Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heard station surfing this morning....

On Oldies 103.3 (which, by the way - now it's quite sad that the songs they play are "oldies". This used to be the 50's and 60's station, the real oldies! Not late 70's and 80's!! But I digress...) "Love isn't always on time" - Toto

On Kiss 108 - "Mr Know it All". (Which I love, by the sounds very reminiscent of her third album, stylistically. Must buy this cd...)

On Country KLB 102.5 - "Take another little piece of my heart" - Faith Hill. ( Not my favorite version of this song, truth be told. I'm a Janis kinda gal...)

On Kiss 108 again - "Someone like you". (Needs no explanation. After hearing it, I had to turn to my CD player to play it not once, but twice afterwards.)

And of course, in between it all - WEEI sports talk which truthfully, I don't remember what they were discussing - I think it was a very confused phone caller.

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