it is - but their latest changes are absolutely insane. Not only is there little to no ease of navigation, it's not incredibly intuituive - but really, I'm all set with seeing status updates of people I don't know via people I do know. And stop asking me if I want to be friends with different people because, no - I don't. I've been on this site for three years now, really - I'd like to dilute my list, not add to it! Truly if it wasn't for my family - I'd disable my account entirely. But I like the connectivity I have to my family out of state, and my cousins who I've reconnected with via the tool. I just wish it would stop trying to take over the world! No, I don't want you as my home page. No, I don't want you to constantly change my privacy settings - I don't want creepy people seeing my children and personal information. And no, I don't want you selling my data. I do want you to go back to what you were initially: a fun, website where family and friends can reconnect without any strings, security issues or privacy breaches. My personal page is locked down - if you don't know me - you can't see it. And I like it that way!


Suldog said...

I know you're following the Sox with trepidation, as am I. Lavarnway isn't The Captain, but he sure came through! Here's hoping for one more good one tonight so we don't have to see Lackey take the mound in a one-game playoff...

Rebecca said...

But of course Suldog...always keeping the faith. Watching the game right now and so odd rooting for the Yankees...sort of.

Yes, I'm glad Lavarnway was given the nod for tonight. I'm all about the win, so if he's hot - power to him. And I do mean hot in the playing form, not the appearance form of hot, LOL.