Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Okay, so..now I'm excited.

We had our home inspection -- and we love the house even more now than we did before. There's just so much space, and functionality - more than we'd ever imagined. We were so very lucky to come upon this house, the timing was everything.

Today, I did some shopping for some of the decor things we're changing - little things that will make so much of a difference. I LOVE the light fixtures, and the new glass knobs for the kitchen cabinets (OMG, 65 knobs!) and the contrasting cups for the island. The fabulous pot rack to go over the island - and even the simplest of ceiling fans that will change the feel of each room. The dining room changelier is gorgeous - I love it. But we're changing the lampshades on it to something more...well, me. And the foyer chandelier is being changed as well to something again, much more my taste - more french country - and truly, better suited for the house as it is now, let alone once we're done decorating.

The bedrooms - so pretty. The biggest change we're making to the house is to the master bath; for some reason it's carpeted (ugh, seriously - whatever were they thinking?!?) so we're putting in new tile & a new vanity. But other than that - really, there's nothing to do but paint.

G is beyond excited with all the little projects we'll have in the spring, and how much we can really enjoy the living space. His favorite room is the family room, and when I share pictures, you'll totally understand why. He's easy, he doesn't care much about decor - all he wants is his large screen and his recliner. Not tough to accomodate - and truly, this is the happiest I've seen him be about any house we've ever seen. And trust me, we've seen alot...

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