Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hey there, hi there, ho there -you're as welcome as can be...

Today the people who are buying our house have their home inspection.

It should go well - there's really nothing wrong with the house outside of it definitely needing a paint job this coming Spring. So hopefully, after 4pm today we can breathe easy and start focusing on November 28th which is our scheduled closing day.

Moving on......

So, not sure if anyone's noticed but I've been less than gaga over my boy Jason these days.
(Well, he still makes my heart pitter patter. I mean, you have eyes - just look at him.)


His fiance and I are acquaintances of sorts via social media - and truthfully - I think she's adorable. Though I do sometimes feel that she can be "out there" a bit - he loves her, and what's wrong with that? She's certainly beautiful, and does lots of charity work and seems to be very kind - and she does make me laugh. She's pretty funny.

So because I like her, it gave my gushing over him that sort of weird feeling -- as if I had a crush on a friend's husband and UGH - who would do that?!?!? Not this girl! That would just be wrong.

So now... the crush, sadly - is over.
I just don't feel the same about him anymore. (No, it's not's me.)

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