Thursday, September 22, 2011

Behind these hazel eyes...

Tonight I watched the Biography on Brad Pitt.
My goodness, is he an amazingly beautiful looking person.
And a fabulous actor, might I add.
And while he tends to be consistent and true to himself, and I do really like him - I still have so much issue with how he ended his marriage to my girl Jennifer Aniston.

A brief sidenote about his current amour. Not only has he not done any films with a female co-star since "Mr & Mrs Smith" (he's hooked up with every female costar that he's had, is it any wonder why he hasn't done one since? Just sayin'...) but I don't care how much she donates, how many children she adopts, or how many "save the world" trips she goes on - she is not a good person inside. Such a sin, for someone so beautiful on the outside, to clearly have a streak of ugly running through her. Guess that "sensitivity chip" isn't lost on just dear Brad.

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