Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another one bites the dust....

So I went to bed at the rain delay and we were up by 1.
I figured "eh, worse case scenario - it's a tie breaker tomorrow". I mean really now - the Yankees were up by 7.
Imagine my surprise when we awoke this morning to hear that the summer had ended for the Nation.

Well, it ended like it started.

Here's the issue as I see it. For one - we were paper tigers. That's not to say the talent wasn't there - because it was. But for the team to have been hailed as the second coming before the season even started was foolish. Between injuries and attitudes, one never knows what will happen to a team.

Secondly - there wasn't as much of a cohesion on this collection of players as there has been in the past. You could see it on the bench, you could hear it in the interviews - you could sense it in the lack of urgency in some of the players.

This year's Red Sox was the Yankees of a few years past.

But who's to blame?
This girl doesn't feel it's the Manager's fault. Not even a little. Sure - he's a player's advocate but he's got the job of dealing with the hand he was dealt: injured players, lack of back up, underachieving superstars and some serious personalities.

I think it falls square on the ownership and scouting management. This is just my humble opinion, but even I knew that they needed stronger pitching staff. At the end of last season we knew there was a need for starters because let's face it, Beckett has been hurt alot and Dice K is well, Dice K. And the best they could get us was Lackey? (I will not go on a rant about him because truly, 'tis not worth my time.... Buh, Bye.)

Why all the money on a left fielder, that's a question I'd like to know. I don't know who's "crush" Crawford was - but I do know that most of Theo's "crushes" are duds. Drew, DiceK, Renteiria - must I go on? And expensive ones at that. How's about that nice increase Crawford gets next year. It really doesn't matter that he didn't make that throw after all....

All day I was contemplating whether I thought anyone should "go" so to speak from the organization, players aside. Truthfully - the answer is no. I think it's a sin to look at Tito in a negative light, and not the right direction. And as far as Theo goes, well.... as someone else pointed out today -sure that might be the right person to point the finger to, but is there anyone better out there to replace him?

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